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6/14/2012 c16 CandyCakes
OMG. I mean seriously OMG! This chapter was awesome! I mean it was so beautifully tragic but that's the sign of a great writer. That you can completely break our heart and keep us coming back for more. I can't wait for the next update! Have a great weekend!
6/14/2012 c16 3sam's folly
Oh, my. What a horrible mess. Don't let Emma be dead! Please let Dean's CPR have worked. Please, please, please!

Poor dean. I hope florabel tells everyone that he didn't hurt Emma.

Very intense chap. I would say "great job" but I'm so bummed!
6/14/2012 c16 Hundley
I certainly can say I see why this chapter is your favorite! It's alive with raw emotions, with the power of love, and with the cost that magical feelings that the gift of love sometimes brings - to parent and child, to man and woman, to families and to friends. I was touched with tremendous sadness with each passing sentence I read...and there were so many beautifully written sentences throughout the chapter.

Sera Gamble prides herself on writing dark romantic fantasy (as we've seen these past two seasons), but hers comes off cliched, pathetically lacking, when compared to what you put into this chapter. My favorite reads are those that put power to the words. I find that if the writing is powerful, you get an extra 'punch' with the words. You achieved that here. Excellent...just excellent.

God! Poor Dean. He never gets a break. Can you just imagine how much worse he feels his...betrayal...for lack of a better word...is to Florabel than anything he experienced during his childhood? Dean would never break a child's heart, if there was any way to avoid it.

Oh, hurt Dean, sick Dean! You are going to kill him before he gets out of that place. Stop! Stop! You are messing us his pretty too much.

I continue to love Old Jeb (and, yes, I forgot there was such an age difference between he and Emma). I have such respect for Emma. What a wonderful woman and mother. And Florabel continues to be so special you can't help but love her (and this comes from someone who hates kids in stories or on the show).

I want Slaid dead, but I'm not looking forward to this story being over. What will I have to look forward to for the next God-awful four months before I see lovely Dean Winchester on my TV again? I leave you with this review feeling like a devastated Florabel. You are a mean, but tremendously talented woman...*sigh*.
6/13/2012 c15 DeansGirl
OMG! What a cliffhanger! I can't wait till Thursday, I need more hurt/sick Dean now! I have to say you are one talented writer. Ever think of doing it professionally? I'd LOVE to see this on TV! Too bad SN isn't taking suggestions. Sighs... Ok.. Guess I have to wait, just please keep writing! Ttyl...
6/11/2012 c15 JaniceC678
Wow...what a cliffhanger! Emma SOOO shoulda just shot Slaid on the spot! And how is Dean gonna come out of that overdose when he's so weak? (And don't think I'm not still wondering about who that second spirit is and wondering if you could possibly figure out a way to pull THAT off...yeah, you know what I'm thinking...but that would take some fancy footwork...or fingerwork as the case may be!)

Loved how the scene with Ellen and 'Bel played out. That was awesome. I KNEW it would be the photo that did it. Anxiously looking forward to the next chapter.
6/11/2012 c15 grea8read
HOLY blank blank blankety blank!

What a chapter!

There are no words.

Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, I can't believe it, I just can't believe it... just when I think it can't get any better you knock me off my chair /thud.

Wow oh wow oh wow oh wow oh... /spins off into her happy place.
6/11/2012 c15 21molotovmullet
Oh my god why do you do this to us

I am dying ./flails weakly


Can't handle all these feels


6/11/2012 c15 Ackeberlynn
Okay, the site is not letting me login to review for some reason, so I have to do it this way.

How is Dean going to help himself, let alone protect the girls, if he's overdosed on medication?

I love Emma's strength. I love Jeb's helpfulness. After the scene where Emma pulls a gun on Slaid to protect herself and Dean, I actually am now hoping that she or Jeb kills Slaid. Dean and Sam can deal with the wind demon, but Slaid should be put down by the family he hurt so terribly. An act of protection and self-preservation. Perhaps Jeb could do it.

It also looks like when Sam finally gets his brother back, Dean is going to be a mess. Which is okay. I'm starting to miss the brothers. I hope there is lots of TLC to come!
6/11/2012 c15 Hundley
Slaid is one sick, rabid puppy. What a sordid sicko.

I loved Ellen and Mad Dog together, and it moved the 2007 folks closer to the mystery.

I'm thinking Jeb and Emma should get together. Maybe it's never meant to be, but he is a good man and she is a good woman, and they both love Florabel.

No idea where Chpt 16 will lead us. You keep torturing poor Dean, and he comes closer and closer to realizing what is going on...and I'm definitely getting antsy for action.

This story continues to be absolutely enthralling. Love it, and I really appreciate your enthusiasm and joy in writing it and sharing that with us. Waiting for my Thursday alert!
6/11/2012 c15 70dreamlitnight
First, I must commend you on creating such a sickeningly smarmy, horrendously creepy, and just plain yucky antagonist as Slaid is. He is sly and perfectly horrible. Great job! I want him to receive his comeuppance so badly. I kinda want Florabel to meet it out but that might not be a good thing for a child. Poor Winchesters. You are really putting them through it. I look forward to every update day.

Anyway, this story is awesome. The descriptions of their living conditions in the dust bowl, make me want to lend them my vacuum or just use myself. lol. Nicely done chapter, as usual. Thank you for sharing this with us.
6/11/2012 c15 51emebalia
Curious kids, they hear a word and just have to know what it means.

Old Florabel rocks. Love her. I really hope when they get Dean back he'll be in need of medical attention. That would be a reunion.

And cliffhangers are evil, just saying.
6/11/2012 c15 3sam's folly
Great chap as usual. I'm always so happy to see an alert for your story!
6/10/2012 c10 JaniceC678
A friend of mine badgered me into reading this one, since I'm first and foremost a Sam girl, and even if I enjoy a Dean story once in a while, I REALLY avoid stories where the guys aren't TOGETHER. For me, that's generally the magic.

That having been said, this is some damn fine story-telling - even if it wasn't SN, it's compelling story with wonderfully interesting characters that I'm now committed to. Now at the end of Chapter 10.

I still miss having Sam around for sure, but I was liking the way you linked Dean's flashbacks to his strong bond with Sammy. But now I'm REALLY upset because of these recent memories overshadowing all the GOOD stuff! How can you DO that? I know, I know...patience, grasshopper! Just really didn't like that part! (In that "I'm not SUPPOSED to like it" sense - nothing about the writing. Just not happy about that turn of events!
6/10/2012 c14 13Numpty
You grabbed me and pulled me right in from the first line. Showing us that initial scene from Florabel's POV was wonderful. I can feel the stillness and the sense of suspended animation so strongly in the aftermath of the storm.

And Kat! Do I even need to say how much I ADORED all of the delicious, glorious hurt!Dean that you treated us to in this chapter? I gobbled it all up and am ready for more, more, MORE! There can never be too much of this.

Dust even clung in clumps to the walls, like wet snow on tree bark – One of my very favourite images of yours. Ever.

Florabel as Mad Dog? Your plotting genius knows no bounds. I can't WAIT to see what Sam et al. make of her!

PS - About Lizzy's death, I know how hard writing that was for you. I really thought it needed to be clear what had happened to her, and I think you dealt with it as sensitively as possible and you really didn't glorify it in any way.
6/10/2012 c13 Numpty
This was such a tense, stunning chapter! Absolutely edge-of-the-seat, nail-biting stuff!

Your word choices and descriptions were like poetry, and this whole chapter was a work of art.

They were already being pelted by pebbles and small chunks of debris that were falling like rose-petals and tickertape as the storm pompously marched onward. Dust devils and agitated pillars of tortured grit flew into the air all around them, reaching out in homage or tribute to the power that was bearing them aloft. There was an almost metallic rumble to the storm, it clattered and groaned as it devoured the world – What a terrifying sight! And this whole image was wonderful, I can see it, hear it, AND I find myself reflexively ducking the pebbles and debris. You're writing is so cinematic, everything in technicolour and surround-sound.

The moment where Dean's two world's collide was just so gripping and intense, and of course he WOULD have to remember everything when he's in the middle of a friggin' storm. The poor boy never makes things easy on himself does he?

The loss of his memories of Sam hadn't erased his brother; it had gouged him out, leaving behind a tangible, aching absence, deep and profound – Perfection! This just shows how much a part of each other these boys are.

The part where Dean starts to drift off and believes he is taking care of Sam was utterly heartbreaking and so adorable. *Sigh* As much as I love a good Dean whump, it's always so great to see his caring side come out. I can totally see him looking after Sam like that when they were little. Awww!
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