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6/21/2012 c18 Heather
YOU, my friend, are a...I can't even find the word. Do u have a thesaurus I can borrow? Cuz the word GENIUS nowhere NEAR describes what u are! I mean...holy CRAP! I don't think I've EVER been this into a fanfic story before! When I saw that this chapter was up, do u know what I did? I was driving (I know, shame on me) and friggin PULLED OVER TO READ IT! Not even joking! GAAAHHH! Pleeeeeease update soon! *insanely happy face* {-} MUAH!
6/21/2012 c18 CandyCakes
Yay, Dean's back with Sammy! Yay, Slaid finally gets what coming to him! Awesome chapter and I look forward to the next update!
6/21/2012 c18 JaniceC678
OMG, that was absofreakinlutely INTENSE! You TOTALLY captured the chaos and desperate urgency of those final moments. So glad Dean got to see Slaid go down and know Florabel would be safe! Excellent job with such a critical chapter of your story!
6/21/2012 c18 Hundley
Thank God Dean is back! Sick as Hell, but back into caring arms. What an thrilling, exciting, gross chapter; but the payoff came - Dean ganked that disgusting Slaid. It was worth all the pain and agony you put him through at the hands of that psycho pervert. Now grown-up, knowledgeable Florabel will take care of Dean (pay back for saving her). I'm sure he will be in good hands.

I'm still unclear on what the second demon is. The cyclone I get, but what is that second one?

Waiting for Monday now. Great job. Every single chapter moves this story forward, and I like that.
6/21/2012 c18 7nej47
He's back thank God! But is he gonna make it? I swear if you kill him in this fic, Imma come over there and give you a five-fingered, fist-shaped piece of my mind! PLEASE give us a happy ending! ::begs on knees::
6/21/2012 c18 32ackeberlynn
Florabel is such a hero. She saved Dean twice - first, by sacrificing her secret - that she had been raped by Slaid - and what courage that must have taken! To admit it not only to Jeb, but to do so when Slaid was standing right there in the room! Even for being as young and innocent as she is, that took quite a lot of courage. And second, when her desperation to save Dean led her to turn herself over to Slaid, despite her own terror and helplessness. She's a hero. She's amazing. I love her. :)

I was a little angry with Jeb that he didn't shoot Slaid when he began dragging Florabel away. Although, I gotta remind myself - he's an older man, he's a civilian, and he's overwhelmed by grief and confusion and shock - my hands would have been shaking too. I kept waiting for him to get angry, but that's not really his character, is it? He's a good man.

And Dean...honestly, I found it a little hard to believe that he had the strength and ability to shoot Slaid after everything he'd been through, and especially while being practically electrocuted by the cyclone thingy. That was the one part that didn't quite sit well with me. Motivation's a mother, but Dean is human, and has a severe concussion/likely skull fracture on top of crippling dust pneumonia, a still-healing shoulder wound, and a body poisoned by Laudanum. I don't know, man. Seems like a stretch that after all that and more, he'd have enough strength to do anything, badass hunter or not. But I do understand the need for him to be the one that killed Slaid in the end. It just didn't sit as well with me.

After all the evil he'd wrought, I'd hoped we'd get to revel in Slaid's death more, but there was no time. I'm hoping to find out in the coming chapters what happened to Florabel and Jeb after that fateful day, AND what happened to Emma's spirit! I loved the confusion Dean had when Florabel was talking about her in the present tense. I was wondering though - is Emma's spirit really around, or is it just a child's way of coping with her death, kind of like creating an imaginary friend?

I about had a fit when Sam yelled out "it's not him!" But then we (as readers) got to see just how much Dean had changed - he became so thin as to be unrecognizable to his own brother. That's saying something.

I agree with Bobby though - Dean's half-dead from the sounds of it - I think a hospital is in order.

And this was my favorite part of the entire chapter:

"Florabel, who'd remained completely silent the whole time laughed through her tears. They turned to her as though she'd lost her mind. Her eyes were agonized with worry and filled with love as she looked at Dean. She bent down and touched his brow softly."

4 simple sentences, but they say it all, don't they? :)

Now, I'm STILL looking forward to some serious Dean TLC, particularly from Sam, lol!

I am going to be so bereft when this story is over...
6/21/2012 c18 grea8read

What a rock'em-sock'em-knock'em chapter!

Go Bobby! Love Bobby. Yeah, Jeb, finally learned the truth.

Best lines go to: "Dean aimed, relying on his years of experience and training to overcome the concussion. Digging as deep as he possibly could, he focused completely on the monster in front of him, internally making calculations and corrections for his eyesight, recalibrating his aim to compensate for the double-vision. With the last of his strength, he shot twice and felt an absolute sense of gratification as he watched the farmhand's head snap back and his body plummet lifelessly into the dust."

Yeah, Slaid is dead! Finally!

Yeah, Florabel recognized him! Love that no one else did - skunk oil and terpentin, awesome connection there.

Amazing chapter!

Excellent work, just excellent.
6/21/2012 c18 3sam's folly
Wow. In the words of Dean: Awesome!
6/21/2012 c18 51emebalia
Dean must look horribly but it worked and that's all that counts. And Florabel is there to take care of him.
6/21/2012 c18 1Dandelo19
Another wonderful chapter! Thanks :D
6/19/2012 c17 Debb5
This has been one of my all time favourite Supernatural fanfics! I never want each chapter to end. I love hurt Dean... Can't wait for the next chapter...
6/18/2012 c17 132Beckydaspatz
YAY MONDAY! *checks forehead* Nope, no fever, must just mean there is a fantastic, lovely new chapter out. YAY!

Jeb cradled Emma gently, his cheek resting on the top of her head as he rocked her quietly. He made small shushing sounds as though to soothe fears or offer comfort in some way, and he remained like that until her body began to cool perceptibly in his arms. Another wave of grief rolled over him, and he clutched her tight, his tears falling into her hair and dissolving as he prepared to let her go. He dreaded laying her out. That would mean that she was gone. Here, in his arms, she was still present, still needing the solace and comfort that the old man tried to provide. She'd always been one to hide her own fears and sorrows, brushing off helping hands or shoulders to lean on. The only time he ever saw her truly vulnerable and unable to dissemble her need was when Henry died. Normally, she would bury her own cares in tending to and doing for others, and he had been just one of the many recipients of that generosity. Now, he'd never have the chance to repay her for all that she'd done for him when no one else would.-That's so achingly sad. Oh man... Poor Jeb. Poor Emma. Poor Florabel. Poor all of them. *sniffle*

Slaid's smile was impossible to hide—or to miss.-You know, Slaid gets me so worked up that every time I have to write on a scene of his I have to unclench my fist first, true story, he makes me FURIOUS.

He slumped onto the bed, his face a tapestry of disgust, grief and shock.-Oh...JEB! *wails*

smothering himself in her strangle-marks.-Christ...

"Why Dean?" he wept brokenly. "She never done you nothin' but good turns—looked after you, helped you, fed you. She never asked for nothin'. She never done nothin' but kindness after kindness for you."

"Pull the trigger," Slaid encouraged, but Jeb wasn't hearing him.

"It don't make no sense! She loved you! Anyone could see that." He re-gripped the gun and winced as he tried to summon the courage to shoot. "I thought maybe you loved her, too."

"Do it, old man," Slaid commanded.

"An' little Florabel loved you—idolized you. Why'd you do it? You went and made that little thing an orphan, took her mama from her, the only thing she had left in this world!" He released a guttural, wordless malediction.

"Shoot him!" Slaid hissed. "We don't need the law," he goaded. "If you won't do it, give me the gun, and I'll take care of him. I'm not afraid to do it. Emma should have let me do it the first day he came here like I wanted to." He snuffed in deep and spat into Dean's face.

Jeb waffled a moment longer. Finally, he slouched and released a staggered sigh, pointing the gun toward the ground. He wiped the tears away. "You bastard," he said mournfully. "Damn you."

"No Jeb!" Slaid whined. "Give me the gun. Let me give Emma and the little one justice!"-To say that this made my stomach turn is to tame a statement. God, Slaid makes me sick.

The unconscious man landed hard, folding at improbable angles like a broken accordion.-Ugh, that makes *me* hurt.

"My God, how could he have fooled all of us?" Jeb gave Dean a heartbroken look, as though he'd lost more than just Emma.-VERY evocative.

"I never trusted him, but no one would believe me!" Slaid shouted out dramatically. The farmhand kicked dirt and gore into Dean's face. Slaid laughed and continued to kick more fouled earth onto him. "Ha! This is fun!" he proclaimed. Jeb shook himself free of his rage and noticed the farmhand's idea of fun. He pulled him back.-*grits teeth so hard they crack* Fucker!

Florabel sat behind the far bale of hay in the loft, the one Dean had leaned against when she'd told him what she'd wanted most for her birthday exactly one week ago today. She'd been locked inside herself, unaware of anything until Slaid had climbed the ladder. She'd heard every word Slaid had said, then. She could still hear both farmhands calling her name from various directions as they hunted around the farm for her. She wouldn't answer. She couldn't. Hugging her legs close, she tried to be as small and as quiet as possible. She focused her attention on a twisted knot in a piece of wood on the wall, mesmerized by both the dark swirl and the horrific images in her head of her mother's and Dean's dead bodies on the floor. The scene repeated endlessly as she focused on the knot of wood. "Mama," she whispered. "Mama…Mama…Mama…" she chanted as the image played over and over. "Mama…"-*sobs* Oh, Baby girl! It will be okay! :( Have to add here that you have done a marvelous job of not leaving any plot holes, nice! *bows to you*

"Grave desecration," said Ellen. Florabel goggled them.

"Credit card fraud," Bobby mused with half a grin. Florabel cocked her head.

"Bank robbery," said Ellen sheepishly. Florabel's jaw hinged.

"Murder," Sam added flatly. Florabel's eyes closed and then boomeranged back open. She coughed.-Love this! Like alot, A LOT.

Florabel snorted. "The idiot." She stood up. "Take me to that future Darwin Award winner. I'll straighten him out. This is one thing that I can handle."-Flooooorabel! *swoons* Oh, I LOVE YOU. *heart pitter patters*

Tiptoeing over, she stood in the pool of moonlight, its marrow-white light shawling her as she looked up.

The full moon had risen, its dusty disk chasing all but the brightest stars away for the night. It made her think of Pally and his promise. She began to cry, knowing that Pally was dead. Her face suddenly brightened and she gasped. "He ain't?" She reached up to the cool glass, touching the moon with her fingertips. "But I thought Slaid…," she began but stopped short as though cut off. She swallowed and looked around. Spying her little doctor's kit on the floor, she scooped it up. "I will, Mama. Quick, as a jackrabbit!" she promised breathlessly.

-That's so beautiful, I'm fighting off tears.

She dropped to her knees. "Oh, Pally…," she keened. She could hear his chest bubbling like a gaslight, gurgling as he struggled to breathe through the pneumonia. His head was angled so that his mouth was pressed against his shoulder, and a light foam was soaking into his shirt. She gently moved his head so that he could breathe easier.

"Huhhh" he groaned out, surprising Florabel.

"Pally?" she whiskered her hand over his forehead and matted hair, wiping some of the gore away with the wet cloth, carefully—ever so carefully, as though she were wiping her mama's finest china. The left side of his shirt was so saturated with blood that it made a swampy, suction sound when she pulled the fabric away from his skin.-Ohhh, lovely hurt Dean...poor guy.

the buzzing of fat flies as they gorged themselves on his blood and the other filth that Slaid had thrown on him.-*shudders* Gross,gross,gross,gross. I need to go shower...with lye. :/

"Like hell," Florabel said. They turned to her in shock. "I ain't a-leavin'. This is my fight as much as yours. More, in fact. I ain't a-budgin'."-Damn straight! You tell 'em honey!

Florabel nodded and followed Ellen toward the truck. She stopped by Sam as she passed. She touched his sleeve lightly and looked up into his eyes. "Gittin' back to you was the most important thing in the world to him. We ain't gonna let him down, Sam. We'll git your brother back."-Lovely!

Awareness kindled slowly, no more than a spark at first—a basal response from his brainstem. There was no thought associated with it, per se, nothing to weigh it against or make a connection with. It was just a singularity—a speck of molten dust in the darkness. Pain. That spark lit a fuse that traveled upward, igniting each lobe in turn as disjointed, proto-thoughts began to accrete.

As he hovered on the cusp of oblivion, Dean's hollow thoughts finally took on enough form for him to recognize something beyond the agony. He could hear a warble, a dirgeful mewl next to him that made his head throb even worse. It sounded like…a cat? A cat was curled at his side, meowing mournfully. He could feel its paws on his cheek, and as much as he wanted to bat it away, he couldn't remember how to lift his hand. The caterwaul hurt, not simply due to the decibel level, but because the sound elicited a deep response from a place beyond the pain. It had weight and meaning. It made him feel a profound sense of loss, somehow, despite not knowing that he ever had anything to lose. The constant lilting kept him bouncing and skimming along the surface of consciousness. He could only drift down so far before the plaintive yowling buoyed him back up. After a long while, the cat stopped crying, the sobs diminishing into hiccups and judders that he could feel in his ribs. The animal uttered one final sigh of misery before stilling.


With that, both Dean and the cat slipped beneath the waves, all thought and pain forgotten.-GREAT ending, I love it SO much. Oh Kat, this is just...SUCH a treat to read. Thanks!
6/18/2012 c17 32ackeberlynn
God - poor Dean...how much can he take? I mean, we all know he's a tough SOB, but with his injuries...

I was almost furious when reading how Jeb just believed Dean was capable of murdering Emma. I feel like he should have known him well enough at that point to have a hard time believing Dean would do such a thing. Perhaps once he is over the initial shock and horror, he will come to his senses. The fact that Dean is out of commission and Jeb believes Dean is a killer leaves both him and Florabel so vulnerable that it gives me the shivers.

One thing I'm wondering about, and I'm hoping I can explain it properly: So...present-day Florabel remembers Dean from her past...but Dean hasn't been rescued yet...so...does she remember a different reality than what is about to happen? It's that icky thing with time travel - the 'Back to the Future' effect, lol. I mean, it wasn't clear from when they met in 2007 that Florabel recognized Sam...so...I guess I'm trying to anticipate what happens next. This chapter was kinda short compared to the others and I can't wait for the next one! :)
6/18/2012 c17 51emebalia
Mad Dog can bite. Did I mention I love old Florabel?

And Dean and Florabel in that disgusting cellar, all beaten and hurt, you broke my heart there.
6/18/2012 c17 grea8read
Okay, so this was a great chapter, though insane in its pacing, or perhaps that was my pacing as I attempted to read it? I was just plain scared to read this chapter.

I am so glad that Emma (as a ghost) helped Florabel, thereby helping Dean- nicely done. I am glad that Florabel is with Dean again, even though he is a mess. Really wonderful line "Mama's dead," she told him. "She ain't goin' to Heaven until we's safe."

I like the 2007 time frame story going on.

I can't wait until you destroy Slaid in this story, his end cannot come fast enough.

Nicely done chapter.

On a personal note: Reading with the prozac drip is really helping. :D
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