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for Avatar: The Last Airbender Book 4: New Beginnings

11/10/2012 c12 Hawk2012
take care luna
7/27/2012 c2 7PercyJacksonWillKickYourButt
i might actually like longer chapters...
7/14/2012 c10 1WriterJosi
I really, REALLY like this story! I just read all 10 chapters and can't wait for more. Very good! :-D
6/12/2012 c7 4padrrhhajfenmak
6/11/2012 c7 Hawk2012
im really enjoying the story so far looking forward to your next update
5/8/2012 c5 7msavatar
great chapter

Please update soon awh i'm worried about Hakoda :c
5/2/2012 c3 msavatar
I love it so far, please update soon :D

oh and just when you write it I would love if you just had like a lot of Aang's protective-ness over Katara without making her seem weak (not trying to tell you how to write your story though)

great job :)
4/29/2012 c1 YenShenMoon
Nice story so far KKataang4eva, I do however have some constructive criticism for you though, so please take take this in the wrong way. Your style is great and you don't have any grammatical errors as far as I can see, but maybe you could try a bit on descriptions? They give the reader a better insight on your story and bring it to life, so don't be afraid to describe the scene, but other than that, great job on this.

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