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5/18/2012 c16 Jerry Unipeg
GREAT CHAPTER! (*x4) Poor Raven, had to live through Cat Fist, at less, Genma getting his just reward.
5/17/2012 c15 1Vld
NO WAY! THAT RAVEN? Well, maybe not "that" Raven, since i only know the one from the comics and have never seen the cartoon, so i wonder how similar yet different she is in each... and how she will be now that she's Ranma. I remember her being in a relationship with Wally, a long time ago, back when Dick still wore ridiculous green shorts and Wally had a Kid before his Flash, but that was around 30 years ago.

Sorry about that, for once the chapter in itself didn't get that much of a reaction out of me (not that i didn't enjoy it, mind you). It only raised a little interrogation on my part. Will Hild's relationship with her daughter mend itself someday? And will anyone ever realise the truth about her and Kami?
5/17/2012 c15 3ijpowers92
so just to confirm, Part 2 will still be the same fic right? Or will I have to start checking your author page for it?
5/17/2012 c15 3one.who.reads
I was kind of thinking that it would be cool to see a ranma/raven crossover and see what that change to her backstory would change in the teen titans series, but I can see what you're doing. I'm looking forward to it.
5/17/2012 c15 1Wrin
That makes sense, but I'm wondering if you'll just gloss over the differences between Azerath and wherever she's raised (will she still use the iconic "Azerath, Metrion, Zinthos"?) or if the ones who raise her will simply cover everything in layers of magic and such to make it look like the original. That seems kind of lame, but would make for an easier story to write in some ways. Also: should we be looking for a "book two" section of this story, or a whole new one in your profile at this point?
5/17/2012 c14 Stephen Adezio
Well, I had my suspicions when you named her Raven, but then I saw the description of the ritual, I thought "Oh crap Trigon". Then I saw the gray skin and went "Called it."
5/17/2012 c14 1Vld
Nice! Very nice! I was wondering about the Seed's future, and thought you planned to have it fusionned with the baby, that was the only use i could see for Shampoo's kid aside from highlighting the cruelty of the situation, but i didn't think it would work considering the nature of the seed.

On the other hand, using either Akane or Ranma didn't work... or rather would have been oh so predictable. That is, an adult Akane or Ranma.

You managed to pull it by doing something pretty original, maybe not in what was done, but how it was done.

I said i hoped Bell knew what she was doing... i wasn't expecting something so well-thought.

I can't wait for what's next.
5/16/2012 c14 janissasonic.net
I was enthralled with the ending of this chapter, it was full of promise yet dark and sad but somehow with promises of hope. In the end I find myself really enjoying it and I cannot wait to read the next chapters? or story. will it even be listed under Ranma? or perhaps a crossover as after all Raven cannot be the same as the teen titan Raven since she will be 1/2 of Ranma. Thank you for creating this very entertaining story

5/16/2012 c14 2Yuri-Hime-Chan
Hmmmm Raven... Grey skin, black hair... And an extradimensional father bent on destructon of the world... Do I sense a Teen-Titans moment in the future... Hmmm.
5/16/2012 c7 3skywiseskychan
I like the subtle revenge upon Cologne that is meted out in this chapter. I think it is very fitting.
5/16/2012 c5 skywiseskychan
I'm just curious, as Ranma died female, what happens if you die a pig?
5/16/2012 c14 38Vixen Uchiha
Titans Go!
5/16/2012 c12 Zealot of Reading
Look, I realize that you wanted to show the reader that mercy is a virtue and that forgiving your enemies is honourable and the whole revenge is pointless etc...

But you just EPIC failed.
5/16/2012 c14 22FaerieKnight197
Wow, I did not see this coming. Nicely done.
5/16/2012 c14 4MikeTn1
I really liked this story. It deserves a sequel though. A very LONG sequel.

this is up there with the standards you have set with your other stories. Keep up the good work.
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