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5/15/2016 c31 Guest
Ive rest this story at least 7 times and I cry every time
3/7/2016 c23 Guest
U just became my hero. Finally a story where the girl isn't pregnant and the hot guy doesn't have more experiemce
12/23/2015 c28 3romitri.l
good job
12/23/2015 c28 romitri.l
good job
12/23/2015 c27 romitri.l
the make up went well
12/23/2015 c26 romitri.l
the make up went well
12/23/2015 c25 romitri.l
12/23/2015 c24 romitri.l
Why can't Rose say I love you too?
12/23/2015 c23 romitri.l
**shocking gasp**
12/23/2015 c22 romitri.l
uh oh
Dimitri was kinda jealous
who was Rose's no 2?
12/23/2015 c21 romitri.l
12/23/2015 c20 romitri.l
Rose, why you so adamant! I understand though
12/22/2015 c19 romitri.l
yyaaaay. christian on teamD!
12/22/2015 c18 romitri.l
it worked out perfectly
12/22/2015 c17 romitri.l
holly shit! godd noo
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