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11/11/2013 c8 Gyvir26
Oh dear. I knew this was coming, but actually reading it made me cringe in anticipation of Amanda's reaction, especially given Sarek's assumption that everything's going be just fine now. Poor Sarek, doesn't he know he should at the very least hint that there's some serious business afoot? LOL. I can't wait to see how Amanda handles him when she finds out about this; the poor man is going to be quite befuddled I think.
11/11/2013 c8 Lil Red Wiccan
You tease! :) Can't wait for Amanda's reaction. You are awesome with the story. Love it
11/11/2013 c8 7bina W
Oh No! What he just did is considered mental rape on his home world. And Humans would not sanction it either. He sure messed up. How selfish of him! I hope Amanda TEARS into him verbally. He deserves a good literal kick in the ass. And if they are as compatible as we knoe they are (We know they are)..how could she sleep during an ailen bonding with her? I confess I did not see this chapter ending like this. But it was a very good cliffhanger.
11/11/2013 c8 35Nyotarules
AS romantic as this chapter was I doubt being part of a marital mind meld without b eing asked will please Amanda, I see trouble ahead for Sarek before they get married. Ladies like to be asked not coerced.
11/11/2013 c8 9Tishbing
Oh! Oh damn! Bad! Bad Sarek!

Love his rationalization. In his mind it makes perfect sense. Is this when Amanda runs? Love it and I'm so happy to see an update. :)
11/11/2013 c8 Margaritasc
Someone going to be seriously pissed when they wake up! Hahaha ;} thanks for updating this was an awesome surprise. Can't wait for the next one .
11/11/2013 c8 Guest
Sarek, you Vulcan idiot! Damn, I hope everything doesn't blow up. I mean, Amanda is naturally going to feel pissed, and even a little betrayed- know I would. Love your story so far, can't wait to see what happens next.
11/11/2013 c8 Obsessive66
Hmmm - bonding them sooner rather than later may have been logical, but he didn't actually ask her... I wonder how she will react when she awakens.
10/5/2013 c7 Illena
Very interesting plot line. Not too sure about the alcoholic mother.. But you must know how to make her acceptable to the Vulcans, I don't think. And why would Amanda at 19 feel obligated to return home, and why would her mother feel that she could demand her return?
Great writing.
9/29/2013 c7 AngelPanda3
Hehehehehe I'm soooooo loving this!
9/21/2013 c7 Lil Red Wiccan
Absolutely great! Love it! Closer too Sarek hijacking Amanda...can't wait! THANK YOU for continuing this story. I always look forward to the next chapter.
9/13/2013 c7 Guest
Thanks so much for writing a new chapter. I thought maybe you had put it on permanent hiatus. Those photos may be innocent, but we know how the media can be, especially since Sarek angered a powerful man. Sarek also wouldn't understand human media that well.
9/11/2013 c7 2Mikaela II
I have really enjoyed reading this story so far :) I hope the next update comes quickly!
9/11/2013 c7 Mel
Great story. Thanks for updating
9/11/2013 c7 7bina W
Wow. This was really good. How old is Amanda in this story? The admiral sure was not only out of line but TOTALLY acted in a manner unbecoming of a Starfleet officer. You would think Lynette Stafford would know when to call quits to lying, threats of retaliation. So even with the news headlines about Sarek and Mandy being gossip-she is offically on his payroll or staff. When do you think the next chapter will go up? THIS turned out even better then I had hoped for. You exceeded my expectations.
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