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10/26/2013 c4 1SapphireSpade
Yay Finally its here! Thank you Angel!

I hope u update soon!
2/26/2013 c3 1Yan Youngie
pm me the oc form
2/17/2013 c1 1SapphireSpade
Ano can u do GO one-shot as well? if you do, I'll send you my OC! I hope you'll update soon!
2/10/2013 c3 23The one who rests in peace
me read this, 'tis beautiful.. keep it up, you liar...
why do so many people want one?
1/3/2013 c3 lou-haru
So sweet Angel-san! This is really great!

Hope to see more :)
1/3/2013 c1 6IIDaniellaII
Pairing: KazemaruXOC

OC info:
Name: Nakamury Miyanna (Everyone calls her Miya)
Age: 15

Appearance: Wavy light brown hair that reaches just above her waist, eye color chances depending on how she feels (I'll explain in the story) ,a wel curved body and a white skin.

Personality: She is very shy and an easy target, but when someone messes with her friends or comes between her and her soccer she can get a little aggressive. Many people think she's pretty, she an the other hand can not see her beauty and thinks she's ugly. She has a bit of a split personality (not like Fubuki), she is shy on the outside but inside she's very spunky, funny, determined and loves to play soccer. (this is coming back in a story) She gets more confident by the day, mostly because she trusts the team and feels saver with them. When she's with Kazemaru she does get very shy. Also her best friend is Kairy Waters, an american girl who she shares an apartment with.

Genre (Not humor, I suck at it): romance (duh!) and fantasy

Plot suggestion: Miya suddenly collapses during practice and doesn't wake up. The team is told by an old mysterious woman that she is lost in her own dream and that they must guide her towards reality. Only one person can go in, they all agree to send in Kazemaru. Once there he must find her and take her to the exit (He doesn't know where the exit is) before sunrise.

Ending Happy/Sad/tragedy: Happy

I hope that you take the effort to write this, and if you do 1000 times thanks.
xxx D.
7/11/2012 c1 paula
pairing: paula x goenji

name: paula nasato

age: 13

appearance: has long brown wavy hair tied in a pony tail with a side bang almost covering her eye, dark brown sharp eyes, is a little tan ,(casual/christmas)usually wears a red shirt under a black hoodie with skinnyjeans and red converse shoes, (during the prom) a red night dress over the knees, has her long brown wavy hair is let down (still has her side bang), wears a red high heels that are open-toed, (summer) wears a red sports bra, short shorts, her hair tied in a pony tail, rubber shoes, (swimming) a red two piece that is strapless,

personality: sporty, competitive, doesn't like to talk much, boy-magnet, smart, sometimes boyish, an animal-lover, likes reading books, fearless most of the times

gnere: romance and a little comedy(at least romance only)

plot suggestion: i want the story to be started from christmas break. i want raimon to have an ice skatting party for christmas. then i want to start school again. then during the weekend i have an unexpected meet with goenji while picking up my little sister Steffi from school when i just knew then that they were best friends and it's almost summer vacation the principal anounced a prom where everybody needs to have a date of the opposite gender when a mob of girls ask goenji out but he declined and asked me out. we danced a little then suddenly he unknowingly kissed me while dancing in front of everyone with a spotlight shining on us because we were chosen to be the king and queen of the prom (he didn't confess yet!). when summer came endou decided that we should go to the beach and have a luau. i went to them with my summer outfit ( which i don't really wear). all the boys blushed when they saw we were travelling to the beach, i fell asleep on goenji's shoulder. we went to the beach. we had a luau, surf boarded (i am the one who is teaching goenji how to surf board), played volley ball ( sadly almost all didn't know how to play) and went scooba diving. while i was surfing i fell in the water and almost drowned but goenji saved me and made a mouth-to-mouth resisitation then he FINALLY confessed to ME. then we kissed, the beautiful sunset reflecting on the ocean.

ending: happy

5/24/2012 c1 Paula
pairing: Goenji X Paula

name: paula tactacan

age: 13

appearance: is a little tan, has onyx black eyes, has brown wavy hair, wears a red shirt under a black hoodie, wears skinny jeans and with red converse shoes wiyh 2 black stripes at each side

personality: not talkative, sporty, has learned kung fu, wushu, karate, taekwondo and ikido,is good at soccer, swimming, etc., sometimes anti-social, smart, brave, likes boys that are GOOD-LOOKING, is mostly a girl that all boys like

gnere: romance

plot suggestion: the raimon 11 go to Hawaii to go on vacation and when they go to the beach they see me surfing then a big wave washes me into goenji, and when they come and help us they see us kissing in an awekward possition.
5/22/2012 c2 2TokyoFateX
Fate: I'm gonna cry...

Destiny: Stop, are you trying to kill us?

Fate: The story was so wonderful, I couldn't hold back my tears...

Destiny: The last sentence of Yuukie was so meaningful (sobs)

Fate: Update please, Flare-chan?
5/18/2012 c2 6Katsura-Tenshi
That was simply...adorable! So sweet and cute! I loved it. Keept it up!
5/18/2012 c2 Guest
Angel, that was soooo sweet /. I was blushed on the last part, YOU'RE THE BEST! Thank you so much
5/18/2012 c2 34AyasumiMamera
Awwwhhhhh... *heart*

Soo cute!

5/18/2012 c2 23StarLikeShadow

Kagaya: it was really well written!

Update soon! -Unemori Twins-
5/1/2012 c1 6Katsura-Tenshi
Interesting! Aww, Gouenji's right...we're still your friends, Angel-chan! Now, can I make a request?

Pairing: Aoi x OC

Name: Taisuke Houshou.

Age: 14.

Appearance: Short light brown hair, hazel eyes, slightly tanned skin.

Genre: Friendship/Romance/Angst.

Plot suggestion: Taisuke is a baseball player. One day, while he was practicing, his ball broke Aoi's window. Aoi is a paralyzed girl (From neck to feet), soon both of them became really close. For Aoi, Taisuke's like her brother she never had. Taisuke started to develop feelings for the blue-haired girl.

Ending: Tragedy/Happy (Aoi's body could break down and she'd die. Aoi leaves a thankful letter to Taisuke who doesn't know about her death. In the letter, Aoi confesses to him and mentions that she's really happy to meet someone like him).

So...is it interesting? I really do hope! Anyway, good luck!
5/1/2012 c1 9xXRoyal Mai and Miki HimeXx
Mai: aw so Kawaii! X3

Miki: this really made us both smile and really if friends ignore then how can they be called your friends it's so mean!

Mai: okay I swear both you and Mamera-chan write such good one shots and romance stuff it's just so wow! :D

Miki: true and we can't wait for more also could you do a One shot of me and Fubuki and Mai and Kazemaru~ you don't have to if you don't want to

Mai and Miki: Ganbatte ne JA NE! X3
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