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12/18/2023 c31 antipyro
This was awesome! Loved all of it!

Can’t understand why he’s leaving though. I guess it’ll be explained in the next story.

Love your stories and writing.
12/18/2023 c21 antipyro
He should have been a counselor
12/18/2023 c19 antipyro
Oh, good for Christian!

Will Dimitri get to Mark before or after he sees Rose?
12/18/2023 c18 antipyro
Love your view on Rose saving herself. I hope Dimitri finds out who Mark is and makes it hard for him. He’s probably a C student anyways.
12/17/2023 c14 antipyro
12/17/2023 c12 antipyro
He’s gonna do something dumb
12/17/2023 c10 antipyro
Good, so do we.
12/17/2023 c9 antipyro
Wow! Love it!
12/17/2023 c8 antipyro
So I guess she’s on the pill or has a stash of condoms?
12/17/2023 c7 antipyro
Did he set this up?
12/17/2023 c2 antipyro
12/17/2023 c1 antipyro
Love it!
2/22/2022 c31 Guest
I come back and read this story regularly and wish I could upvote this to the top of the FF list! It's so good. SO good. How you manage to captivate and give so much info with such short chapters (in comparison to some other stories on here), I don't know. You are such a talented romance writer. Your Dimitri isn't very similar to the books yet I'm hooked!
Even though Tempting Fate hasn't been completed since 2015, it's still a great read as well. Maybe one day you'll come back and complete it but if not, that's okay - we all have real world stories to live! I hope you are otherwise well and continuing to flex your writing muscle - you have such a talent
4/19/2021 c1 YO C
Great story. I cried, I laughed ! I loved it !
3/11/2021 c23 10lulu0917
WOAH...I was not expecting that. At. All.
I have a feeling she's gonna reject him. Idk why.
Great chapter!
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