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10/27/2021 c27 LauraJ42
Aw, this is so fun! I know it’s older but I’d love for it to be continued. And the last chapter - a great way to teach dinner behavior!
11/11/2016 c27 Miconis
I just found this again and glad I did! I had read some before but deleted the bookmark by accident. I seem to remember one of Jack and Sam being stuck in Antarctica the first time
4/28/2016 c27 LadyMo
Enjoyed it. Twister I know Jack will love. This is going to be a very fun and memorable time together for them all.
4/28/2016 c27 10PatriciaS
Great fun to read and love the idea of a family night including Doc and Cassie showing how they were learning about each other. Bet there were others considering how tight that group were. Thanks for sharing and hope your muse will give you many more ideas for us to read. :)
4/27/2016 c8 13Moebius2015
I love these short stories! But I should definitely avoid to read them when I got a break at work... My colleagues are wondering why I have this funny smile on my face! ;-)
4/24/2016 c27 RhizOneill
Awesome. Love this. More please soon :)
4/23/2016 c27 dpdp
4/23/2016 c27 69tmtcltb-kals
Absolutely hysterical chapter! Nicely done.
4/23/2016 c27 68midnightread
Loved it and can't wait for more
8/5/2015 c8 56Coljayjay
agrrrr another one that is awesome! bunch ! lol.
thank u again.
8/5/2015 c6 Coljayjay
ohhh I lovvvvveeeedddd it! funny and .
i'm . .next ones ;)
8/5/2015 c26 LadyMo
Yep she is but he learned how to handle it, eventually. I like this little get together with Janet.
8/4/2015 c26 68midnightread
Great chapter, look forward to more
8/4/2015 c26 10PatriciaS
Nice one, thanks for sharing.
8/3/2015 c26 8jazdia
Thanks for another chapter! I really do miss this show.
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