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5/16/2012 c14 27 Winds
I was surprised at how this chapter ended ranma/raven being the raven from teen titan is cool. And i would like to see the aftermath of everything and see if her and akanes new life get together.

Please do an epilogue or two to finish the lose ends up.

Thank you for your time and the chapter.


Your eternal fan

7Winds ;)
5/16/2012 c14 Jerry Unipeg
GREAT CHAPTER! (*x4) Great twist to the story and the tie in with Raven and the Teen Titans.
5/16/2012 c14 3one.who.reads
good story. I'm looking forward to the teen titans crossover sequel.
5/16/2012 c14 3ijpowers92
ahh... I was not expecting that. The epilogue will certainly be interesting.
5/16/2012 c14 1Wrin
Hmm...I haven't actually read or seen anything on Raven from before Teen Titans. I hope you'll continue this into the series.
5/16/2012 c14 32Poetheather1
Nice twist ending... very nice. Way to go. I really enjoyed this ride. Well done.
5/15/2012 c13 janissasonic.net
I have to tell you that i have fallen in love with this story, at first I was not too trill to start it but it has turn out to a an excellent story. I love ti and hope you continue it. I cannot wait for the next chapter.

It will be interesting to see Ranma-chan working for Hild as a fury.
5/15/2012 c13 clice
Bah... laughable plot device to put Ranma and Akane together in spite of the her from birth having been a bitch to the extreme consequences, but "then after the act became sooooo good, butter would not melt on her tongue and so deserves to be with Ranma".

As much it concerns me, it ruined everything. Another chance for something good FAILED!
5/15/2012 c13 Jerry Unipeg
GREAT CHAPTER! (*x4) Nice to see Urd looking a the big picture.
5/15/2012 c1 1Neihaera
Sephirotho, Thank you ... seriously. For various reasons, rewind_gone_nuts had largely slipped under my radar, and his little essay on the Ranma 1/2 canon/fanon issue is inspired. I should be referenced whenever these issues come up, honestly. I only have a couple of points I'd like to add, firstly with the whole Kuno situation and Nabiki's overall handling.

As far as the Kuno go, I have to agree ... they're not insane. What they are is eccentric, the issue is the degree of permissible eccentricity in society. As the canon storyline is a parody, to the point of farce, this degree is, in a word, extreme. When it comes to fanon, writers have two choices if they do not wish, or lack the capacity, to write good farce ... they either must tone down the excesses of the Kuno to a point much of their character is either hidden or completely lost, or they must explain it. In the latter case, how ELSE would you do it?

Nabiki is at the very least a lesser villain in canon, moving up to the point of greater villain as the character and storyline deteriorates. As written she is a hedonist, a narcissist (to the point of solipsist at times), lacking any redeeming characteristics other than a minor cunning and a degree of physical cuteness. The same argument applies here, however ... either authors attempting to drag some measure realism into this must pillory her, or humanize her, and one way to do that is to give her a reason for her militant yen-hunt. The arguments for a family in financial distress are easy to make, and do, in my opinion, qualify as at the very least a good hook to "redeem" Nabiki's greatest character flaws.

Oh, and the whole issue with Ranma and Ryoga's comparative strength levels ... many manga/anime fen and martial artists of my personal acquaintance have mentioned the arguments here are persuasive. Not to the extent fanon often runs, but Ranma vs. Ryoga are often held as examples of "Strength vs. Skill" ... the general assumption seems to be that overtraining strength at the expense of focus and technique are very common failings in self-taught fighters. Ranma's focus his entire life up to Jusenkyo was the acquisition and development of technique ... this of course has led to the development of great strength as well. Ryoga on the other hand has spent his entire life training on his own to match that level of skill with raw power and determination. Since he's no manner of idiot when it comes to fighting himself, he's developed a considerable level of technique on his own, but the issue stands. A better guess of their combat levels puts them within a coin-toss either way.
5/15/2012 c13 3tuatara
Thought I would chime in with a comment, though you know my opinions quite well by now. I just wanted to say that (perhaps unsurprisingly) this is probably my favorite chapter. That would probably be the case even if Akane had succeeded, simply because I loved the interplay of Akane and Raven facing each other in battle with mutual respect…each fighting for the sake of the other. Lovely stuff.

As for the review that stated the Kunos aren't crazy in canon, well…they would both clearly score quite high on the psychopathy test, so I don't think it's an unfair assessment.
5/15/2012 c13 LadyKatherine29
Well Akane tried her darnest. But it looks as if she has some other future in store for her. With everyone and then some showing up for this. Ranma's own future seems to be up in the air. Given all the worlds in need of heros/holy agents. Akane or Ranma could be easly taken out of the world and sent else where. A very nice read Yeah I love Kodachi myself.
5/15/2012 c13 32Poetheather1
Really nice fight scene. I like how Akane realized that Ranma was fighting like a living being and not a spirit and used that to win the fight the way she wanted, intervention not withstanding. This is going to be a hell of an ending and I am looking forward to it.
5/15/2012 c13 3ijpowers92
...I would say that Ranma/Raven is going to become a fury and Akane a Valkyrie but there are way to many holes in that theory. Even if I reverse it.

whatever. I'm sure whatever conclusion you have will make use of all of these different threads you've spun.
5/15/2012 c13 Sephirotho
Nice work, I'm at the edge of my seat to see what happens. And why the hell did Lind stop Akane? Humans have free will, right? And it was Akane's will to commit "suicide by cop". Granted, for the wrong reasons (as I'm sure the Norns won't allow Raven to be taken back to serial rape), but still, it was her free will. Ah well, let's just see what happens. My money's on Raven ending up as either a Valkyrie or her coming back to life via the soul Belldandy carries.

And both Kuno's insane? Sorry, but that's a common misconception. Both are rich, spoiled and used to getting their way, as well as suffering from parental abandonment. But mad? No, not a bit. They're merely eccentric as far as I can tell.

I advise you to read the profile of "rewind gone nuts". He has thought about the series a lot and debunks common misconceptions like "The Kunos are insane and should be commited" or "Nabiki generates most of the dojo's income and is a nice person deep down" or "The amazons treat men like 2nd class humans"
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