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8/4/2014 c1 2Ithirhen
...I don't know what I was expecting. I should've expected to be miserably sad after that, but I guess I didn't expect it to BE THIS GOOD. Ugh! TEAR BENDING.
9/23/2013 c1 Guest
*sniffles* That was beautiful. It's such a bittersweet love story and- excuse me I'm in the middle if a fan girl melt down- I love what you did with this. Really balanced and well thought out fanfic worthy of tear bending. It'll probably make me cry but I hope they put Aang's death in book 2. Thank you for being talented and please don't ever stop writing.
5/7/2012 c1 18ada69
Awww that's sad! Nice work though!

5/5/2012 c1 28hpswst101
Ahh, Katara! She must have ben so heart broken when Aang died. :( You did a great job with this. Thank you for writing and posting this.

5/1/2012 c1 ForestGuardian311

So sad... but in a way, Aang was right. She DID end up living to see the next Avatar.

Very good job!
5/1/2012 c1 263darkknightsrevenge
Awwww that's so sad and romantic!

It's been so long since i've read any of your stuff, this is wonderful! Your writing is still amazing :D
5/1/2012 c1 Guest
Aang was 12 when ATLA ended. LoK takes place 70 years after.

70 + 12 = 82. You have subtract 17 years because that's how old Korra is.

82 - 17 = 65.

He died at 65. not in his forties...
5/1/2012 c1 Roman Holiday
Actually Aang died when he was 66 but it's considered young in Avatar world.
5/1/2012 c1 Fan
Why'd he have to die? *bawling*
5/1/2012 c1 71Astrid Goes For A Spin
Actually, he was 66. It was very accurate despite that - and I love how their relationship is just like when they were kids. I can't really imagine Aang growing up. At all. Good job!
5/1/2012 c1 Katsumara
Super sad. :/ It's a shame that Aang had to pass away for Korra to exist. Nicely done, though.

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