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6/25/2012 c19 132Beckydaspatz
Ellen gave a thumbs up, telling them to go, and Bobby pulled away, driving as fast as he dare. Florabel felt overwhelmed—fragile and old—as she looked at Dean. It startled her how different he looked and, yet, how decidedly the same he was. It was as though someone had highlighted all his edges, making him appear crisper and more quintessentially him than she ever remembered. She internally tried to connect this version of the man to the one in her memory. As clear as he had remained in her heart and mind, the genuine article was far more startling and profound. Memories stabbed her, steel-needle sharp. She turned around, facing front but not seeing the road ahead of her.-The whole first part was lovely, but this was the just exquisite.

He gasped one final time as his entire body burst into crystal light and was dragged into the core of the Cyclone. A few seconds later the structure of the Cyclone faltered, dimmed, and it began to break apart until it finally collapsed into a few coiled ropes of dust that rained back down upon the two onlookers.-WHY can't I have this on my TV? WHY! *pouts*

"Jesus," he said, neither lamenting nor celebrating.- What a GREAT line.

Burying Slaid turned into an all-day ordeal. Jeb had to rest often. He was so careworn and tired, having eaten nothing substantial in days. He felt heady and wobbly by the time the grave had been dug. Keeping the dirt pile from blowing away was another problem he had to constantly contend with. He tried to rein in his frustration as he watched the wind skitter away with his grave, twisting into curly-q's and coiled ampersands of dirt that stretched away into nothing. He'd eventually have to dig another smaller hole just to fill in the first. Leaning against the barn for a moment, he watched Florabel. She seemed to have regressed to an infantile, non-verbal state from the shock—the loss of Dean having shattered her voice into a million unspeakable pieces. Understandable. He didn't press her further. He went to the well and brought them both some water, which she drank greedily, but she wouldn't speak or look at the old man. He hugged her again and went back to his task. It was late afternoon when he finally tamped the last of the dirt back onto the grave. Florabel never once moved from the spot where Dean had last been seen. Jeb stood for a long moment at Slaid's grave, not knowing what words could possibly befit this man, so he said absolutely nothing.- I couldn't love Jeb more if I tried and it was a stroke of genuis to have this part of the chapter told from his POV.

He rained kisses on her and tried to calm her. "OK, doll. Shhh, it's all right. You don't have to go in if'n you don't want to," he cooed. He set her on the porch swing. "You wait here. Old Jeb will be right back out."-He's such a superhero. *wipes tears away*

When they came to a crossroads just outside the city center, Jeb stopped. The hazy sun had set, leaving an orange, dust-infused glow on the horizon. Jeb set down the little bag and looked at Florabel, half of her face painted by the filtered sunset, the other by a dark hand-printed shadow. Jeb cleared his throat and pointed toward town. "I cain't go no further," he told her. "They's gonna be lots of questions that I cain't answer. My gun killed a man. They ain't just gonna let me go, an' I ain't made for that, doll." He knelt down to her. "I lost my boy years ago, lost my beautiful Beth. Lost my farm." He swallowed. "I'm sixty-three years old. I don't got nothin' left but my freedom, an' I ain't losin' that, too. That's just too much to ask a man." He pulled her close. "Now, I'm losin' my best two girls." He ran his hand mournfully through his hair and his voice cracked. He reached into his pocket and pulled out some folded bills. "This is yours, Florabel. It's all the money your mama had. I took three dollars. I hope you an' your mama don't mind none. They's over fifty dollars, there. You hold that tight an' hide it away." He opened her bag and tucked it into a sock, showing her where he'd hidden it.

He gently stroked the child's swollen face. The bruising was cruel and uncaring. Slaid had marked her in so many ways. This, he supposed, was the least of it. Still, he knew she must have a ghastly headache. "This is the last goodbye you's gonna have to suffer for a while, Florabel. I promise. It'll be all howdy-do's and nice-t'meetcha's from here on in." He pointed to the town. "Them's good folk there. They'll look after you. You walk right down this road, here, until you come to Main Street. Go into the big building there and talk to Sheriff Burnett. You can catch a glimpse of it from here, see?" He pointed again. "He'll see that someone fetches your mama so that she gits a Christian burial." He hugged her tight and made sure that she had her bag securely in her grip before standing up. He motioned toward the town again. "That a-way, sweetheart. Be a good girl," he said. "Make your Mama, Pally, an' me proud." She stood there with the handles of her bag in both her hands. Jeb turned around and began to head west, but Florabel tottered right after him. He turned with a sad sigh.

"Y'cain't come with me, darlin'," he said walking her back to the crossroads. "I'm gonna be hoppin' freights and stayin' in shanty towns. Ain't no life for a Doodlebug." His voice caught, and he choked on a suppressed sob. He looked broken. "Ain't no life for no one." He turned and pointed her south, patting her behind gently. "I hope life treats you right from here on in, Florabel." She looked back at him, but he pointed toward the town. She finally turned and began walking away on stiff legs, lumbering under the cumbersome bag.

Jeb watched her until she grew small in the distance before turning and walking away himself. Dusk had fallen, and the light was all but gone.-Everyone had terrible, TERRIBLE things happen to them, but for unknown reasons and because of emotions I can't explain, I think Jeb got the worst of it. This whole little wink into his life and what is in store for him killed me on the inside and made me cry for someone that isn't even real. Jesus...

She'd witnessed a lot of emergency rooms with less organization.-Nice touch!

He pulled open a small flap of skin and swallowed, turning gray. "Oh God, are those what I think they are?" he said. Florabel came over and looked close.

"Oh, um, uh…yep. I think so. We'll clean 'em out. I told you they was a lot of flies in the cellar," she said. Ellen started sorting through the supplies, grabbed a few items and began cleaning Dean's head wound out.-*gasps and gags at the same time and sorta chokes on my air*

"My God," the old woman marveled. "These are my mama's stitches," she said with breathy awe. She touched them once more, as if to make contact with a ghost of her past. "It's incredible."-Gorgeous!

"I've had a lot of practice," he said, indicating Dean's scars. "Most of those are my work, and if I lifted my shirt up, you'd seen his on me." Florabel looked at Sam a moment and shook her head, giving him a little pat.-love that!

The old woman chuckled. "It was my special nickname for him. I knew we was gonna be great friends even when he wasn't awake. He was my pal," she said. "And he didn't even know his name when he first woke up, so I gave him one." She sat down and looked at Dean for a moment. "It's so strange." Her eyes began to water. "When I was a little girl, he was this tall, strong, larger-than-life man. He was so old and so wise." She caressed his head softly. "I look at him now an' I see a boy. A young, tired boy." She looked at Sam. "Ain't that odd how your perception changes?" She withdrew her hand and set it in her lap. "I cain't imagine how scared he was, how disorienting everything must have been for him. He never let on. He was the truest of souls. Kind hearted and patient in every way." She blushed and visibly held back her emotions. "Half the time that poor boy wore me like a hat. I had such boundary issues. I was forever crawlin' all over him, usin' him as my own personal jungle-gym. Hangin' on to him like a monkey. He always let me. His lap was always open to me." She paused for a moment. "I loved him so," she said simply. "For him that was yesterday," she said, quieting before getting up suddenly and excusing herself. "He's doin' fine at the moment. I'll be right back. Then, we can put a few stitches in his head now that Ellen has it cleaned out," she said with an unsteady voice as she hurried from the room.-PERFECT!

"We both had the same father," -Lovely sentiment, made me tear up.

"You ass," she said with a sly grin. Florabel stroked his forehead. "You sneaky bastard," she smirked. "You never said a damn word to me about this…about any of it," she said looking around the room. She stroked his cheek lightly and remained silent for a moment until she noticed her withered fingers against his smooth, youthful skin. The old woman suddenly recoiled, looking at her hand, age-spotted and knotted with arthritis. Florabel placed it on her own face, feeling the dips and swells as she gently smoothed out wrinkles that were not there the last time they were together. She sighed and closed her eyes. Settling her hand back on his, Florabel opened her eyes and studied his face.- SO freaking AMAZING!

Sam was lost in thought a moment and then looked up. "Right," he said. "It takes a day to know Dean." He shifted and spoke quietly. "And a lifetime to understand him." He looked at Florabel and then at Dean. "He humbles me. And he infuriates me."-10,000 characters is not enough to express my love for this, I'm out of room, but far from out of praise.
6/25/2012 c18 Beckydaspatz
Oh hell! How in the world did I manage to miss this? *flogs self* Well, the good news is you get TWO reviews from me today. :P

the worry lines on his forehead bending and twisting like a topographical map-BRILLIANT! I SO love that.

Hearing the small voice, the ghost spun around. Surprise, shock, and lust criss-crossed his face, rapidly morphing from one emotional response to the next. His mouth perverted itself, stretching impossibly large into an angular, macabre grin as the spirit flit erratically over toward the protective circle. Florabel's stomach tightened and her hand moved down, instinctively seeking to protect herself. Seventy-two years was not long enough to heal some wounds. The old woman backed up when she saw the madness in his face as he approached.

"Little one." He eyed her up and down with twisted admiration and desire. "You've finally returned to me."-KLH:SKLAO:FiASFihdfioO:SDfh;khdouazkdnoiuydlkhhfaldso;asfk;jhak;dshgo*breathes* Oh that fucker, oh, that. FUCKER. Nothing but hate for his ass.

One moment the cat would be meowing on one side of him, the next it would be on the other without him ever having been aware of its movement. The only constant was a nonstop Doppler buzz around his ears and soft movements on his face. -I really like how you made Florabel a cat, really shows the readers just how screwed up Dean is at this moment.

"Pally", "Mama", and "please" all seemed significant and powerful. He felt his body responding.-You've said SO much with so little words.

all the flies on his face took flight. -That's SO gross. Nasty!

"Mama!" she gasped the word out in prayer. They'd waited too long. Slaid and Jeb were coming. Florabel looked at Dean, her eyes widening in fear. "Slaid," she gasped, her brows colliding. She began to pant. "Slaid!" she whispered in terror.

The neurons and synapses in Dean's head began firing, connections clicking and sliding into place as he slowly began to comprehend what was happening. He looked at Florabel's huge eyes as the footsteps stopped directly overhead. "Hide," Dean whispered back as he tried to sit up further.

Florabel looked around hopelessly. The cellar was small. The only structures and furniture were the shelves along one of the walls and the big wooden stand toward the back. The few barrels and crates were far too small to offer concealment. Boot-thumps and voices traveled down from above.-This is *SO* tense. Wow, really quite amazing.

"Slai' ki…" his voice hitched, weakening. "Kill' Emma. N'me. Please, Jeb. Don' care 'bout me. But Flor'bel, Jeb, y'got t'help her."-This makes me want to cry.

He placed his boot on the back of Dean's head, pressing it into the filthy floor as he laughed. Florabel screamed in outrage.-Florabel isn't the only one, I don't believe a fictional character has EVER made me this angry. Ever.

"You hurt Mama an' blamed Pally for it." She looked at Dean and made a decision. Turning to the old farmer, she sucked in a breath. "I know Slaid hurt Mama, because he…," she swallowed. "Because he hurt me, too. Slaid hurt me, Old Jeb—when Henry died and you was lookin' after Mama. He took me to the bunkhouse and he hurt me…here." She pointed to her privates. Jeb's intake of breath cut the sudden silence in the room. "He jabbed me so hard," she said, and she began to cry. "He told me never to tell or he'd hurt you and Mama, and now she's dead. I don't want Slaid to jab you, but it's the truth. Pally didn't do nothing, Old Jeb, please believe me."

-can't cry I'm at work, can't cry, I'm at work, can't cry I'ma at...Oh, fuck it. *weeps*

he growled, catching the old farmer with his fist and sending him tripping into the corner, dazed. Blood spilled freely from the old man's lip. Slaid cheered for himself and danced around the room like prize fighter.-Kill him, roast him, toast him, maim him, FUCK HIM UP! You touched Jeb...oh hell, it's on. *snarls*

The room was suddenly doused in stunned silence-Me too...

"Slaid," she said. "I'll go with you. I'll let you jab me." Her legs began to shake and her teeth chattered as she released a sob. "I won't never leave you. Don't kill him." She reached her hand up and brushed it across Slaid's knee, pleading with all of her might. "I'll be whatever you want."-Oh, God...

Slaid laughed cruelly, grabbed the straps of Florabel's overalls and yanked her up, ascending the ladder as the child dangled like a carpetbag in his hands. With a husky grunt, Slaid disappeared through the trapdoor and slammed it behind him.

"Florabel!" Dean called out in vain.-Powerful stuff, Kat. My lunch might leave my stomach, but by God, this was powerful.

Florabel watched with a faint heart as the black cloud took shape, memories overwhelming her. She shook her head in disbelief. Seventy two years had passed and she still felt as helpless and terrified as she'd been on that horrible day, long ago.-Oh baby girl *pets her*

Dean tried one more time to get away from the Cyclone, but he fell, his hands clawing the dirt for purchase. His senses began to dull, and he looked into Florabel's eyes as his strength faltered. "Sorry kiddo," he said. There was no more fight in him. The hummingbirds pulled at him and the planet began to spin. His shoulders sagged and the gun dropped from his glowing hand.

"Mmnuhh!" he groaned out as the currents thrilled his body. He couldn't feel anything but pain and the pressure of the hummingbirds. Several other electric tentacles flew out and noosed him. His muscles seized and he bucked and jounced like a marionette on a string. Still more tethers swung out and hooked themselves into him. "Sam!" he cried out in pain and disorientation. He heard Florabel scream, echoing his suffering. He looked over to her one last time. "Love you, Florabel," he called to her as webs of electricity netted him, pulling him directly into the core of the Cylcone. There was a popping release of pressure in his head as he capitulated to the elemental, and he felt as though he was being cremated. He was keenly aware of his body's disintegration as the vortex drew him in. The last conscious image he saw before his eyes turned into globes of light was Florabel nestled safely in Jeb's arms. The sight filled him with both regret and relief in equal measure. Then, light and darkness fused, burning away every thought he ever had, leaving nothing behind but the roaring wind.-Holy hell, shit, fuck,damn, christ and any other explative I can manage to get out. WONDERFUL.

Florabel, who'd remained completely silent the whole time laughed through her tears. They turned to her as though she'd lost her mind. Her eyes were agonized with worry and filled with love as she looked at Dean. She bent down and touched his brow softly.

"What's so funny?" Sam asked.

"The smell," Florabel said, smiling at an old memory. She looked up at them. "I'd forgotten," she grinned. "It's skunk oil and turpentine."-Oh WHAT an ending, so damn evocative that I need to take a breather before I mosey on over to the next one. Lovely!
6/25/2012 c19 39Colby's girl
Amazing chapters! I couldn't acces my account for the last few chapters to tell you how much I've enjoyed them. Grest job!
6/25/2012 c19 grea8read
Oh, so sweet. Florabel hasn't said "Oh,Pally" in a long time.

Oh please, please, let him remember Florabel. That would be too too cruel if you don't let that happen in the next chapter.

I mean, could you really break our hearts, her heart? Could you?

No, you couldn't.

Another fantastic chapter.

Great job!
6/25/2012 c19 32ackeberlynn
Suprisingly, it's Jeb I felt the most for in this chapter. Poor Jeb. :(

I loved this unexpected revelation from Sam: "She's kind of like a sister to me, in a way...We both had the same father." Kinda brings home all the times Dean, in his delirium, referred to Florabel as "Sam."

I also loved the strange change in perception Florabel had: "It's so strange." Her eyes began to water. "When I was a little girl, he was this tall, strong, larger-than-life man. He was so old and so wise." She caressed his head softly. "I look at him now an' I see a boy. A young, tired boy."

Loved it.
6/25/2012 c19 51emebalia
I can't imagine how weird this has to be for Florabel. But she's holding it together really good. Can't wait for the nice little chat she'll have with Pally.
6/25/2012 c19 Sam's folly
Sorry. I was too lazy to log in. Poor Florabel. That scene where Jen tells her good-bye was one of the most poignant for me.

Great job all around!
6/25/2012 c19 Psychee
I don't think I have reviewed this story before this morning. It is wonderful to read a canon character compliant story (the site has been full of non-canon pairings and AU's; great if you like that but sparse reading if you don't). This is so well written and compelling that I get excited everytime I see a new chapter.

In the mornings before going to work, I like to have my coffee and read a little fic. This story made my Monday morning good (which is difficult for a Monday). I can't give it higher praise than that.

Thank you.
6/25/2012 c19 Hundley
Why am I incredibly sad after reading this chapter? I should be happy, right? Right? Dean is back and coming to. The amulet and dear Baby pulled back his memories. Sam is hovering and talking and talking and talking. That's what Sam does. But you know what? All I see is poor old Jeb walking into the night alone. Poor, wonderful Jeb, has lost everything. Poor sweet Jeb lost both his girls and Florabel ends up in an orphanage. All I hear is the sound of a freight train in the night. That is just cruel and sad. Even Slaid's death doesn't make it right.

"It takes a day to know Dean." He shifted and spoke quietly. "And a lifetime to understand him." He looked at Florabel and then at Dean. "He humbles me. And he infuriates me."

This, right here, is why Dean's character is the most interesting one on the show.

I have no critique to make of your wonderful writing except to say this is a truly awesome story. Your words and ideas touch the very essence of what the show used be and, hopefully, what Carver may be able to tap into again.

6/25/2012 c3 9primadonna cat
What a well plotted and thought out story! Your OF' s are as intriguing and real as the show characters.
6/24/2012 c18 13Numpty
This was epic, EPIC I say!

The balance between past and present is so well constructed here, I love the way you dance back and forth between it, giving us a little more of the picture every time.

Most thoughts sluiced off soon after formation – I am supremely jealous of this line! It is absolutely stellar. And actually, you had so many incredible images in this chapter that it would be impossible to list them all. Just know that this was magnificent work, definitely one of the best chapters in the whole story – but they were all fantastic, so consider it up there with the best of the best.

That scene in the cellar was just...jeez, I can't even articulate how tense and thrilling and awesome that was. I know I wouldn't be able to do it justice. With Jeb...and DEAN...and Slaid...and Florabel...Man, when she opened up and revealed what had happened like that, I was just awed at her bravery. And when she offered herself up to Slaid like that, my heart just sank. This was truly one of the most powerful moments I have ever come across in a fanfic. What's so wonderful too, is that you mirror this with present day Florabel, and give her the opportunity to stand up to him.

Slaid's death was amazing. Flat out amazing. Though it all happened very quickly, it was immensely satisfying, and I have a feeling there will be a lot more for ghost!Slaid to contend with in the present day. Dean gets to be all heroic too, and I love that we get to see his strength come through even though he's as hurt and ill as he is. So true to the show to have him blasting through the pain and injuries to save the day.

Loved the ending too! Of course Dean would look very different, and of course Florabel would be the one to recognise him. *happy sigh* You should be very proud of your work in this chapter. It was outstanding!

More please!
6/24/2012 c17 Numpty
Ah this chapter had SO many amazing moments! I can't believe you ever worried about this.

I felt so utterly heartbroken for Jeb, and the beautiful way you wrote this really made me feel like it was so personal and private. Absolutely glorious! His anger at Dean is so tragically understandable. How many of us have jumped to rash conclusions when we are absolutely distraught with grief? The interplay with Slaid here is so wonderfully tense too, my fingernails have all but disappeared!

Slaid is absolutely off his rocker. I love it!

Adore gung-ho Sam in this. Love that his focus is ALL on getting Dean back. Also thought the interaction between Sam, Ellen, Bobby and Florabel was pure perfection.

Florabel's grief was so haunting. As I said in my original notes for this chapter, I love how you were able to create this effect of time standing still. Anyone who has ever had a shock loss will recognise this feeling so completely. You take my breath away with every chapter of this wonderful, wonderful story. Having Emma's voice here too, is so poignant.

There was no warmth coming from her mother's body, but she still took comfort from it. Florabel knew that her mother wasn't in there, but it was familiar. So familiar. She rubbed her mother's hand, her fingers serenely ghosting gentle patterns—her mother's hand that had worked so hard for so many years, kneading bread, scrubbing dust off the floor, smoothing her daughter's cheek, braiding her hair, wiping drool from Henry's chin. Florabel held the hand in hers, remembering the little scar that was right at the base of her mama's thumb that she got after a fall from a horse on her fourteenth birthday. The limb was already waxy and stiff, but she kissed the scar, nonetheless - This part absolutely floors me just as much now as when I first read it. I cannot express how much it touched me. Absolutely superb!

Florabel drawing the strength from her mother was so beautiful to read, even though it was so sad. She is such a resilient character, especially since she is so young. And then she goes to Dean and helps him...Is there no end to the love I have for this gorgeous character you've created?

And THEN you serve us up another delicious helping of hurt!Dean. You are spoiling us, Kat, you really are. But please don't stop!

But the best part, the most completely awesome and spellbinding part of the chapter is Dean's waking up scene. I am lost for words. It was poetry, it was art. This stuff should win awards.

Thank you for another enthralling instalment, Kat. Can't wait to read more! :)
6/22/2012 c18 21molotovmullet



M'sorry I didn't leave a review last chapter. X:

I was in the middle of my break when I read it and then when I got back to work it sort of slipped my mind. sorry.



(: Great job! (:

I'm looking forward to the next chapter!

P/S Thank you so much for all the Dean awesomeness and Dean bashing goodness all of it was so gooddddddd!

I almost died on my way home from school you know!

Miracle I didn't faint in the train goodness. HAHAHAHA

See you next chapterrrrr!
6/21/2012 c1 nephthys101
Hello, I've been reading your story and I'm loving it. I love the way Dean is an amnesiac, he wouldn't have stayed for so long otherwise. I mean, he would have tried to escape to the proper time if his memories had been in tact. I like seeing Dean realize his possibilities, he'd make an excellent father and husband if it weren't for hunting and sadly, his family.

I had a strong feeling about the elemental not being sentient. From a storytelling view point, it was an excellent choice.

I hope to read more of your work on LJ.


P.S. I love the scene where Dean uses the skunk oil and turpentine on himself. It's something Dean would do, it's also something I see Jensen doing as well to make a child feel better about medication. Not that I know Jensen, but Jensen is wonderful with children and it shows on SPN.
6/21/2012 c18 DeansGirl
One word...WOW! That was freakin awesome! It's soooo hard to wait! When I found the story there were like 15-16 chapters n I could read n read n didn't have to wait... Now I'm caught up... lol.. The suspense is killing me but I'm so glad Dean is home n Slaid is dead! I just don't see how u come up with the plots and convey them so perfectly! You're an amazing writer n I can't wait till the next chapter!


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