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9/6/2015 c3 2LunaBianca
Hmm. The brothers seem to have the same symptoms. I like how you narrate Sam's dawning awareness and struggle for thought and form, while keeping him Sam. Geek boy. Heh.
9/5/2015 c17 13Cactus101

Both young and old Florabel are beautifully written. You're doing a masterful job of keeping each of them in their respective times and ages. In lesser hands the characters may have begun to morph and the story would have lost something important and essential.

I can't wait to read more but honestly, I don't want this to end...
9/5/2015 c16 Cactus101

No, no, no ,no ,noooooooooooooooooo!

What are you doing to me? This story is amazing, getting better with each chapter. This was heartbreaking, terrifying, shocking, horrifying. I was crying, fighting, and screaming right along with all the characters.

This story has gripped me and won't let go.

9/3/2015 c2 2LunaBianca
Curiouser and curiouser. I shall read on!

BTW, the Bobby and Ellen tag team is fun. And precious Florabel, with her keen powers of observation! Yes, I like Dean's pretty muscles too.
9/3/2015 c15 13Cactus101
Sharlot, I'm riveted to my screen, lapping up every word...this is so good.

The old photograph, Ellen recognizing Dean, then her call to Sam and Florabel's surprise at that familiar but illusive person. The pieces are starting to fall into place but will be fast enough to save Dean.

I wish Emma would have shot Slaid when she had the chance He truly deserves it.

But please get the doc, Jeb and Florabel back to the house as quick as you can...hurry!
9/3/2015 c1 2LunaBianca
Interesting time to strand Dean in - the Great Depression, when a lot of folks had Winchester luck. ;) I already adore Florabel! Emma may be dour but she seems capable and hasn't shut down her heart. Old Jeb is likable and Slaid, mysterious (a were, maybe?).

The yok- uh, locals of Boise City are colorful. Sam's condition is troubling; I hope he wakes up before the action's all over. I like it when the boys rescue each other.

But if you fixate on only one Winchester...Good choice, Sharlot. ;)
9/3/2015 c14 13Cactus101

Another whirlwind of a chapter! You had me hanging on every word. I was cheering Florabel on, hoping she would make it to the house. I cried out in joy when Emma got to her little girl. I felt a wave of relief when Jeb showed up. I prayed for Dean to make it...gosh, you had me hooked for the entire chapter and then BANG! You shot me dead with that last line.

Great way to introduce present day Florabel into the fray!
9/2/2015 c13 Cactus101
Wow, what a chapter. This was pure poetry, masterfully written, kept me on the edge of my seat from start to finish.

You had me hooked right from the start. I kept thinking no, not now, you can't bring Dean back. Was it bad of me to hope they wouldn't succeed?

The scenes with Dean and Florabel caught in the black blizzard were terrifying. I couldn't help but think how this was a real event with real people dying and it made your writing even more poignant.

Then the moment when Dean remembers and he's simultaneously trying to hang on to Florabel and Sam...I have no words for the beautiful symmetry of that moment.

Then Dean being so Dean-like with all the things he thought and said, going as far as cursing Steinbeck.

And now you've gone and left us with another cliffhanger!

This was pure genius. Loved every line...loved every, single word.

Thank you!
8/31/2015 c12 Cactus101
Sharlot, you are killing me, nice and slow...first off, the pure joyfulness of Florabel brightened up the whole world and you did justice to her happiness with the lovely photo scene then to the picnic and gifts and finally to Dean and Emma. I've said it before, I love that woman. She is so strong and down to earth. She's had quite the uphill battle and despite the odds, never gave up.

Dean's confession about what he wants was touching, heartfelt and then their kiss...just before you threw another wrench into the gears. You better not let anything happen to Florabel or you'll have to deal with me!
8/31/2015 c11 Cactus101
Oh my gosh, give me the gun, the knife, the hammer...I'm going finish Slaid off myself!

I don't even know what to say. You're writing is so descriptive, the scenes so vibrant, the feelings so true that I was going along for the ride until...you nearly killed me. This is bad for Emma and Florabel and especially Dean. He is in real danger now and he needs help! Please get Sam back there somehow...hurry!
8/30/2015 c10 Cactus101
OH. MY. GOODNESS. What a chapter! This was beyond words...I did not see that coming, none of it.

Slaid is beyond evil. Dean will want to rip him limb from limb for what he did to Florabel. Poor child...so sad. Then a double whammy with Dean's memories causing him to give up on the finding Sam. Oh my, I can't take this...
8/30/2015 c9 Cactus101

Dean is badass in this chapter...at least with Slaid, not with Florabel or Emma. He's sweet on both of them isn't he? He even shortened her name to Bel...so Dean. Hah, he shortens everyone's name but Sam...except he doesn't seem to be making any headway on remembering and the longer it takes, the worse it's gonna git isn't it?

Then there's Slaid, what is he planning next? I'm not gonna like it, am I? Can't wait to read the next chapter!
8/30/2015 c8 Cactus101
Nooooooo...Molly! The Hala accepted his offering! Oh gosh, this is bad. Very, very bad and at the same time very, very good! Slaid is evil and gross. He scares me and gives me the shivers. Heck, I need Dean's protection too!

Sharlot, this chapter was amazing. Loved the interaction between Dean and Florabel, and how she's teaching him the ways of her world. He's taking to it like a duck to water, even picking up the accent and lingo. Florabel telling him to stick stick his finger in the air to check the wind because it's what papa's do and how one day he'll be one...awwww...and that Lizzy Crawford was her best friend until he came around...you are melting me. An then this line... "You're okay, sweetheart. Pally's got you. I ain't gonna let anything bad happen to you." Oh that is so Dean.

Florabel's little heart is so taken with him and you're going to kill me when they part, aren't you?
Until then I'm along for the ride, reading every word as you continue to build this beautiful relationship.
8/28/2015 c7 Cactus101
Oh Sharlot, Dean smearing the skunk ointment to make Florabel feel better was so endearing...loved how without his memories, Dean is stripped down to his core; no aliases, no hustling, no wise cracks. It's what allows him to connect with Emma and Florabel without being self-conscious or reverting to his personas. I really like that. Well done!

Then Florabel's last line...ohhh...so painful to hear the want in her words...you're killing me!
8/27/2015 c6 Cactus101
Sharlot, couldn't stay away...I love how the story is unfolding slowly, same as Dean's memories of his real life.

Florabel is adorable and fierce all at the same time. Emma is goodness personified. Loved her response to Dean's question about why she's helping him. Jeb has taken to this family and made it his own. He reminds me of Bobby. Last and least (in an evil kind of way) is Slaid. The way you described him eating...urgh, made my stomach turn. He's bad to the bone!

Still to come - Dean realizing he's been shot back to the thirties! How will he react and how will Sam connect with him across time. So much to look forward to.
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