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for You Came Too Early

5/8/2023 c1 Guest
This story is incredible. I reread it at least 3 times a year because it reveals so many revelations about a beautiful relationship between Bella and Edward. I wish you would publish it
3/27/2023 c32 Daire123
This story is AMAZING! I feel like I grew with these characters in a way I never have before in other stories. I’m proud of everything Bella and Edward were able to achieve and how their lives turned out. I can’t wait to read more of your work! Thank you for sharing!
2/12/2023 c33 37Sarai Masen
It's a beautiful glimpse to a different future, although it would be difficult for them, specially without the support of the family, I think they would have made it work. Without spending 5 years apart, without divorcing, without suffering. Their love would have been different too, maybe neither one of then would use the word love, maybe Bella would still hesitate about the reasons Edward married her. But the ending was perfect because they cherish what they have, their family, their kids, and they're open about their feelings.
Thank you for this story, I really liked it, for a moment there I was wondering if their reconciliation was possible, I'm glad it was.
2/12/2023 c31 Sarai Masen
I love this ending for them! It's true that their kids wanted the family together, and the 4 of them are happy. Edward did learn from his mistakes and now his family is a priority. Seth will come around when he sees Bella being happy and in love, and the little girls happier than ever.
2/11/2023 c30 Sarai Masen
Well, that job offer is more than perfect!
Honestly, even if Edward is willing to move back to Seattle and travel back and forth for his job, this job opportunity for Bella is giving them a better chance of having a successful relationship.
2/10/2023 c27 Sarai Masen
I'm glad they're taking it slow, they have two kids that are older now, wiser, and they can get hurt a lot more than before.
2/8/2023 c23 Sarai Masen
I apologize for my inner bitch in advance.
Here's the thing: Edward is idealizing the relationship they had in the past, and it wasn't a good relationship, they didn't communicate, barely spent time together except for sex. And he's holding over her head the fact that she didn't support him when he needed it, but as far as she was concerned, music was a hobby, not once he said otherwise, not once he said he didn't want to be a lawyer, he didn't tell her anything. And out of the blue, at 1AM, during chickenpox, he says he's miserable and wanted to pursuit music in a different state. She was sleep deprived, confused and tired, she said no. He took off anyway, leaving her with 2 small kids with chickenpox, and instead of going back and talk to his wife and explain his point if view and his bitterness and frustrations, he sends the divorce papers. Of course she signed, what was he expecting? And he succeeded, he built a life away from them and thrive. He had a relationship with Tanya, he introduced her to his kids, it was serious enough that he left them with her and went to work. If it weren't for the accident, he would have build a life with her or anyone else for that matter, cause Bella would've stayed in Seattle for the summer like on prior years. I'm not buying his devotion and so call love for Bella now. He's so fickle, and honestly, not trustworthy.
I'm sure I'm going to be happy for their HEA at the end, but right now, I think she's better off without him. She has a whole support system at Seattle, family and friends that stood by her when he dumped her. So he's expecting her to leave all that behind to follow a guy that any day can change his mind about his career and ask to move again because "he's just not happy anymore", and if she doesn't move, he'll leave her behind without friends and family to support her, again.
Rant over, I'll continue to the next chapter. FYI, I'm always E&B HEA, so I'll be happy when they're there.
12/27/2022 c32 mariadisales
owww it took me more than 2 months to finish reading. I don't really know why if it's amazing
Read how Juliet grew up. It kind of broke my heart how adorable she is.
Thanks for sharing
7/26/2022 c1 KyloRen'sgirl213
Interesting work loving this very much
7/7/2022 c24 Guest
This version of Edward is so weak and whiny
6/25/2022 c15 Robsfan
James no
6/25/2022 c14 Robsfan
Edward loves his ex aww
6/25/2022 c13 Robsfan
eww like sounds like Tanya wishes she was pregnant
6/25/2022 c12 Robsfan
Esne may not welcome Tanya but anyway
4/27/2022 c25 SlytherinPorcupine
Oh no Carlisle! Hahahaha!
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