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6/4/2012 c13 132Beckydaspatz
The rain was still falling in cold, angry beads.-I like how you've given the rain personality here, also it feels like it is coming full circle with the first construction site scene waaaaaaay back in the beginning. Nice job!

"We'll need blood, too, but I'll donate that when we get there," Bobby said.

"Another boring day at the office," Ellen snorted.- I love this! So very in character for the both of them. :D

"Let's get our boy back."-Damn straight!

"Earth, Fire, Water," Bobby mused. "When Wind shows up, it'll be a party."-GREAT line! :D

You should be all right, you know, just as long as you don't get skewered by flying debris." The other hunters looked at him incredulously, but he just shrugged. "What? You want hazard pay?" he snorted.-OH GOD! I love him! Rememer loving this the first time around too. :D

He shook her, forcing her to look at him, but there was little thought firing behind her eyes other than primal desperation. He pointed to the house. "Go! I'll get her. I can run faster. I'll bring her back, Em." He shook her once more. "Emma," he lowered his voice. "I'll find her," he said emphatically. They shared one last agonizing glance, and his words finally sunk in. She blinked at him, begging him wordlessly to save her child. He nodded his promise and sped away. The woman sluggishly walked toward the house like a dazed trauma victim, heedless of the rabbits bounding madly across her path.-WOW. Just WOW. It's so clear in my mind, wonderfully wording.

There was an almost metallic rumble to the storm; it clattered and groaned as it devoured the world. Florabel flung her arms out as she ran. She aimed for Dean, her eyes donut-wide and stricken. The storm almost had her—almost had his little girl. He surged forward wildly, reaching his human limits, throwing himself toward her. He grabbed her into his arms just as night descended and the tidal wave of dirt consumed them.-Jeez! That image is TERRIFYING! And very, VERY powerful.

He tucked his face into the crook of his shoulder, like a bird seeking shelter under its own wing in an attempt to find some angle, some place where he could breathe normally. Florabel was whimpering as she choked on his name.-LAWD. This chapter is beyond moving.

Not twenty paces from them, a gaping hole in the very fabric of space ripped open, spilling a bitter, searing light over them. Recognition hit him like a shockwave, but before he could react further, the world warped and twisted and he screamed out in frustration as another vision toppled him, causing him to lose his grip on Florabel.-FUCK! That ain't good...

Not twenty paces from them, a gaping hole in the very fabric of space ripped open, spilling a bitter, searing light over them. Recognition hit him like a shockwave, but before he could react further, the world warped and twisted and he screamed out in frustration as another vision toppled him, causing him to lose his grip on Florabel.-Great image! :D

Hang on, man, he dimly heard Sam yell. His sight cleared enough to slowly make out his brother's anguished face, arms strained and bulging, constantly attempting to shift and grab more of Dean's shirt, even as it began to rend and shred under Sam's fingers.-That's beautiful and heartbreaking well done.

Please don't let go, he begged, but he didn't know which reality he was voicing it in.

With a rending crack, the hole began absorbing and expelling debris around them, metal and wood flying into and out of the storm. He felt both drawn in and repelled at the same time as he literally straddled both worlds.

No! Dean! Grab my hand! Sam screamed. Dean! Goddamn it! Grab my hand!

"Pally!" Florabel shrieked. "I'm falling!"-Okay, you're kinda sorta killing me here.

After uncounted attempts to make contact, the tangible feel of his brother's hand in his own set him tumbling as a lifetime of images and memories—true memories—crashed into him, like millions of dust grains barreling into him and lodging deep, implanting themselves so quickly, so violently, that he screamed in pain.

The memories and the wind sent him rolling along the prairie floor, with just enough awareness left to grip the child to him as they tumbled. He was keenly aware of her pained yelps as the wind kicked them away from the portal, but all he could do was try and hang onto her with numb hands. He could feel almost nothing as the memories poured into him. Even when a large, spiked piece of sheet metal whizzed out of the lighted core and sliced deeply into the back of his shoulder, it barely registered above a twitch. All Dean could do was blindly hold onto Florabel as he rolled and remembered.

Everything.-This. THIS. It makes some foreign and unnamed emotion claw it's way out of my chest to rest in my throat. There aren't really words for it.

Ellen snagged onto a part of the broken back wall and allowed Sam to basically crawl up her leg to get a purchase himself.-BWAHAHAHAHA! Oh, that's AWESOME!

The memories were both suffocating and life-giving at the same time, and Dean relived his life in flash after flash after flash: his parents bringing a squishy Sammy home from the hospital—his mother's brutal, fiery murder and his father's vengeance—Sammy's kindergarten Thanksgiving play that Dad never showed up for—the endless hours of weapons training—Sam's first concussion—hunt after hunt—Sam slamming the door as he walked off in the rain, determined to make a new life for himself—Sam, possessed by Meg, shooting him on a frosty night in Duluth. The images came at Dean so fast, a fusillade so intense, that his head snapped back and he nearly seized from the overload. Each memory stuck. Every scene took. There was no separation, nothing marginalized or viewed at a distance. It was all acute, pinpointed, and precise. He was crying out non-stop, barely able to process everything at once but having no other choice in the matter. He could hear Florabel echoing his cries, joining in out of sheer terror, a baby wolf lifting its head and joining its parent in mournful lamentation without knowing why.-Ugh, my heart.

Dean was bowled over by a love so fierce, a relief so palpable, that he gasped wildly, panting for oxygen, choking on both the images and the dust. That incessant tip-of-the-tongue feeling he'd had for the past two months had finally been eased. A husky sob constricted his throat, when he realized he had his brother back. The loss of his memories of Sam hadn't erased his brother; it had gouged him out, leaving behind a tangible, aching absence, deep and profound. Having had sterile glimpses all this time had done nothing more than poke an exposed nerve. Knowing that Sam hadn't wanted him dead was like being roused from a horrific nightmare. Emma, in her infinite wisdom, had known better. He was humbled and shocked that he'd ever doubted his brother. *river on face*

gladly and with great enthusiasm.-YEAH!

holding a torn panel of her dress for him to use to protect his nose and mouth.-Oh Florabel! I love you like alot (stay away from so *shudder*)

Sam was numbly looking around the room, or what was left of it. His arm supported his battered ribs. "I tried to hold on," he said, dazed, his voice sounding like glass shards grinding together. "Why couldn't I have held on?" He looked at the other hunters. "I had him." Tears were streaming now, pain and exhaustion bowing him. "I had him, Bobby." Ellen ran up to him and put his arm around her shoulder, supporting him as he stumbled.

"You did," she soothed. "You held on with everything that you had. This ain't over, Sam. We'll get him back, honey. It ain't near over." She looked to Bobby, who tossed the young hunter's other arm over his shoulder and helped the shocky young man from the building.

"I need him back, Bobby," Sam mourned as he limped along, spent and devastated. "I'm at the end of my rope."

"Then tie a big-assed knot and hang on," Bobby said. "It ain't gonna be easy, but it's gonna get done. Now, let's get out of here before the spirits come back or the police arrive. Hang in there, kid."-I ADORE this. Wonderful!

Only need a pitchfork, an' it'll be f'ckn' American Gothic, dude.-LOL! Good line!

feeling the lump like a mother soothing an unborn child.-What an image!

No doubt, Emma'd make him a poultice of moldy bread or clean his eyes out with cow piss or something and he'd be fine.-OMG! HAHA! Nice to have you back, Dean.:P

Florabel—the little girl who had stolen his heart and soul, the child he would gladly die for, who he would never stop loving as long as he lived—was probably older than his grandmother.-*heart shatters* It's a good thing I have so mnay spares...

"Shhhh buddy. S'OK, Dad'll he home soon," he soothed the lump on his belly. His brother's small body scooched up, and Dean felt Sam's little hand periscope up out of his shirt. Sammy touched his face, patting and pinching it. "Ow, nnhuhh Sam. M'tired."

"Stay awake, Pally!" he heard Sam scold from far away. He took the hand and tucked it back under his shirt and gently gripped his collar tight, trying to prevent dust from getting inside the makeshift cocoon. A wave of protectiveness bubbled up and burst forth as he patted his shirt, intense love nearly jack-hammering out of his chest.

-Okay, I'm crying. Just LOVE that.

So damn good! WHY are you so damn good? I love it, others will too! :) Can't wait for Thursday, but I have to. Lame! But not you though, you rock!
6/4/2012 c13 51emebalia
Of course Dean chooses the worst possibly moment to get his memories back.

Sam doesn't know yet but he just got proof that he will get Dean back. Otherwise they would have gotten Dean's corpse (died of old age?).

Somebody mentioned Dean's language as ooc. I don't share this opinion. They do a pretty good job on the show to imply him speaking like that without actually letting him. In "Ghostfacers" they could speak like they wanted to and they did. Both of the Winchesters. A lot. So stay with that, it feels right (at least for me).
6/4/2012 c13 32ackeberlynn
What an awesome, riveting chapter!

I have one criticism, and that is Dean's language. I think it's because the worst we ever hear him say on the show is "sonofabitch", for me, the constant use of the f-word is OOC. Likewise, I can see Dean calling Steinback a "douchebag", but not a "peckerhead". Using the f-word in every other sentence does not, in fact, make Dean 'sound' tougher, if that's what you were going for. It makes him sound like he doesn't have a brain. It makes him sound like a teenager who thinks it's cool to use the f-word in every sentence for the shock value. It makes it hard for me to respect this amazing character, who to me is both crazy tough and crazy intelligent. I say this with love and respect to a writer I admire - you don't need all those f-words. They add nothing to your writing and actually detract from it. It almost dims the creativity of the dialogue, if that makes sense. And like I said - I get Dean's 'voice' from the show, and from that, I can't picture Dean talking that way.

Everything else is brilliant, and I can't wait for the next chapter!
6/4/2012 c13 3sam's folly
GREAT chap and cliffie. Thank goodness u update so often!
6/4/2012 c13 21molotovmullet

./rips hair out






6/4/2012 c13 Hundley
Wow. Dean getting all his memories back (in a very harsh way) was a huge step forward. Of course, now he's near death again. Oh, you evil girl. You pull at my heart. "I need him back, Bobby," and Dean thinking Florabel is Sam was incredibly creative - that's who owns Dean's heart. Sam's as bad off as Dean is right now, and Dean's not back flips at the moment.

I did like you showing Dean's innate instinct to protect - even if it is a little girl old enough to be his grandmother and that girl's mother. I also liked a smart Bobby doing his thing and having Ellen present. I loved that character.

Your exploration of Dean's inner wants and desires have really worked well in this story, because you have kept it grounded within the reality of the show itself. In other words, so many fanfics inserts a girl that represents the writer and her own fantasies. Not the case here. I had no problems with killing Lizzy. The child's death was in keeping with the powerful story you are telling. As I see it, you used what worked for the story's benefit. Good job and great storytelling.
6/2/2012 c12 3sam's folly
Another great chap! I hope dean saves 'Bel!
6/2/2012 c12 21molotovmullet
Hello there. I have some things to tell you.

Firstly: You, kind author, are friggin brilliant.


Thirdly: (Y)

Fourthly: I love the same things you do; Hurt!Dean, Sick!Dean and any other kind of ANGSTY!Dean that exists.

Lastly: you're friggin awesome.

Peace. Over and out. See ya next chapter!
6/2/2012 c12 13Numpty
How do you DO that? How do you write these utterly wonderful scenes, these touching moments, and then just rip the carpet from underneath us with these incredible endings?

I love how we can see the bond between Emma and Florabel, and that even after everything they've been through and the harshness of Dust Bowl life, that they can still enjoy moments like that together.

Watching Dean with his new family is so sad, because as much as I want him to have a family and that kind of family life, I also know that he belongs with Sam. It's like seeing him get a taste of what he wants so much but will never truly have.

It was lovely to get a greater insight into Emma's life and character in this one, and the way that she and Dean take comfort in each other is so gloriously real and sweet. The way they both made their choice to be together was epic, but we know that it can't last. Aaaaaaaannnnnnnd yep, you hit us with THAT cliffhanger!

I'm a broken record, but you are still a master storyteller, and you're still awesome. More, more, MORE!
6/2/2012 c11 Numpty
One of the things I think you do so well Kat, is the balance between light-hearted moments and tension. We can enjoy those touching moments, but we never forget that there is danger lurking underneath. The jackrabbit scene in particular just works so well, with Dean and Slaid circling each other while everyone else enjoys themselves. It feels incredibly authentic, and I could just picture it so well as I read it.

Oh, and I just adored the scene where Dean is on display to the rest of the townsfolk. His discomfort and awkwardness is just SO well written. The square dancing was awesome too, still wish I had that camera LOL! And if Sam ever finds out he'll wish he had too!

Despite his vigilance, though, he couldn't help but be drawn toward Emma as she shyly glanced up at him. Her eyes were just as blue as her daughter's. They caught the reflection of the lanterns strung from the rafters, filling her pupils with a cluster of glistening sparks. He gazed at her pretty face, somewhat pared and pinched by drought and grief, but still beautiful. He admired the small patch of freckles on her nose and her smooth skin. His eyes moved down her face and lingered on her sinuous neck where her fluttering pulse gave away her nervous excitement. And there it was, he thought; this was Emma's own return to life. This was her moment of choice, her daring to hope again. He felt an overwhelming desire to kiss her, to just put everything aside and lose himself in her open warmth – This was one of my favourite moments. Utterly beautiful and spellbinding!

Ugh, Slaid is such a turd, I cheered when Dean went for him!

And ooooohhh, that ending! I remember the first time I read it I literally was like 'oh, no!' out loud, and it was so heartbreaking and cruel. But you really wrote it so beautifully. This was such a game changer in the story and you kept that twist completely under-wraps so that it was a proper sucker punch. I am INSANELY envious of your story telling talent, but you're awesome, so I don't hold it against you! :P
6/1/2012 c12 Star
Have I mentioned you're bloody hilarious? You crack me up so much, I am SO glad I read the fic when I'm alone, because otherwise people would definitely think I escaped from the nearest Mental Health Institute. I DID NOT leave to read the chapter, not until I read your whole response. Oooh, next fic, could I have daddy!Dean instead? That would definitely be the best ever present, and waaay better than booby!licking Dean! :D LOL. But nah, domestic!Dean, while making me all gooey inside, is just not Dean. I would agree with snseriesfan there, badass!Dean rocks!

Now I'm looking forward to this chapter though, because the blood and gore were starting to get to me. And Lizzy, geezus Kat. I have no frigging clue how you could have gotten through writing that part. I would have probably killed myself crying over it if I was writing it. So kudos!

Okies, going to go and read..see ya in a bit.

"Mmm, I think there will be other things taking his attention," she said mysteriously. -Mmmhmm, wonder what? Not particularly appropriate conversation for 'Bel's ears, though, yeah? LOL.

"I cain't thank you proper Mama. There ain't words." Emma bent down and hugged her daughter.-and the old-soul!'Bel's back! Delightful scene between mother-daughter, Kat. Loved it!

Perhaps he'd always felt that way and isolation had been the tenet upon which his life had always been lived. - (frowning) Its as if you read him like a book Kat.

Dean succumbed to the hug and held her tight. "Me neither, Florabel," he said. Emma cleared her throat. "All right you two. Break it up," she scolded in jest."Lunch ain't gonna eat itself. -Is it wrong that I totally pictured the Dean from Season 1 saying, "No chick flick moments!", at this point? Hehehehe. Adora'Bel! Get it? LOL.

"I don't know what you saw, but I'm thinkin' you ain't seein' the whole picture. I ain't bright, Dean. I never even finished high school. I married Red in my senior year and never went back. But I know a few things, and I know you's a good man. I know whatever you done you must 'a done because there weren't no other choice or because you had a good reason. You cain't remember it right now because your fever mixed things up, but I just won't never believe that you done anything to deserve gittin' shot. It don't make sense that your brother would hurt you, but maybe in time you'll remember things better and see the whole picture instead of just catchin' a glimpse of the corner." -Puh-lease, Emma! You ARE so very smart to try and bring things into perspective for our boy. But, he has a knack of believing the worst of himself. SO you got your work cut out for you.

"Jesus Christ," he said in utter awe. "What the ever loving fuck?" -Ok, whaaaaat? I don't know whether to laugh or cry, imagining him saying this.

Oh God! 'BEL! No, no no, Kat! I loathe cliffhangers! Especially when they hold 'Bel's life in their hands! How could you leave us hanging like this, you cruel, cruel YOU! Now I have to wait all the way until Monday...(sigh), too long...too long!

Beautiful chapter though. I'm glad 'Be; was so happy on her b'day, and Emma too. She's so brave, and persevering. I admire her strength and her love for 'Bel. Really got a great OC here, Kat. Both of them.

Aw, Sam's cover's blown! That's gonna make the hunt so much harder...but, if there's anything to be said for the Winchester boys, its that they never give up. So, I'm not all that worried. I just worry about the civilians getting hurt because of Sammy's carelessness (for leaving the gun) and Gerry's stupidity.

I am also wary about when someone will find Lizzy. Did His Evilness bring her body to his little altar-thingie? If so, I feel horrible saying it, but I'm glad Dean hasn't found it. Not today. I'm glad it was a good day (minus the blizzard!). Also, did Jeb see Dean come out from under the trapdoor, and does that mean he'll be the suspect? Oh Gosh. See what runs through my mind?

Also, how in the blazing blazes did Dean agree to leave 'Bel all by her lonesome with Slaid's whereabouts unknown? This is the first time I actually felt your Dean was OOC. Because I never would have thought he'd leave her there.

Oh, and the Dean-Emma scene was totally ruined (by my ever-so-logical mind) thinking about the fact that Emma is like Deanna Campbell's age, or around there. So I was warring with myself, because on the one hand, it was beautiful, and I totally wanted it to happen, but on the other, I also felt just a teeny bit grossed out. LOL. Sorry! It was written beautifully though, Kat. Though I boo'ed when it was interrupted (hehehe).

Fab chapter! And I don't need to tell you that I'm sitting at the edge of my seat waiting to find out what happens Monday.

5/31/2012 c7 162smalld1171
Kat! Did you think I had forgotten about this AMAZING story? Well, let me assure you that I never could and now that I have a fifteen minute window of opportunity I am going to at least read Chapter 7!

So... LOVE the beginning of this, the way that Emma cleans Dean's wound while talking with him and assessing his strength inbetween their conversation. I can't really say why I love it, but I do. :)

I love the way that Emma and Dean seem so alike, only showing weakness on their face for a moment before shaking it off and rebuilding their 'walls'.

Devil fighter? Oh yeah! :) And Sam is always there, just out of reach, important to Dean and a safe place to retreat to. I love that.

That he suffered from memory problems was undeniable, but this—this was all wrong. This was other-worldly. As far as he could see the dips and rolls of the land were gauzed in drifting, ashen dust. It rippled in endless dunes and divots, swelling to large drifts and then blowing away to reveal battered clumps of tortured grass lying flat. The battered tufts desperately clung to the unstable, naked earth as the wind ripped at their roots, marauding the nearby dirt and spinning it into the bleak sky. This was not Dean's world. It had never been his, he was absolutely sure of it. - OMG KAT! This is sooooo incredibly vivid and beautiful. *This was not Dean's world.* Wow, what a line!

Love the fact that Dean 'stinkified' himself to make Florabel feel better. Love the fact that Florabel has got match making on her mind. Loved the marbles pool reference and well... EVERYTHING ELSE!

Awesome as always Kat, no words I could say to you could convey the amount of pleasure that your words give me. Love everything about this. Thank you so, so much for such a wonderful ride!
5/31/2012 c12 51emebalia
They had such a sweet time but there is always a black blizzard heading their way, isn't it?

By the way, my money was on a picture from their wedding, but this will do, too. Can't wait to see Sam's face when he'll spot it.
5/31/2012 c12 132Beckydaspatz
Okay, I know you can fight your own battles, but let me be the first to say that you should write you story (oh wait it's already written) they way YOU see fit. Those of us that have the patience to stick through it and "endure" *sarcasm* your spectacular characterizations and "suffer through" your compelling storylines and character development (that that show so often glosses over) have good taste and know that it is the trait of a talented and unique individual that has the balls to not merely tell a story, but that submerges you in it's greatness. The rest of them...well there are plenty of wham!Bam!Thankyouma'am! stories on this site and they should just mosey on over that way. :P In the meantime I will be letting your story make slow, powerful, meaningful love to my mind and heart and hope that I didn't just sound like the most perviest perv ever. :P

Anyway, onto the story!

The two of them touched foreheads and their smiles met in a kiss. Emma leaned back and spread the lipstick she'd shared with her daughter lightly over the little girl's lips. The two of them looked in the mirror, striking movie-star poses and giggling like school girls.-Awwwwwww, how sweet! Few things are more precious than mother/daughter moments.

"I made it from my wedding-dress," Emma said. "It weren't doin' nobody any good sitting in my hope-chest," she explained. She put the dress over Florabel's head and situated it on her. "My goodness, you look like a princess," she said. "Here," she continued, reaching for a pair of new socks with lace sewn at the ends. "And I polished your shoes for you last night. You can wear this to the picnic.

Florabel looked at herself in the mirror, tears rimming her eyes. "I cain't thank you proper Mama. There ain't words." Emma bent down and hugged her daughter."Don't need no words, baby girl. You's welcome, my love." she said, drawing Florabel to her and feeling the slight pull of her daughter's embrace. Emma released her only when she started losing her motherly composure. She swallowed the lump of love in her throat and smoothed her hand over the child's shining cheeks. Patting the seat, she sat Florabel down and began unbraiding her hair. "Let's git you all fixed up. Your Pally ain't gonna know what to do with hisself when he sees you," she said with a wink.

Florabel thought a moment, watching her mama in the mirror. "Did you ever think we was gonna be happy agin?" she asked quietly.

Emma looked at her daughter and straightened the lace collar of her new dress. She shook her head. "I didn't," she confessed as she began brushing Florabel's waist-length hair.

"Me neither," she said as she stared at herself in the mirror. "I sure am glad we was wrong."-I know you were worried about this scene being "too" sweet when you wrote it, but I have to tell you, it feels about perfect to me. Especially knowing what they have both been through. Well down, Kat!

Dean looked at the gun and weighed it in his hands. Disturbed and confused by how much he enjoyed holding it.-NICE touch.

The two men jogged up to the house. Both of them stopped short. "Land sakes," Jeb whistled. "Look at the two of you! First they's this wing-dinger of a day and now it just got a whole lot brighter. You both shine like new pennies!"-Have I mentioned how MUCH I love Jeb? Not this chapter...oh okay, well I LOOOOOOVE HIM!

But it wasn't their lace dresses, giant bows or shiny hair that struck Dean. It was the sunshine hitting their glowing faces. It was the way they looked at him with their expectant, shy smiles. Dean could barely speak past the lump in his throat. "You two are the prettiest things I've ever seen in my life," he said, and he meant it.

Florabel hopped down a few stairs and jumped into his arms. "But you ain't seen a lot that you remember," she teased.

"I wouldn't forget seeing something so beautiful, that's a fact," he said. "So I've just never seen it," he contended. He wrapped his arms around her and held her tight. He caught Emma's eye as she descended the stairs. She looked happier than he'd ever seen her. He had to fight his inclination to reach out to her and pull her in, too. "You both look gorgeous," he said as he set Florabel on the ground.-*happy sigh* :D

"Dinner with a lady? Jeb, you sly dog," Dean laughed as he thumped the older man's arm.

Jeb threw his head back and cackled. "You ain't the only one who has a way with the ladies," he said thumping his chest.-Hahah! Love that! I've never in my life wanted to be an old lady more, but there still is that whole problem with him not existing...shit. I'll find a way! :P

Sam twitched and fiddled with the amulet.-And another one, nice touch! Really love that!

"What is this place?" Dean asked. They'd walked about a mile north of the house and settled next to a trench or old, dry creek bed. The sun was warm enough to make him almost sorry he wore his union-suit. He could feel a trickle of sweat slide down his back. The sunshine was dazzling, hitting the silica in the dust, making the ground glitter lightly here and there. However, the contrast between the brilliant sky and the vapid landscape, Technicolor vs. monochrome, bewildered Dean's sleepy brain. The clashing union gave him a vague sense of vertigo. He rubbed his tired eyes and tried to focus.-That is just a BRILLIANT description!

Florabel's face crumbled with raw emotion. She threw herself into his arms and held on for dear life. "I love you, Pally," she said. "I cain't believe it. Thank you so much." Emma patted her back and looked at Dean. Their eyes locked and Emma's were glistening with tears."I ain't never been so happy, ever," Florabel said.-*sniffles* That is so lovely.

"I thought you told Florabel to make hers last," he laughed. Emma giggled and shrugged.

"Are you kidding me? I've wanted to put my head in this bag the entire time," she snickered. "I ain't had candy in years," she said. "Thank you for making the day so special for Florabel. And for me. Times has been so hard that I forgot what it was like."

"What's that?" he asked.

She looked at him and tilted her face to the sun. "Livin'," she said.-There is something just so wonderful about this whole thing. It's like your letting Dean live a life he denied himself. It's really very beautiful.

Her eyes blazed with a weary fury. "Things is bad. I try to remember what it was like. I try to think of the golden fields and believe those days will come agin, but right now we's eatin' dust three times a day. I sleep with it every night, I wake up with it between my teeth. It's in my water and invades my dreams. I hate it so much I could scream. I hate the wind. I hate that Red and Henry died for no damn good reason." She stopped herself and blinked, startled at her own outburst. "I'm sorry, Dean. I shouldn't 'a said all that. I git tired of fightin' sometimes. I don't mean to seem like a surly child. I shouldn't be so weak.-So, if I didn't get ANYTHING else out of this story (and boy,have I!) I just got a history lesson about the Dust bowl and didn't even know nor mind it! That's talent, my friend. :D

But I know a few things, and I know you's a good man.-Oh Emma, yous plenty smart. Beautiful sentiment.

"I'm pretty sure he ain't lookin' for me, Em. And I wouldn't want him to find me if he did. I ain't goin' nowhere," he said. They sat in silence for a moment.

"I'm so glad to hear that, Dean," she said with a smile. He turned, looking into her eyes, blue and big and flooded with hope. They were so very, very beautiful. There was no telegraphing, no awkward approach, no thought given to Florabel's Birthday wish, even. Their lips simply locked and mingled, gritty lips connecting in a dusty kiss, each soothing the other's abrasions while sharing a hope for a better world for themselves and for Florabel.

Emma's lips were soft and plump with arousal. She was watching him through dilated eyes, both hungry and profound. He felt her hand on the back of his head, her fingertips barely brushing the nape, sending shivers of warmth through him. Dean experienced his own polar-shift as they melted together, an acknowledgement that he was not merely settling; he was making his own choice. He wanted this life and no other—flesh and blood, not vestige and residue. He gently tilted her back until they were both lying in the hay.-OMG! I just...*sigh* There is something so soft and intimate about this scene. I couldn't love it more if I tried.

Flocks of birds were madly flying south, shrieking frantic warnings as they went.-A whole mess of chills just skittered down my back...jeez.

Thousands of birds were winging madly…flying from a colossal black cloud that billowed and roiled like smoke as it sped towards them at sixty miles per hour, devouring the prairie as it went. The cloud towered several thousand feet into the sky, barreling directly toward them, performing deranged somersaults and cart-wheels along the ground. "Jesus Christ," he said in utter awe. "What the ever loving fuck?"

Emma watched, stunned and trembling. "Black blizzard," she said, horror stricken."Black blizzard!" she said more wildly, her eyes ashen with dread. They suddenly went wide with terror and fear. The storm was not much more than few miles away, now. It would soon consume their picnic spot. "Florabel!" she screamed and began running."Florabel!" Her voice cracked and splintered. "My baby!" she wailed as she ran. "FLORABEL!-WOW. I'm a tiny bit speechless. Perfect, wonderful, awesome, ridiculously POWERFUL ending. Can't wait until Monday for the next one. :D

Also, I LOVED your A/N :P
5/31/2012 c12 32ackeberlynn
See now I'm frustrated. We all know Sam is going to get Dean back - but now when Dean leaves, it's not only going to be hard for him, but it's going to hurt Emma and Florabel. They don't deserve that, on top of everything they've been through. And Dean! What are is he doing chasing tail in barn and letting Florabel just run off? Seriously? After everything that happened and when he doesn't know where Slaid is! Grr! Can't wait for the next chapter. :)
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