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2/28/2021 c2 deliriumintheheavens
I love the banter between Rose and Lissa!
4/7/2020 c18 Guest
Why would the police delve into her past if she was assaulted? And how would they found out she slept with her professor unless Rose, Dimitri, Lissa or Chistian talks?
Rose would definitly be able to go to an other school.
Are you really going to let a rapist go free so can he can go on just to save the sorry ass of a pathetic professor who can only get laid with a desperate student?
4/5/2020 c10 Guest
You're supposed to use a new toothbrush every 3 months. It's not that weird that he has a spare one. Especially not if he lives alone and could have brought a packet with plural toothbrushes.
4/5/2020 c9 Guest
Lol. Is Dimitri seriously nibbling on the lace of her bra? How is that sexy?
9/28/2019 c31 Star
Ugh you made me cry lol ur evil
4/3/2019 c31 9HonestPassion13
This is a great story and I've been genuinely interested in it and pleased with what I've read. It's a compelling story and you really know how to write. I was struggling not to cry as I read this final chapter, even without thinking about it being the final chapter, because it is packed with so much raw emotion. You have some amazing talent and it's been wonderful for you to share that.
Knowing it is the final chapter makes me a different sort of sad, too, though. I understand that real life is much more important and that your focus needs to be on the things that matter. It's disappointing to me as a reader to start reading the story seeing it marked complete and then find that it ends on a cliff-hanger and that the sequel is not marked as complete (and isn't marked as a sequel in the summary) and has been on hold for more than three years, possibly abandoned completely.
If you have it in you to add a brief summary at the end of the last chapter of what you had planned for the ending, it would probably bring us all some much-needed closure. Or if you wanted to offer the story up for adoption and share your vision for the story with the new person taking up the writing?
4/3/2019 c29 HonestPassion13
Until I found out that it was his mother, I was afraid the pizza delivery guy was going to be one of Rose's classmates!
4/2/2019 c19 HonestPassion13
With today's current Title IX and Cleary Act regulations, Rose would have had the right to have the school make a reasonable accommodation to get her out of the same class as her attacker, without having to press charges, either by moving one of them to a different course section or giving her the option to complete the course outside of normal class hours
4/2/2019 c18 HonestPassion13
I really like your decision to have Rose save herself instead of being the victim. I'm slightly curious if maybe it crossed your mind to make the Mark character be Jesse Zeklos, though?
4/2/2019 c11 HonestPassion13
This was maybe the hottest shower sex scene I have ever read. You are such a talented writer!
4/2/2019 c17 HonestPassion13
OH MY GOD! This is super intense!
2/14/2019 c31 3kazzo96
Love this story so much :) will start reading the sequel soon :)
11/30/2018 c31 1Vabhout
Loved the story. You got the characters completely right and it was easy to follow! I wish it would just go on forever!
2/18/2018 c31 greendestiny1523
I loved this story. I love the way you write the characters and their interactions. I especially loved some of the clever dialogue. Can't wait to read the sequel, so I won't!
2/18/2018 c20 greendestiny1523
I love the Grey's anatomy-esque intro. I loved the"into you" comment in chapter 16?
And I love the "pissing you off" comment, which I'm not sure if it was intended to reference Sweet Home Alabama, but it reminded me of that. And it's so sweet that even though he could still get in trouble Dimitri can't stop himself from trying to make sure Rose is ok. I sense some one-on-one self defense lessons coming up!
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