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12/31/2017 c30 103grungekitty
Oh the trouble with binge reading is that reviews are forgotten until the end.
Really hit a lot of my guilty pleasures right here.
Also, the bit about your chinchilla made me go hug mine. I almost cried!
6/8/2017 c3 Guest
You should have made him Zoom...
9/2/2016 c3 Guest
Haha, Blitz is the German word for Flash XD
2/15/2016 c12 1arielrapunzel1250
Oh I so got the hidden terror. THE MUSIC! RUN WALLY! DON'T LISTEN!
lol I absolutely adore this story. I've always liked the Rogues and Wally's weird relationship, so this is definitely a story for me. It's great. ON TO THE NEXT CHAPTER!
12/27/2015 c19 21Angelicat2
Funny...no, really. I liked it and Wally was smart about it being Megan...
1/18/2015 c30 13The Inverse Universe
Ah! Oh my gosh, this was awesome and I loved it and I read for six hours straight to finish it! You are awesome, and you have a gift, and I was hooked, and I'm starting to ramble...

Maybe I should take my meds...

Just kidding! But this really was awesome and I'm about to start the sequel.
1/12/2015 c6 26wizwitch42
He acts very young...? IDK...IT'S A TRAAAAAAP!
1/11/2015 c5 wizwitch42
(Stephanie: If you yell if it's a trap again...) I won't, I'll behave...But I am curious as to who this person is...
1/11/2015 c4 wizwitch42
It's a traaaaaaap! Oh well, this'll be interesting.
1/9/2015 c2 wizwitch42
Don't do it, Wally! It's a traaaaap! (Stephanie: He can't hear you.) You say that like I care.
1/7/2015 c1 wizwitch42
And this is where we decide that they have approached crap town.
1/3/2015 c30 1xSapphirexRosesxFanx
Loved it!
5/21/2014 c30 4IcyWhiteParadise
I love you. You are a genius! Best story ever. The plot was great, details were good, and characters were awesome! I really like the personalities of everyone, and how James still thinks of the Rogues as family at the end. Also, Wally being reunited with everyone as the ending was great! I really love all your work in this story, and I checked out the sequel too. However, I think you could maybe write a story describing what happens to Piper and James over at the Rogues. Just an idea! Though I will support whatever you decide to do. I hope you take making a new story into consideration. :)
12/20/2013 c29 14Obsessivebookdiva
And that folks is why you always clean your room. Who knows what insane man might have a mind controlling thing under your bed. 0.0 I should check under mine just in case.
12/20/2013 c30 Obsessivebookdiva
Omg where to start? This was amazing an creepy with just enough violence! Love it! I just spent three hours e reading this! Now I need to read the next one!
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