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5/29/2012 c17 3skywiseskychan
One thing about Skuld being younger has always been a bit of the maid, mother, and crone. Now I grant in AMG they cheated a bit on the ages of the fates, but really who wants to see Urd as the crone? It's more a situation of the new years is portrayed as a baby, the old as an ancient man. The future no matter how smart would never reach maturity and the past never be a child again. However I do like your explanation, its good as well!

Of course given timelines… is she going to be a teen titan while she's going through her year in hell? Yikes and yicky, but plenty of reason for angst!
5/29/2012 c16 skywiseskychan
Now you make me feel very bad for Hild. And Raven when she remembers. Its going to be a very bitter pill. It may be the kind of thing that would make it easier for Trigon to get into the world. Its quite a balancing act you have put together here with heaven and hell. With the original Lucifer (who of course had no free will) going to hell, and the definition of such being the absence of god.

While I still dislike the particular version you have here on a punishment vs crime basis, I think that otherwise it is growing on me a little bit. As it is effectively only a hell so long as you allow it to be. My one major concern being that you haven't yet described or shown any way for people to maintain the ability to ever choose otherwise. Stockholm syndrome and conditioned behavior being two far too powerful things that could keep people penned up forever.

It would be nice to see someone rebuilding from such a state to reach grace, to make that step of going from without hope, to calling out for repentance or god and leaving.

Anyway, enough of my musings on hell, your hell, purgatory, and the belief that there is no place that you could cry out for gods forgiveness that he could not hear it.

Will the other titans know she grew up in heaven, will she? How will this slightly altered past color or change the relationships you plan to have her build in the apocryphal teen titans series before picking back up for your own continuation?
5/21/2012 c17 Paver83
This has been a very interesting and thought-provoking story. I do wonder if it would have worked better as two or more seperate stories considering the great difference in tone from the revenge portion to this latest portion of the story.

I do wonder who Akane is. Belle has said that Akane is female, so I wonder if Akane might be Starfire (talk about a difference in personality!). Perhaps Belle's reference to Akane as female is a minor ruse, I can easily see Akane as the driven Robin. Whoever she ends up being, I'm sure I'll have fun finding out.

5/21/2012 c16 3one.who.reads
Great chapter.
5/20/2012 c15 3skywiseskychan
Well AMG/Teen Titans is a very unique crossover so I say you should label it that, even if it DOES have Ranma in it and is about finding Akane. I suspect your not going to go with my initial though of Akane as Jinx but I could be wrong.
5/20/2012 c14 skywiseskychan
I am enjoying the little twists, such as Hild's secretary beginning to wonder, perhaps working her own way towards heaven or the realization that she doesn't have to stay here. Of course then that begs the question of does anyone ever figure it out and then choose to stay if they haven't been 'tricked' into service in hell such as it appears many furies may be.

Kind of losing her rep for supernatural knowledge and implacable doom in a few of the chapters here. Having to you know, walk around without a clue. Its actually rather amusing and adds a needed bit of levity to the otherwise grimness of the story.

It occurs to me that the goddesses are being a little bit of manipulative hypocrites here. No Akane, you can't be the one to merge with the demon seed, your alive. But, thanks for the body we'll happily use it. Okay now that your soul is out of your body we'll take Raven's soul and the half soul and smush em together and put em in your body and take you and have you be reborn. We will ignore the fact that once your taken from your body your soul and Raven's soul are basically in the same position and so if one can merge with the soul of doom so can the other.

I had not even suspected the third series cross, or would that be fourth? In any case I love the idea. It is absolutely great and now I really am looking forward to reading your epilogue and possible sequels. But I will stand by my statement that the goddesses really did sort of slip Akane a load of manure with why she couldn't be the one to take on the burden of the demon seed.
5/19/2012 c17 Jerry Unipeg
GREAT CHAPTER! (*x4) Looks like Time is chatching up with Raven soon.
5/19/2012 c17 7Riniko22
Seems to me that Raven and her estranged family while not being able to meet due to Raven's control problems should be able to write to each other. I would think at the least Raven would want to communicate with the sister she just heard about.
5/19/2012 c17 3ijpowers92
hmmm. nothing new to say for this chapter.
5/19/2012 c17 1Vld
Yeah, she probably will forgive Nodoka... though there may still be some tension at first. I guess the real test would be if she saw Nodoka in danger in the mirror. Would she be reasonable and tell her mothers, or would she be... well, Ranma, even if not in name, and jump in the fray first and ask questions later?

Sadly, she will experience "what's deemed typical for demons" soon enough, what with the memories of the Wall...
5/19/2012 c17 32Poetheather1
That mirror was a great plan that will really help Raven deal with Nerima and the fall out. It may be the only way that Raven may be able to come to terms with any of them. I am interested in seeing how you play this through to the end.
5/18/2012 c16 janissasonic.net

This latest chapter is very interesting, where Raven has three loving mothers. I love how you have the family being developed and I can't help wonder if they will continue to be a family after Raven has grown up. I like how you have Raven slowly remembering being Ranma. But I can't help but wonder if Ranma love for the martial art will come through to Raven. I think that would be an interesting twist on Raven.

Love the story, thank you for creating more if it.
5/18/2012 c16 Poetheather1
This was a really interesting and rough chapter. The family developments are rather fascinating. I am wondering where this is going now, so lead on.
5/18/2012 c16 3ijpowers92
well it will be interesting to see what sort of changes this causes to the Teen Titans universe. Raven's personality is certainly different.
5/18/2012 c16 1Vld
So, both Mara and Urd have taken the first steps towards their respective futures, it seems.

Bell already knows, apparently, (which is weird, the Present already knowing the future) while Skuld probably won't take it well. And mara probably won't either. Raven on the other hand... well, seems like she doesn't care about little differneces like "demon" and "god".

Wonder who else, aside from grandma, her three mums, and her aunts (the goddesses ones) and uncle, are among her favorite people. Grandpa-Kami, maybe?
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