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for Harry Potter And The Bonds Of Time

10/8 c92 wyldrozez249
It will be sad to not have Draco around... :(
10/2 c82 wyldrozez249
Ive only just got to it, but i had to comment IMMIDIATELY in case i forgot to when i finished the chapter! i love you my sweet dear Dobby! I was hoping for this!
9/23 c6 Guest
9/17 c64 wyldrozez249
Sweet, baby Fawkes
9/16 c60 wyldrozez249
Lord, Jesus...


Why did you have to do that to us? It...

It's not fair...
9/3 c91 Enforcer209
Well that was certainly a interesting story there were bits and pieces of it that I didn’t like and a bit of predictability to it but overall it wasn’t too bad
8/21 c30 wyldrozez249

Okay! Pansy, of course! Harry and Ginny cant just gix the timeline the way they want! THERE HAS TO BE KNOWING OPPOSITION!






(*sits down, panting*)
8/14 c34 2EmlynMara
Unfortunately, imho, Nicholas trusted the wrong person with the missing information. Dumbledore is not known for his timely dissemination of information. The real question however, is why is the chapter missing and who has the information and why.
8/14 c33 EmlynMara
Is he starting to run into the power issue? Can’t they prevent the parents from telling everyone? Why don’t they understand it could be dangerous? I’m really frustrated with them and worried about what they said to Ginny.
8/14 c31 EmlynMara
They were rather upfront with him. I expected them to be much more reticent. After all, knowledge is power. I am a bit surprised he is insisting they have to tell the Weasleys. I would have thought he would have made up some round about story to explain her early entry.
8/14 c30 EmlynMara
Oh wow, that was certainly unexpected, and yet you hinted at it in the confrontation between the two girls on the train. Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear. As to the other, I was hoping for something like this, but I expect it will not go over well at all.
8/14 c29 EmlynMara
I hope Harry planted some seeds, but I suspect Draco was too incensed to hear him.
8/14 c27 EmlynMara
Interesting reaction. Too bad they couldn’t help Neville out with his wand problem.
8/14 c24 EmlynMara
I was getting a bit worried, especially since it was obvious it was rigged. All I can say is, phew.
8/14 c23 EmlynMara
I’m surprised they didn’t tell Kreacher what they were doing, especially since it was the destruction of the Horcrux that brought him around.
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