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6/9/2012 c14 ccase13
I can't wait to see what old Florabel tells Ellen and I hope she gets to see Dean one more time.

I'm sorry I didn't comment on the other chapters but I've been sick.
6/8/2012 c14 32ackeberlynn
What a powerful, gripping, soul-wrenching chapter! :)
6/8/2012 c14 21molotovmullet





6/7/2012 c14 Heather
6/7/2012 c14 39Colby's girl
Great chapter!
6/7/2012 c14 Psychee
This is an amazing story: rich details and excellent characterization. Dean remains "Dean" even when he doesn't really know who he is. I wonder just how different things will be now that he remembers.

Will he send a message through time for Sam to find to know when to open the portal?
6/7/2012 c14 DeansGirl
OMG! I absolutely love this story! It's freakin' amazing and I can't wait for the next chapter! Keep writing!
6/7/2012 c14 Hundley
Sweet little Florabel turned into Mad Dog in her later years? I am dumbfounded. And, she's 72 now, so sixty some years later and she will remember Dean - probably even gladly help get him back. But that won't help until Slaid summons the wind demon again.

Okay, so Emma's in love, Dean committed to her and Florabel - promised even that he wouldn't leave, and now he remembers everything Sam. You still torture him. And I have to wait until Monday to see what happens next. Yes, you are evil, but an enjoyable evil.
6/7/2012 c14 Star
Ah, okay, now it makes sense! Thank you.

I was right, I was right! Woohoo! She did it! Ok, trying to calm down now and write the rest of the review, BEL's Doc!

The dust-covered landscape was lit silver by the moon, three quarters full. A few comet-like tails of dust caught the moonlight and continued to serpentine through the air, but it was all settling quickly in the complete absence of any wind. The world was eerily still—shell shocked, glassy-eyed, and utterly mute. - okay, really, how do you write such beautifully?

Her body wanted to fall, wanted to sleep, but Pally needed her, and she wanted to see her mama more than anything in the world, so she worked to remain upright. - our determined little Bel.

Let's go git your Pally back to you."-not sure if I ever said it before, but I love Jeb! If Bel's Dean's, then her Pally is hers!

Ellen could probably take it, but I'm damn delicate," Bobby said, trying to lighten the mood. Ellen smacked him. - hehehehehe, good ol Bobby.

You got Florabel back to me safe, just like you promised you would. I cain't never repay you for that, and they ain't no words to tell you how much it means. Ain't no words to tell you how much you mean..." Tears spilled down her dirty cheeks as she took his hand in hers. "Me an' Florabel is right here," she said as the little girl climbed up on a chair and leaned against the table. - that's cause he doesn't break promises, Emma. Oh and the fact that he is completely enamoured by your little girl might have had something to do with it also.

Quit it, already! Give an old lady a moment!" came a muffled malediction from behind the door. When it opened with a lurch, Ellen was surprised to see that the voice belonged to a petit, but spry elderly woman. "You think I'm deaf, do ya? Got to ring several times?" - (dancing) I was right, I was right! Hehehehe, I can so imagine Bel in this whole scene.

Loved, loved, loved the chapter. The build up to finding out who Doc was, was fab. I loved Ellen's words as she set out to find Bel.

Slaid's evil doings almost came out. I so want Emma to thrash him black and blue when she finds out.

The scene with Emma and Bel was beautiful. The love between mom and child shone through. I can't even imagine how protective she must feel over Bel, especially after having lost one child already.

Dean's hurt again (pouting). Make him better soon, please...

Now onto the mystery of the second spirit. You've got me thinking...not sure who that could be, but I've got a couple of ideas :P

Absotively, posolutely brill chapter.


PS: I though Sam would be the one to go see Doc. I was even imagining her remembering Dean after hearing SAMs name, and the story of his brother bei lost. But oh we'll, Ellen and her interaction so far was hilarious, so I'm sure our got something up your sleeves.
6/7/2012 c14 3sam's folly
Ah, now that Dean has his memory back, he has to break his promise to Emma. I knew it subconsciously from the get-go, but I'm thinking we're in for a very bittersweet ending to this story. :(
6/7/2012 c14 2Mzzmarie
So amazing! I was riveted the whole time! I LOVE this piece of writing:""Mama…" Florabel's small voice rasped out as she worked her arms and legs sluggishly through the drift, getting nowhere, her body near the point of collapse. Emma turned, her face a wrecker-ball of emotion when she saw her daughter for the first time. She released a growl, raw and primitive, from somewhere so deep it was barely audible, but Florabel could feel the vibration of it all the way through the drift.". STUNNING SHARLOT! And WOW you write my beloved dean so well! ;)
6/7/2012 c14 51emebalia
You teasing little ... You just had to send Ellen and not Sam to visit Mad Dog, hadn't you?

Emma's reaction to Dean's language is just priceless. And Jeb's respond: "He's just airin' his lungs out, Em." I love you for this little gem.
6/5/2012 c13 Star
Ooh yeah, forgot to comment on domestic!Dean. I'm with you on that, as in I would also imagine him to be a wonderful husband and father, if the circumstances had permitted that. But, hen, when I saw him playing house with Lisa and Ben, it just didn't fit. He is a hunter, that's his calling. So m not sure where I stand on that anymore, except that I love daddy!Dean, and would love to see him happily settled with little ones, and hunting from a base.
6/5/2012 c13 Star
Aw, well, whatever OOCness was in that chapter was totally made up for in this one! I love,love,loved this chapter, regardless of the fact that it had a whole lot of in danger!Dean and 'Bel, and hurt!Dean.

I can't even begin to imagine how difficult it was for you to write about Lizzy; if it was even 10% as hard for me to read it, then it must have been horrible for you to write it. But, I get the logic behind it. Something of large proportions was needed as a sacrifice for the Storm to arrive. And I looked up the photos, geezus! Poor Dean and 'Bel, to have to endure that.

Okay, onto the chappie..

"What? You want hazard pay?" he snorted. - definitely a Bobby thing to say.

but there was little thought firing behind her eyes other than primal desperation - like a mama bear for her cub.

Dust devils and agitated pillars of tortured grit flew into the air all around them, puffing out toroidal vortices of dust in homage or tribute to the power that was bearing them aloft. There was an almost metallic rumble to the storm; it clattered and groaned as it devoured the world. -WOW! Just, wow! Beautiful imagery in this sentence, and seeing the photos, I can totally see this.j

The storm almost had her—almost had his little girl. - (Star doing a little dance) He called her his little girl, woohoo! That made my day.

No! Dean! Grab my hand! Sam screamed. Dean! Goddamn it! Grab my hand!

"Pally!" Florabel shrieked. "I'm falling!" - this was such a perfect depiction of the tug of war Dean's stuck in!

An avalanche of memories rammed into Dean as the wind jostled them like tumbleweeds. The memories were both suffocating and life-giving at the same time, and Dean relived his life in flash after flash after flash: his parents bringing a squishy Sammy home from the hospital—his mother's brutal, fiery murder and his father's vengeance—Sammy's kindergarten Thanksgiving play that Dad never showed up for—the endless hours of weapons training—Sam's first concussion—hunt after hunt—Sam slamming the door as he walked off in the rain, determined to make a new life for himself—Sam, possessed by Meg, shooting him on a frosty night in Duluth. The images came at Dean so fast, a fusillade so intense, that his head snapped back and he nearly seized from the overload. Each memory stuck. Every scene took. There was no separation, nothing marginalized or viewed at a distance. It was all acute, pinpointed, and precise. He was crying out non-stop, barely able to process everything at once but having no other choice in the matter. - Like his whole life flashing before his eyes, as if a movie, frame after frame, with no pause. I feel horrible for his poor mind, first the amnesia, then the fever, then the flashes of memory, and now this...

He could hear Florabel echoing his cries, joining in out of sheer terror, a baby wolf lifting its head and joining its parent in mournful lamentation without knowing why. - Need I tell you how beautiful this sentence is, and why I love it?

despite it all, Dean was bowled over by a love so fierce, a relief so palpable, that he gasped wildly, panting for oxygen, choking on both the images and the dust. - and that's the Dean we know, who would never vitally acknowledge the intense waves of love he feels, but does feel them nonetheless. I'm bowled over by my gratitude for you Kat, for having given us this gem.

Hoisting Florabel up, he literally tucked her into them, settling her next to his union suit and pulling his shirt down over her. - and I see a mam Kangaroo and her little Joey, even before I read your next sentence. Adorable!

I loved Dean's memory coming back! I didn't expect it to happen yet, so it s a very pleasant surprise.

"Oh man, Sammy," he smiled sleepily. "I went to a fuckin' square-dance. Son of a bitch!" - and Deano's back with a bang! I can so see him saying this, and Sam never letting him live it down, if he found out.

His forehead was pressed against the bark of the tree as if he were a child being made to take a time-out in a corner, huddled on his knees with his head pressed petulantly to the wall. - I would pay to see Dean in a time-out! He would look so adorable...

Florabel—the little girl who had stolen his heart and soul, the child he would gladly die for, who he would never stop loving as long as he lived—was probably older than his grandmother. - the age things was what had bothered me about the Dean-Emma scene last chapter; but had somehow escaped my notice during the Dean-Bel scenes, until now.

A wave of protectiveness bubbled up and burst forth as he patted his shirt, intense love nearly jack-hammering out of his chest. - I want to hug you right now Kat, that's how heartbreaking this is.

This whole chapter reads like a big chick flick moment, and I'm in love with it! I mean, of course, ignoring the fact that my 2 favorite people are in a ton of trouble with the storm, and Dean is again hurt, and then Sam is emotionally drained and over the hill with worry about Dean. I feel bad that Sammy didn't retrieve Dean, but more than that, lad because he's still with 'Bel, because if he'd been pulled away, Bel likely wouldn't have made it through the storm.

But 2 things I'm a bit unclear about - did the time/space hole open up in front of Dean in 35, and then close? And who is the second spirit?.. I may totally have missed that before.

6/4/2012 c13 39Colby's girl
That was simply delicious! Nuff said.
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