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12/26/2015 c8 4Freya922
Slaid is an utterly terrifying villain... I am on tenterhooks waiting to see what happens!
12/26/2015 c6 Freya922
Damn, this is an amazing story - so fully realized in terms of both plot and character. I am enjoying every word and I'm going to thank CornishGirl for turning me on to your stuff when I write her later today. Your Sam and Dean are just perfect and your OCs are so vivid...!
12/20/2015 c17 waitingforAslan
Oh, wow! That was unexpected: Jeb coming in at the wrong time and misunderstanding what was happening and thinking Dean is evil not Slaid. Yikes.
11/18/2015 c21 freetobescary
Oh my god you killed me. I'm a mess. A sobbing broken mess. Couldn't stop crying ever since the part where Dean was taken from Florabel. My eyes are puffy. My heart is broken and it physically hurts. What a powerful story you've written... I have no words. No word can be enough to describe this perfection. Definitely one of the best fictions i've ever read in my whole life. And i read a lot. No matter how much i hate you right now for making me feel like crap on a toast, thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for this awesome story that touched my heart like no others. It will be hard to get over but really, THANK YOU. And keep writing cause you are just one of the fucking bests.
9/8/2015 c10 2LunaBianca
Oh. Oh my. I'm just reeling from the combo of Florabel's assault and then Dean thinking it was his brother, instead of Meg, who shot him.

I was in tears as Florabel told her story. I have two young daughters (the oldest turns seven next week) and Florabel's account, brought to life with your incredible words, gutted me. I had suspected something like this, but the anticipation didn't spare me.

Sam's perceived betrayal of Dean was the bigger surprise. Somehow I hadn't even considered it! Because a world in which Dean doesn't define himself by Sammy...I was suckerpunched.

Powerful writing, Kat!
9/8/2015 c9 LunaBianca
The little things that Dean misses without knowing why, like his Bowie under the pillow, are really well chosen.

Having him recognize Slaid in his flashes of recall is pivotal; this gives him reason to embrace his gut-level mistrust of Slaid and his own hunter abilities. I know he's questioning whether all of the visions and the connection with Sam are true if Slaid can feature in the memories, but Dean's essential nature hasn't changed: he's always been about heart and motion over theory and inaction. Dean acts a bit differently under the influence of amnesia - 2007 Dean sure wouldn't share much of anything about his "spells" with Emma - but I think his prevarication won't last long and things are about to get lively in Boise City! That baddie Slaid is going to draw everyone into a war...

Dean is now giving more weight to his gut feelings than when he first woke up (understandably so) and it looks like warfare is about to break out.

I was surprised that Dean actually shared some of his memories with Emma, he usually plays
9/7/2015 c8 LunaBianca
Thanks for including the scene where Sam and Dean get separated. I was curious about how that went down! :)
9/7/2015 c21 13Cactus101
Sharlot, that last paragraph...Dean telling himself he's fine and this is what has to be. I hear Emma in those words, telling Florabel not to get attached or want things you can't have. Bracing herself and her daughter against the cruel twists of their lives...Dean saying the same things to himself confirms that he would have fit right in to that world, the world of 1935. He would have been stoic, strong and great dad to Florabel and husband to Emma. Old Jeb would have been part of their family too, but it wasn't meant to be.

Dean's not gonna fuss o'er what he cain't have...even if'n it's what he wanted.

This is an amazing work of fiction. It's clear you poured your heart and soul into this story. Thank you!
9/7/2015 c20 Cactus101

I loved this line -

"You don't know how much I wanted to see you, talk to you..." In that one phrase you managed to stretch out little Florabel's greatest desire over the span of a lifetime...I was/am bawling. Then you reintroduce Emma and well get me a box of tissues...I can't, you can't end this...nooooo...
9/7/2015 c7 2LunaBianca
Interesting chapter with revelations and movement on multiple fronts. More context on "true timeline" Sam and Dean; how sick Dean was and how he and Sam fought over the injury, how their bickering bled into the job.

More background on Slaid, providing a shaky foundation for Emma's loyalty to the bastard. He is bad news and it slays me that Em and Jeb keep reprimanding Florabel for her fear. It makes sense; adults frequently disregard the unorganized yet keen emotional intuition of children, and it was probably even more common decades ago. And we're trained to ignore inklings of danger if acting on them could lead to social awkwardness or make us look like asshats. But still, arrgh! Dean is (of course) going to step up and protect spunky Florabel, but I'm concerned that he might not have arrived soon enough...

I was startled along with Dean when he looked out the window into the dust. I forgot he wouldn't have "seen" the world yet, being mostly unconscious and bed-bound thus far, and his memory loss dulling his ability to spot anachronisms!

Dean's soft spot for children and facility to connect and edify is just too delicious. I adore the scenes between him and Florabel. His heart is going to get pulled in two directions, between a little girl and used-to-be-little brother, and that drama has me anticipating tissues. ;)
9/6/2015 c19 13Cactus101
"Welcome back, big brother." That's music to my ears. Yes, Dean is coming all the way back. Thank goodness for SAM! He was awesome and amazing and just what Dean needed.

Florabel's musing were so poignant, her memories, her perspective as child and then as and old woman. Wow, touching. Can't wait until Dean reunites with her.

But there's still the matter Slaid. He needs to be taken care of again and I am so going to enjoy seeing him go down a second time.
9/6/2015 c18 Cactus101
Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy, Slaid is DEAD!

Oh my, I was so caught up in this chapter. I was going through it in real time with Dean and Florabel. I prayed like mad that Jeb would believe them but then Slaid went and revealed his true self and that was the end of him! I fought, I screamed, I cheered, I cried and I smiled.

Now I'm looking forward to Dean's recovery and his and Florabel's reunion.
9/6/2015 c6 2LunaBianca
I had to read Jeb's line out loud to my husband: "You's so crooked you could swaller nails and spit corkscrews."

I had thought that the raging infection in Dean's shoulder was a supernatural complication, maybe along with the time travel, because while Dean's stupid with fake-it-til-you-make-it-invincibility, he's smart and pragmatic: he can't do the job and protect Sam if he lets infection eat him up. Yeah, yeah, Dean's extra twitchy because of Sam's recent possession, but I would think he would've 'fessed up to Sam before it was so close to killing him. He would've let himself get sick, just maybe not that sick? This is not meant to be a gripe! I am digging this story and your skillful prose, Sharlot!
9/6/2015 c5 LunaBianca
Hooray for penicillin! The Captain would agree: Dean's too damn pretty to die. ;)

Slaid's creep factor just got turned to 11. Yuck. (But of course in a wonderful-horrible way; we wouldn't be Supernatural fans if the macabre didn't compel us.) It will be that much more satisfying when Dean puts the sicko down.

Thanks for sharing more of Florabel's background. She's such a charming and obliging storyteller, I bet she was a hoot to write! I appreciate (and meant to state in the last review) that you show Emma's motives in fighting so desperately to save a stranger. It speaks to Emma as a mother and a survivor and not some moralizing goody two-shoes.

The laundanum sequence was a riot. "Like a fuckin' tampon commerial!" Sooo funny, and I can just see that dopey smile as he fades into the rainbow.
9/6/2015 c4 LunaBianca
Dean's illness is harrowing. I am liking Emma, Jed and Florabel more and more, and despising Slaid in proportionate measure! Good job writing them.

Great scene with Sam flashing on Dean's amulet. Short of holing up in Baby, I don't know if any other material could jolt Sam to memory like that.
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