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for Righting Wrongs

10/25/2017 c9 Guest
I read this story when I first came out and I just remembered it and decided to reread it. I love this story and I hope you decide to pick back up and continue to write it! Would love to read more!
12/12/2015 c9 Zarak
It's a shame you never finished this it's good and different
9/21/2015 c9 4bookwriter123456
Can i just ask: are you ever going update?
6/17/2015 c9 nonactiveplsignore
please update soon
9/14/2014 c9 Fem Jack Frost
Will you please update this story!
6/21/2014 c9 Chloe
YOUR STORY IS JUST SO AMAZING. Post the next chapter pleaseeee! I LOVE it so much!
6/2/2014 c9 6Red Moon Lollipop
Ack! That is possibly the worst possible place to leave off on! Right before they meet them! Ah, well. I'd understand if you didn't continue this, it has been a couple years and I know how tough it can be to write a story you've lost inspiration in, but I can't help but hope that you will. I won't blame you if you don't, but I liked it so far, so, please continue?
5/22/2014 c9 Guest
UM CAN YOU PLEASE GET THIS STORY OUT OF HIATUS?! PLEASE? its sooooo good and its like youve just given us the worst cliff hanger possible? I want to see how they are gonna pull this off. its kinda like harry potter when they go back in time to save buckbeak (?) and sirius black and was there a third one they needed to save? i dont remember. anyway. im sure its gonna be great but im hoping to see them maybe see more insight into the characters like overhearing conversations or noticing little things about them, even if they dont meet them face to face. and im interested in how they are gonna make srue that johnny and dally are in the clear and that bob doesnt just kill them later. and im interseted to see what happens when they are saved and what that means for the future? like does everyone have marriages and kids? do theyhave different jobs? are they happier? im just so excited. please please please write more!
5/22/2014 c6 Guest
I love the description of her waking up as going thru maple syrup. that was a really good one. And I am sooo excited for the story! Like Ive been all hung up on the outsiders and at first I was trying to find a Johnny romance but wasnt finding what I was looking for then I tried some just general outsiders but usually Johnny was dead and it was sooo sad to read even if it was good. But the I found your other story where they are alive and read the book by Pony. THAT WAS AMAZING. then I found this one and its great! its like I get everything in one: I get to see how the gang would have turned out after the events in the book, how they coped and such. I get to have this fun new characer in Messer who I LOVE by the way. I want him to be my best friend. And I get to see Johnny and Dally be alive and see how that changes the outcome of everyones life and I get this fun supernatural time travel element that isnt written totally lame like in some ffs. Also I get to see a lot of that family bonding between the members of the gang that makes teh outsiders such a good book. Its wonderful!
5/22/2014 c5 Guest
It wasnt fluff you need this kinda stuff in a story! You need relationships and motives, tahts what makes the story good.
5/22/2014 c4 Guest
Chapter 4 was great! I mean the other ones were good too but its one was really good cause at first I was like ugh no too many OCs But Messer is really good. Hes a good character for the story but also he seems real. Like he has a personality with hopes and dreams and interests and faults and motivation for his actions. I really like him. Liv on the other hand I sort of feel neutral about as I dont really know her. I mean. there doesnt seem to be a lot of insight to what drives her actions, idk how to explain it happens sometimes with OCs. But I also really like to see how everyone turned out. I mean in That was then this is now it is indicated that they dont really have hte greaser/soc thing going on but who knows what things would have been like again in the 80s. So whatevs. I love seeing how the rest of the gang are prominent in their community but also still really hurting. As one would imagine them to be. Im gonna continue reading. Im so sad its on hiatus. But im reading anyway!
You should update this. It's a REALLY GOOD story! Please update?
1/7/2014 c9 3Ara-2020
I love it! Please update :)
12/27/2013 c9 1thefirstwomanwaslilith
I just read chapter 7 and Levi thought about Liv's blond hair and it is said, in the first or second chapter, that she has her father's dark hair and green eyes !?
11/23/2013 c9 Guest
I really love this story I read it when it was first published and just recently remembered it so I decided to retread it! I still love it I hope you update soon and continue on with the story and I hope we get to see more things progress with Liv and Levi and also some cute scenes with Liv and Pony and also with all her uncles! Really hope to read an update soon!
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