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8/23/2012 c1 90Ivory Muse
This is just- perfect. I have no further words of praise, because in a brutal, sick sort of way, you've managed to get at the roots of Azula's madness. Why do I find it so plausible that Ozai would whore his daughter out to earn the support of his generals?
8/12/2012 c1 2sabaism
This is absolutely and completely brilliant. Azula has to be one of, if not the most, interesting characters in Avatar and I've always been drawn to her story. You wove a dark history of abuse, exploitation and pain for the arrogant, nearly psychopathic Azula that was portrayed in the show. It's just a beautifully dark piece and I love it and wish that there were more Azula-centric pieces that were more like yours.
7/20/2012 c1 Guest
Made me think twice about Azula. Even tho now I'm uncomfortable and yes, I am triggered a bit. Made me think that while she was being tortured, rape, used she still stood tall. But this is a fanfiction. Not the real deal, well you know cus it's a kid's show.
5/9/2012 c1 justSomeGuy
Wow really taking us to a dark place here with Azula huh? I thought you're writing was very fresh and directed and really painted her madness in vivid strokes...I dont know if it really followed her character as she seemed more open to sexuality and comfortable with the opposite sex in that way (considering how she had to learn how to interact with guys on the island episode) but you gave the character a depth I never expected to see in any fanfic, they usually hurridly get her out of the insane ward and 'healed', you however further detailed her decent and madness with the betrayal and gross neglegance from her own family in a way that implies healing Azula would be no easy feat if at all possible.

I also like how you managed to keep her regal demeanor even through the 'gruesome' description of her living conditions, honestly she really doesnt care(though perhaps she does in some perverse way?) which is why I think people liked the character in the first place.

Sorry to drag on like this, so in short gr8 oneshot and am interested to see more of your other work. If you dont mind my asking though why did you go for this angle in particular, I mean was it to prove she wasnt 'pure evil' or that she was human like everyone else with strengths and weaknesses or something else, ultimately what exactly was it that you tried to get across?
5/8/2012 c1 R
5/1/2012 c1 Attila1987
A very twisted and dramatic view to the root of Azula's issues!

In the end, she has completely used by her whole family(her father whoring her to generals and admirals to gain political support, then using her as his personal weapon, and Ursa who knew it and just erased the proofs everytimes, and then wonder why she's so messed up!), and then thrown like any used tool when they didn't have any more use for her.

Her hidden objective once she gained the position of heir was to become Firelord and finally get her revenge on all those pigs who ravished her, Ozai included I'm sure!

But then Avatar ensue, and all her dreams of revenge came crashing down. Worst : the very last thing still only hers, her firebending, had been "stolen" from her by the Aang, making him unknowingly her lat and ultimate rapist!

She just can't take a break can't she?

I noticed that the first paragraph imply that she told Ty Lee about what she suffered, and maybe she told Iroh or Zuko about it, at leat that would explain why she's still trying to hlep Azula after 3 years, even if Azula is such an huge bitch toward her.

Anyway, with nothing else to hold back the demons of her past away, she's now spiraling down in a self-destructive spiral. I can only see her situation as ending badly : she will probably continuously trying to commit suicide, until she finaly achieve it!

Although I would really like to see a continuation of this story, just to see how YOU think her situation would end : she finally succeed a suicide attempt, stay half crazy and full of despair, and so imprisoned in the island, for the rest of her life, finally sort out her issue and FINALY had a little light of hope for her future, escape and murder every fucking high-ranking official, her brother, uncle, Mai and Ty Lee and the Gaang while she's on it, found a way to regain her bending back and sort out her problems... or goes on said roaring rampage of revenge!

Thankfully, the people writting the sequel comics taking place between ATLA and Korra confirmed that Aang DIDN'T take away her bending(that's still tantamount of mutilating someone, if not outright raping his/ger soul, and an extremey dangerous technique to use, more of a last-ditch desperate attempt to don't kiil than a standard technique)

You also said that you were looking for other stories exploring Azula's problems and her past, and I think I have something zhich zill please you : "In the Madhouse" by Ciceronis, it has everything you need : a depowered Azula, suffering like hell, and whitch "gets to the core of her as a character", not only exploring how she sees herself, but also and mostly by a 3-chapters long taking about the events of ATLA, but this time from her point of view! And suddently, your view on her and other characters change completly!
5/1/2012 c1 13Passionworks
This has to be one of the most interesting, provocative, mind-boggling Avatar fics I have read in a long time. You have an excellent way of hitting the most subtle of chords in your work, striking a profound reaction in the reader. I am in awe of the illusions you have created. You glide through Azula trembling sanity with the ease of a master. You seize her past and mold it in your words with, what seems like no excruciating effort at all. I am in awe, as I have already said. Just in awe.

Wonderful work with secretive tones. Excellent!


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