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for My Best Friends Daughter

11/6/2015 c2 Chrissiel
Please fimish this story
12/8/2012 c2 Lizzylove
Its nice! Update soon!
11/8/2012 c2 dolhpin33
Can't wait to read more. Pleas update again soon.
8/16/2012 c2 PanUchiha7105
I hope you update soon. Until next time!
8/7/2012 c2 1Misslucky1818
8/4/2012 c2 6Vadergirl2006
so far so good cant wait for more!
8/4/2012 c1 TwilightSVU
Love it can't wait to read more, please, please update more chapters.
8/1/2012 c2 LadyBugQueen421
FINALLLLLY! I've been dyin' waitin' for another chapter! Very good chapter tho! \\\ Can't wait for more.
8/1/2012 c2 JXB Addicted
Are you going to explain why she hasn't been there since she was eight? That was short but good! TTFN! JXB. ;}
8/1/2012 c2 Guest
I love this story! Please send more as soon as you can! :-)
8/1/2012 c2 Mercyrus
What are you talking about? A LOT happened in this chapter...just not the juicy stuff

Love it...looking forward to more
7/20/2012 c1 Anariel Phoenix Blade
Great story. I love Carlisle/Bella. Please update soon. By now you should have learned of the plot by to delete any and all stories that have violence and lemons involved. We as writers and readers cannot just take this threat lying down. There are a couple petitions going around on change dot org about fanfiction deleting stories. All you have to do is go to change dot org and search under fanfiction. Then sign the petitions that you support. They also give you the option of sharing on facebook to allow your friends to sign it too. I would pass this knowledge along to all your readers and writing friends. Also, IkutoisSmexy is going to be starting a blackout of the site on July 27th and would like as many people as we can get involved.
7/4/2012 c1 MissBella0134
it's a very good beginning and i'd like to read more soon!
pls post the new chap soon :)
5/28/2012 c1 dreamer2322
Love this story and can't wait for more.please update soon :)
5/5/2012 c1 queen cullen0527
good start keep goin. interesting type of story.
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