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3/14/2013 c2 8AngelOfVengeance8
So how old are Pied piper and Trickster, because I thought Pied Piper was wally's age.
3/3/2013 c30 Wintress
Wait...is Kidnapping 101 the sequel?

...nah, I don't think so. 83
3/3/2013 c24 Wintress
He looked so peaceful. So weak. So vulnerable. So cute. So… his.

oh my god

do you know what that implies?
3/3/2013 c22 Wintress
My uncle turned to look at me and smiled softly. "Tired?" He guessed.

I nodded in response.

"That mind correction must have taken more out of you then I thought," Uncle Barry laughed lightly.

"He's mentally exhausted," M'gann agreed. "We should let him sleep for a few hours."



they're going to find him :c.
3/3/2013 c15 Wintress
oh my God

sdfl;ksdfl;k cries
3/3/2013 c13 Wintress
Is he really being brainwashed or did he go in his own free will?
3/3/2013 c9 Wintress
Will you post a picture of him in his costume :C? /ONLY READ LIKE 3 ISSUES OF FLASH SORRY
3/3/2013 c6 Wintress
...How did he connect THAT to Stockholm Syndrome?
3/3/2013 c5 Wintress
aw shit
12/21/2012 c30 Guest
Hartley scared me soooo bad... BEST FANFIC VILLAIN EVER! This is so good, and now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to read the sequel...
12/20/2012 c13 Mockingjay
I wanna be a cop in a story. Has anyone else noticed Wally using more slang?
12/20/2012 c12 Mockingjay
knew it was flicted
12/13/2012 c30 Nyx811
loved it
9/6/2012 c12 20Wolf skater
:( wally's acting like a five year old it's sad
9/5/2012 c4 Wolf skater
Do you have an obsesion with stockholms syndrome?
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