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for Harry Potter the One Who Can Change Everthing

4/4/2013 c5 RRW
If you want really accurate HP information, go to the HP Lexicon as I believe Sirius was actually born in late 1959.
4/4/2013 c7 20Red Phoenix Dragon
A good chapter for the trip to Hogwarts and Sirius does seem keen to get Harry on the train. Interesting meeting with Su Li then Hermione looking for the toad. A very mature meeting with Draco who pushed his better families idea only to be countered by Harry's half blood status and friendship to all. Draco is discovering there is a big world outside of his family. Nice way to make a cliff hanger of the sorting and will the Hat be Harry's spy on the old goat?
So what happened to the redhead?
As your Harry will top of the class, will he form a posse of the top 5 including Hermione and Padma or 10 adding Draco?
Thanks for sharing your story. Please update soon.
4/4/2013 c7 magitech
Nice story so far

If you're planning on a Harem, all I ask is you don't put in the hugely overused Granger when there are so many other girls which can make your story stand out. I admit I don't like the bushy bad tempered screecher, nor do I consider her very intelligent. I mean how smart do you have to be to get top school marks with an eidetic memory, as canon showed, without a library to run to, she's dead weight without an original thought in her head.

I'd hope for Ravenclaw, Harry in Slytherin is almost as common as Gryffindor and going the over trodden path gets boring after awhile.
4/4/2013 c7 1geetac
I like the chapter.
4/4/2013 c7 ceo55
Enjoying the story...well done!
4/4/2013 c7 31monbade
good chapter, hope its ravenclaw for harry.

4/2/2013 c6 Antara93
hey great ff m loving it so far...
* as fr advices ill say fr ur ideas dat use d 1st idea so haary will have support in his quest cuz flash backs can tend 2 confuse readers sumtyms especially if u hav more dan 1 in a chap
* as fr pets ill say 2 get both hedwig nd d monkey since he is a baby n all but along wid a familiar possibly a magical snake since harry is a parslemouth n all
* put him in either ravenclaw or hufflepuff dsnr matter wich 1 as long as its not d other 2
* as fr lovers i understand ur point of having 1 or 2 lovers but a harem will b better fr dis story cuz he has so many titles n carrying on their name or legacy watever u wanna call it will b interesting plus harry needs d luv he deserves rite no matter if he gets it frm so many girls
* 2 make d story more interesting ill suggest getting harry a dominant creature inheritance and hav him hav both male and female mates it will go wid d luver issue 2

alas its ur decision as d write v readers can only suggest ideas...dis ur domain n shu decide wat u want wid ur story...hav fun experimenting wid d various ideas suggested nd keep giving us awesome updates!
3/24/2013 c2 JaKeS91
Aww a spider monkey that is some thing I have never seen in a hp fanfic story before.
3/24/2013 c1 JaKeS91
This in a good starting chapter hope the rest is gist as good.
3/20/2013 c6 14Love Faith Embers
The story is great so far, but you don't like slashy goodness? Jw. It doesn't matter if you're a guy or girl... sometimes you just like slash. :D
3/17/2013 c1 HellsMaji
Why'd you have Harry faint like a little bitch? If meeting death himself didn't phase him, reading a bunch of names on the wall he probably barely even heard of shouldn't have made him faint. Especially not from a shock he had a month to get over..
3/15/2013 c6 5ALPHAQ69
please continue...ur story has good twists! other than some spelling mistakes everything seems fine...but update it more often :P
3/14/2013 c6 20Red Phoenix Dragon
Your story has Harry as a lone wolf against a dark Dumbledore Goliath. Where canon is more of a love story and betrayal. If death had set Harry up with a loving family (Grangers) to heal and teach him love while he processed Tom's memories then Harry could have started to destroy the support for both Dumbledore and Voldemort.
Voldemort's memories would have given Harry knowledge of the magical world and how it worked. Who was good, bad and evil, and allow Harry to recognize Hermione as a witch before the damage Hermione suffered at school. With Dan and Emma, they could contact the good (Andromeda, Amelia, Augusta and Minvera.) Then begin to change the Magical world.
You can still use Tom's knowledge with what you have stolen from Dumbledore to start to destroy Dumbledore, Voldemort and the pure-blood supremacist. If this is done before Harry gets to Hogwarts it would be a new world.

Chapter 6 British Times story.
"child of no older than 11 years old and his disappearance almost 3 years ago."
"child of no older than 8 years old when he disappeared almost 3 years ago."
3/14/2013 c6 Soulless Huntress
How about have Mount McGonagall (I love that description of her!) and Severus as his guardians? That would piss of Dumblebutt. NO Ron or Ginny (Can't stand her anyways!), but I like the Twins (Just something about them, don't know what it is.) Hermione is much better, can't stand how it ended up in the movies, please! - like Ron could ever keep up with her. Luna and Neville were a good fit. Draco and Harry friends would throw Dumbledork in a tail spin. Sorry, the idea of a Harem doesn't fit very good, interesting idea but not in this story. Oh well, it's your story. Have fun!
3/14/2013 c5 Goldencoyote
awesome, keep going
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