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for Harry Potter And The Bonds Of Time

2/7 c87 1Blackbob
Their? Maybe sisters or brothers? Maybe even twins? The Patil twins? The Weasley twins?! WHO?!
2/7 c84 Blackbob
That will so be Ron's worst birthday ever
2/3 c64 Blackbob
So Harry and Ginny are now the only bond-mates in the whole wide world?
2/3 c63 Blackbob
DOBBY! You know I love you, but right now you’re taking it too far
2/2 c33 Blackbob
Just obliviate Parkinson of all the time-travel thing and all her advanced knowledge
2/2 c30 Blackbob
What the heck?! They’re sorting Ginny because she is Harry’s other half?!
1/31 c11 Blackbob
And that, people, is Arthur Weasley, whose first words to Harry Potter were 'What is the function of a rubber duck?'
1/31 c10 Blackbob
1/31 c6 Blackbob
Now I would really love to see Harry getting sorted into Slytherin and Dumbledore paling and apparating out of the Great Hall and then Hermione gasping and shouting for everyone to her: 'YOU CAN'T APPARATE IN HOGWARTS! HEADMASTER OR NOT!'
1/31 c1 Blackbob
I literally had tears in my eyes during Harry's speech, but I blinked them back when the attack started.
1/29 c22 jackmylad 2
Did you have to make it cell cell block c can't you make it cell block H
1/22 c37 Guest
Great chapter! I know I am late in reviewing the story but I had to say good job the end made me cry just a bit (referring to chapter 37) good work.
10/8/2019 c92 wyldrozez249
It will be sad to not have Draco around... :(
10/2/2019 c82 wyldrozez249
Ive only just got to it, but i had to comment IMMIDIATELY in case i forgot to when i finished the chapter! i love you my sweet dear Dobby! I was hoping for this!
9/23/2019 c6 Guest
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