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9/3/2012 c30 Midnight1906
WOW! One of the best stories I have ever read! Hope the sequel is already out!
8/22/2012 c30 thisaccounthasbeenclosedforeve



(What if the brain damage actully wasnt damage but altered his brain so he can now use 100 precent of it.)
8/6/2012 c29 2fangirlofepicproportions
8/6/2012 c28 fangirlofepicproportions
S*** just got real.
8/6/2012 c27 fangirlofepicproportions
Go Team!...Plus Red Arrow!...And Barry!
8/6/2012 c26 fangirlofepicproportions
8/6/2012 c25 fangirlofepicproportions
Gaaaaahhhhhh! Hartley!
8/6/2012 c24 fangirlofepicproportions
Noooooo, Wally, nooooo.
8/6/2012 c23 fangirlofepicproportions
7/31/2012 c30 hexed1997
This story was brilliant from beginning to evil and it wasnt abandoned I've read like 4 fanfics where that happened. Hartley's character was great how he was the protective older brother u would look up to but also happens to be an evil master mind. James was soo sweet and flash rocked he could rival Hartley at being overprotective but still rocked. Loved it.
7/30/2012 c30 31Sunny Lighter
Hmm... I can't think of any sequel ideas except maybe coming across some way to fix the brain damage, and having to fight for it
7/23/2012 c30 4S.S. Pie

Great ending to the story. I can't wait to see the Sequel posted and see how you write it all. :) that is going to be cool!

Poor Wally though, brain damage after all that. Poor Kid! And find out that he's been being brain washed for a full year ahead of time - bites, but is bitter sweet. At least he doesn't feel the guilt of betraying his friends and family anymore...

But I better you that the event of Hartley Trying to break Wally mind is going to be one of the main nightmares the will plague him for a while. That and a lot of other events too.

Happy Writing
7/21/2012 c30 17FallenHope-Angel
i squealed when i read how wally acted! now him and james are teh same and aww how adorable they are! and then you mentioned a sequel and almost died of happiness.
7/21/2012 c30 9Dextra2
Man, Hartly REALLY needs a new obseion. Maybe Facebook?
7/21/2012 c30 15wolfeclipse25
What's the brain damage to Wally? I didn't notice any.
Nice ending though!
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