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for The One That Got Away

5/29/2015 c7 Ty x deuce shipper
Please update this story I know I'm late but please update this beautiful story please I'm lo being it so far
6/22/2014 c4 ano123
Hey! I'm so happy that there in each other's precance!your an awesome writer! Got real sad when I read the funeral! BTW I'm waching shake it up now!
6/22/2014 c2 ano123
Why is he dead!? Noooooooooooo! I am crying! But really really good and dramatic
9/7/2013 c7 glykeria
please update!
8/23/2013 c7 4bettybox
Awesome... add more :)
3/9/2013 c7 Jaylen Mitchell
11/4/2012 c7 Silver wolf
OMG! I started crying in th frist couple of chapters! This is so good keep going!;3
9/26/2012 c7 CUDDLY PENGUIN
Aww. You should continue this story. Its really great.
9/26/2012 c5 CUDDLY PENGUIN
Oh somebody's a little trickster aren't they?
9/25/2012 c4 CUDDLY PENGUIN
I hate when people make out like heaven is just Blinding white light and everyone wears white. What would be the point. I like the paradise theory like you just gave. Although I would be scared at first. Then angry to find out that I am dead, then scared again and probly bored eventually. Oh and if they're already dead there's no need for air. Its not like you can die in heaven right? That would be awkward. Would you go back to earth,or what?
9/25/2012 c3 CUDDLY PENGUIN
Oh My god! (what you really think im caps god) Ty killed himself to be with deuce. Or he's asleep. I can't see because my eyes are filled with tears. I need my friend. I need to kiss her and tell her how much I love her. And tell her everyday. Listen to Deadmau5
9/25/2012 c2 CUDDLY PENGUIN
I HATE DRUNK DRIVERS. But I love your story. I don't know what I would do if my best friend died. I would probably kill myself. Only because there's no one else who cares about me like my best friend. If she was gay I would ask her out. And I would kiss her everyday. But if she said no and quit being my friend, I would either die or go emo and turn into a serial killer and kill THOUSANDS of people. Or commit suicide.
8/9/2012 c1 Guest
Plzzz update I really love this story and I would like to see what happens
7/26/2012 c7 28xX-Yuna-Zoey-Xx
I really do like this story but love, please use spell check. I dont want to sound harsh but I find it quite difficult to read this story :/
7/8/2012 c5 Guest
:( I now officially do not like gina. She got in the way... Great job! :)
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