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2/15/2016 c11 7NoilyPrat
How sweet - the whole day of jackrabbit hunting (except for the bloody part! damn that Slaid!) through the dancing, and Dean defending her honor... and her thanks. My heart bleeds everytime Dean thinks Sam doesn't care, and he's done with him.

Really intrigued on this plan of Bobby's to bring Dean back. (YES! Sam remembers everything!) And - oh yeah! - don't die in the process. Got plenty of experience with that part. LOL!

No, Lizzy! No!
2/15/2016 c10 NoilyPrat
How heartbreaking when the Cyclone tore the brothers apart - they looked at each other and said 2000 things silently in looks - and then it deposited Sam without his memories as it took Dean. Glad Sam remembered when he saw the amulet, although Dean could've used it.

And oh so HEARTBREAKING (you're good at writing that, you know?) when Dean only got partial memories of Sam - hating him, shooting him. Dean, oh Dean ... nothing to pull you back now. *Waaaa!*
2/15/2016 c8 NoilyPrat
Interesting view - from when it first happened, to Dean's memories of it. So THAT is why the phone and the gun was on the ground! And THAT is why the ghost went for Dean! Full circle, time travel. Makes your head spin. Did good with all the details!
2/15/2016 c7 NoilyPrat
Should have seen it coming, Florabel wanting to keep Dean - Pally - for herself.

Got a smile from the interview Sam and Dean did with Gerry. They need Dr. Phil, ha! Liked the scene where Dean's in the bathroom, trying to keep Sam out, and deal with his wound. Wow, he was NOT shy about saying things, was he?
2/15/2016 c6 NoilyPrat
Really love the fact Dean knew if he could just touch Sam he'd know everything.

Like the flashback where Dean is trying to pass off his bullet wound as nothing, and Sam notices everything.
2/15/2016 c5 NoilyPrat
Slaid is getting downright terrifying.

Dean's memories are slowly coming back ... grinned when he was telling Emma about the monsters, and Florabel was shaking her head NO. Then the Laudanum... Duuuuuuuuuuuuuude!
2/15/2016 c4 NoilyPrat
Glad Sam got his memory back! Good job writing that up - tense, and expectant - holding your breath hoping for the best.

But MAN! I have to say, really would despise that medicine Florabel had to take. Yuck! And, poor mama, giving her daughter poison, but she doesn't realize it, because she wants to save her. Really glad Emma is a stubborn woman, who went the extra mile for Dean.

It KNEW him?! NO!
2/15/2016 c3 NoilyPrat
Really good description with the Dust Bowl. I can feel the gritty dirt everywhere.
Also good job with Sam's awakening.
Poor family with Dean - don't understand how to get to him, and nobody there going to wake him up. Didn't realize he'd have the same issue...
2/15/2016 c2 NoilyPrat
Thanks for the dates and places to keep track of which brother I'm reading about. Hoping that Bobby and Ellen (OK, maybe not Ellen) will help Sam when he comes to.
I'm betting Dean's bullet wound is from Meg. Love the fact the girl and Mom are noticing his body. Whoot!
2/15/2016 c1 NoilyPrat
Interesting start. From the people's POV, as to what's going on around the Winchesters.

Boy-howdy! They got side-swiped last night.
1/23/2016 c21 2Catasauqua
Supernatural Fan Fiction Monthly Awards Review: Novella/Novel / Drama January 2016

Your story had me in it's grips from the very start. It was such an original concept and so well structured it was an absolute delight to read. Your gorgeous imagery and descriptive phrasing had me right there, in the moment, every step of the way. There was no filler to this story to bulk it out - every scene was necessary and every word needed.

The paradox of time travel is tricky to play with, trying to incorporate the actions in the past to the changes they make in the future (present) when they return. Yet, you've turned that sideways and made it work in a remarkable way. Nicely done, that.

Your characterizations of Sam, Bobby and Ellen rang clear and true. Emma and Florabel were as exceptional as Slaid was vile. And Dean?...he was your masterpiece.

Thank you,
1/11/2016 c21 36BlackIceWitch
Supernatural Fan Fiction Monthly Awards : January 2016

The meticulous research of the primary background, for location, time period(s) and characters, lifts this story far beyond a supernatural tale, published or not, and light-years beyond most fan fiction stories. This is a human tale, first and foremost, for each of the characters involved. The combination of thorough historical knowledge, keen observation for detail and the realistic behaviour of people, and a smooth and seamless narrative, giving vivid, clear and often unique description, allows the story to unfold without seeming effort, fluidly and inevitably.

Each plot development is seen clearly through the characters’ eyes, endowing inarguable verisimilitude and multiple layers of emotion and detail. The reader is swept into the story until they can feel the grit on their skin and at the back of their tongues, smell the skunk oil and turpentine, feel the ruthlessly pragmatic need to get on and do what has to be done; can sympathise and commiserate with the escalating fears of Bobby, Ellen and Sam; understand the long-term worries of those in the past and care about them, and feel more and more nervous about the anxieties of those in the present as well.

Tension is inherent in the plot, and in the choices and options of the characters. No other devices are needed or wanted to keep the reader at the edge of their seat. Pace and a controlled rhythm are set invisibly through scenes that breathe and live. There is unmistakably an ominous tick-tock behind every scene, of time slipping away for all of the characters; a little louder now, then softening again, which drives the story forward without the need for any device or technique other than the author’s sure knowledge of the characters.

This is a story where every detail has meaning, the background is ever-present but never intrusive and the patois gives each and every character a unique and distinctive voice of their own, barely requiring further description to understand either speaker or moment.

Exceptionally well-crafted, compassionate and insightful, remarkably few errors, none of which were compelling enough to even jar this reader from the story, and masterfully written characterisation, demanding connection and care make this a riveting, pleasurable – and refreshingly adult – story that is impossible to forget and will demand to be re-read over and over.
12/31/2015 c21 4Freya922
This was a bloody masterpiece. I hope you are so proud of it because you should be. Thank you for all you put into it. Just... Bravo!
12/28/2015 c16 Freya922
My stomach is in knots- JESUS. This is killing me - what worse outcome could there be? Slaid triumphant and Dean accused? The girls' broken hearts were devastating even before that part... Sob.
12/27/2015 c13 Freya922
OMG, I can't believe the complexity of this amazing story. I'm absolutely dying for Florabel and Emma, for Sam, and most of all for Dean, in agony for everyone he loves all at once and across time. Jeez!
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