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3/24/2016 c1 grandmachix
For a first attempt at slash that was amazing. I love how Edward was the focus but not really there. I also chuckled when it turned out to be Riley (Tanya's cousin, right?). Nice outtake. Judy
1/11/2016 c1 twirob
I was a bit sceptical about reading this at first but I'm glad I did thanks for sharing ;D
10/23/2015 c1 debslmac
:) :)
12/9/2014 c1 6Pink Bead Girl
I liked this a lot, interesting blend of burning bright sensuality and hearts and flowers innocence. It's the first thing I've read in your repertoire and I like your turn of phrase, your style very much. I'd only read a few lines and felt drawn in completely to your version of the world. I enjoyed it. Thank you for a look into your imagination.
5/26/2014 c1 crackupmonkey
Brilliant, it would be fun to have the day they jam. How Bella watches from the doorway and later tells Ed how Jazz has a crush on him.
4/15/2014 c1 me2
ah! I KNEW it! While I was reading... I just got a weird VIBE from Jazz. Poor Edward! He actually invited someone to hang out and Jazz has motives. bahumbug!

It was very good slash though LOL
10/20/2013 c1 stone5fly
Very good for your first slash...jazz is hot all Dommish ;)
2/26/2013 c1 Pixie's Mama
It would be interesting for Little Green and Jasper to become friends and get to discuss music at Aro's music store: great for Little Green to make a new friend with whom he gets to play music together, a definite pleasure and torment for Jasper to enjoy the connection while suppressing his unrequited feelings for Little Green.
From my perspective, your work is very creative, well polished, and very sensual. You balanced steamy sex and adorable innocence in such equal measures. There was a profound sense of reality to your scenes that they materialized in my mind without any effort on my part to visualize any of them. Poor Jasper had my utmost sympathy for harboring a secret crush on our beloved Little Green. (Sigh.) At the end of the day, regardless of our preferences or natural sexuality, love is love. And the love in your story makes the world a much better place.
1/29/2013 c1 lemonbutt
Mmm, Jasper get it together.
1/29/2013 c1 Cockerspanmom
It was well written. Liked it.
1/29/2013 c1 acw1
1/24/2013 c1 2That'sMzPeachesTYVM
I think if the guy can handle Jazz calling out the wrong
name, and still be into him, he might be a keeper!
1/2/2013 c1 8BettiGefecht
I made it! Right to the epilogue, and to the end. D
Sorry I didn't write a review to each chapter. Once I'm in the groove, I'm just not that kind of a (good girl) reader, especially not with drabble-ish fics. I just keep hitting the next button like a crazy woman. :P

I won't even bother at this point to review your writing skillz, your imagination, your sense for timing or your way with words. You know you had me from the first paragraph I ever read of you, so let's just take for granted I'm in awe with your work, and move on from here, ok?

Let's talk about the story you've told. A story that stroke a lot of chords with me, due to certain analogies to my love life, just saying... gah!


Did I cry in the end? Nope.
I got a little choked up on chapter 63 though... it really made me anxious there for a moment. *chin quiver*

Do I think it was a GOOD ending?

Regarding the way you rounded it down, yes! I never expected you to do anything but tie all the loose ends perfectly... flawless multiple HEA's, weddings, proposals, babies and pregnancies.

However, I'm kinda glad for the little grain of salt that's left in this picture, namely the skeleton in the closet that E and B will have to watch for the rest of their lives. Sweet memories or no - this secret still does, and will continue to bear the potential to hurt the ones they love, should it ever slip.

You promised me, no one would get hurt, and you kept that promise. Everyone is happy. But technically speaking, E and B bought that happiness with a lie. *raises brow* And a big one, the "our parents/siblings/children-must-never-find-out" kind of lie.

I'm not complaining! Without the little built-in contact mine, the ending might have given me cavities. ;)


Am I PLEASED with the ending?

Hmmm... nope. It feels a wee bit like you chickened out at the end. And for me, from a certain point on, this story was all about HOW it would end.

Apart from all the passion and humor and UNF and aww that worked so amazingly, with each chapter it more and more narrowed down to the question how it would end. That became the thrill of it. For me, at least.

And I wasn't even really hoping for a sweet HEA for those two. What I was hoping for was for them to face the conflict, to risk being resented by their families, and to work it all out. That would have been brave, of them and of you. I wouldn't mind if their intimate relationship wasn't for ever after that.

They all came to terms with Charlie's and Carlisle's thing, even though the two man had actually caused damage. Can we say open-minded? What damage would E and B have caused? What would they have ruined or taken away from anyone?

I know, such a thing is unthinkable in most peoples' lives, but this is fiction, so... why not?

It's probably just me, LOL. I mean, in MY real life, I have an uncle who is also my stepdad, and a sister who is also my cousin, cuz my mom married my dad's brother after the divorce. My dad married a woman 22 years younger than him. Both couples had a child the same year, so I got two half-sisters. And both couples are the best of friends one can ever imagine.
It gives me cavities for realz watching them interact, and this not even fiction, LOL.

Hey! I just got an idea D You know how sometimes in DVD extras, the directors add an alternate ending to their movies? *wink wink*

Ok, don't listen to me. Got carried away :P

One thing I really liked about the relationship E and B had was the absence of misguided possessiveness/jealousy. They were just good for each other, respectful, supporting, open, honest, and they enjoyed the hell out of each other!

Which goes for me and this story too. I enjoyed the hell out of it. Every. Single. Word.
Not pleased with the ending *rubs salt in*, but yay! What a trip!

I'll stop babbling now. THANK YOU BB!
10/17/2012 c1 31bornonhalloween
This is just brilliant.

Riley was lovely and quite excellent at what! I love how you described it through Jasper's eyes without getting the least bit mechanical, but we know exactly what happened and how crazy it made him!

I need more.
7/10/2012 c1 stephsmith
I'm goint at this backwards. I'm starting LG&E but decided to read this first. This was great slash whether it was a first try or not. It wasn't the usual, very creative in so many ways. I don't see how E and J can become friends though, awkward for the reader and torture for Jasper.
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