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for Vampire Knight SIBLINGS

8/1/2014 c4 NeonWitcher
Must read more lol i'm addicted XP
6/2/2014 c4 xxTheSweetAngelxx
this is very interesting story. please update
3/2/2014 c4 Cooper Goldstraw
I loved it please continue on the story
12/1/2012 c4 Red Rose
5/21/2012 c4 6LittleSparkle
Great so far, got a few questions though. Those 6 vampires had really nothing to do with the plot (i think) and the whole incident was very confusing to me. And if she doesnt remember her siblings then, how does she know right off the bat by only hearing a name that yuki is her sister. Other then that, its good.
5/3/2012 c1 tasha
5/1/2012 c2 NadaZero
nice, i can't wait for more please update and good luck until chapter 3.

ps: the chapter is still short =C, i dislike reading short chapters but i like reading long chapters. in my opinion the longer a chapter is the better.
4/30/2012 c1 NadaZero
interesting story but i won't even call this a chapter.
4/29/2012 c1 27Hinagiku Zeelmart

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