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5/30/2022 c1 1NeonMango23
Plenty of others have said it already, but this is an amazing introduction to what would undoubtedly have been an incredible story. Even if you never continue this story itself, the legal play could serve as inspiration in Inheritance's future.
10/20/2021 c1 Ky111
Great start and I really like the concept. I know it's been years but hopefully you may be able to continue with this story now that you have recently finished Inheritance, although I also know you are planning a sequel for that story as well which may prevent you from being able to pick this one up again but it would definitely have my interest if time and inspiration allow.

7/23/2020 c1 1HyroTheGodOfFiction
More please
7/3/2020 c1 DanishFanboy
Fantastic premise.
I really loved the idea of fighting the traditions like this and now I really want to know what Minato did to deserve having his chakra sealed!
Cool story, and I would like to get a epilogue about how the training went, and maybe some stories/"memories" about Narutos failed attempts at teaching Hanabi. Like her accidentally hurting him by a jutsu because of someone else distracting him?
5/4/2017 c1 1Bearmauls
Wish there was more of this. It's a very interesting concept, and far too few people write a post-anime Naruto.
2/16/2016 c1 Kyle37
Pretty good idea you had here in my opinion. Would have to liked to have seen where it went.
1/5/2014 c1 3Duncan0Idaho
Damn, this sounds great, i would like to ask permission to use some of your elements for my own fic, i plant to write a naruto fic and touch upon 'post' 4th great shinobi world war.
1/5/2014 c1 1IskandarVesperia
This is a really interesting story
I also like the idea you had
I can not wait to read the next chapter
I hope it come sone
12/13/2013 c1 lucas.brito.90834
Bem sua historiace exelente o primeiro capĂ­tulo e muito bem narrado...posta mais?
11/6/2013 c1 Lord Mortensen
Awesome! please update soon!
10/25/2013 c1 1Reinbow-Cherri
Great story! I look forward to the update.. whenever it comes.
9/20/2013 c1 55pain17ification
A good start...
I'm incredibly interested :)
8/11/2013 c1 loretta537
this sounds like it will be a good story
7/13/2013 c1 sabbath9997
Thanks for the chapter.

is Nice !

7/1/2013 c1 Cassa-Andra
Interesting premise. I look forward to seeing where Hanabi goes/does in the future.
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