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for Ways Of The Sayains

3/5/2016 c1 5Son-AbyGC
1/3/2016 c1 Alllollol
Why did you put up stories if you don't even have time to update them?
6/21/2014 c1 isha
Ooh plzzz updat big chichi fan soooo plzzz update
1/22/2013 c1 Rozelia
Good start. Please update asap.
10/31/2012 c1 Somebody
Are you ever gonna update your stories?!
5/26/2012 c1 8Aira ni lights
This is a great start! Please update soon! :D
5/16/2012 c1 3kakarottssj4
4/29/2012 c1 1Mew57
So ur not going to write the other fic anytime soon, thats not fair...i liked it :(

anyways, this one's interesting too and i wouldn't mind if u finish the whole training part in just one paragraph. Not really interested on how they're going to do ki attacks n all XD really looking forward to the showdown between chi n goku! btw, is goku going to be mean, evil or somethin? I hope he retains some of his good side..

Pleaseee continue soon :)
4/28/2012 c1 tevinssj7
i love kakarot and chichi stories
4/27/2012 c1 18LifeAwakens
Cool story so far! It's very interesting, and I would like to read more! I hope you update soon! :D

Keep on writing! :)


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