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5/10/2012 c8 Jerry Unipeg
GREAT CHAPTER! (*x4) Poor Ranma, going to learn the death of Ukyou.
5/9/2012 c7 LadyKatherine29
I do not agree with Ranma being allowed to take baby Li Tai. I think Cologne would have died trying to stop it. She already had to leave Shampoo to her fate. Losing the last of her blood family won't be high on her list. Even if she couldn't win. Ultimatly Ranma by the way things are going. Should take off Souns head next. Soun as Akane's father bares the guilt of not having raised her. After the death of his wife. It was Kasumi who raised Akane, but being a mere child herself. Perhaps wasn't as an effective parnet as someone older would have been. Not counting the WTF with the highschool officals. They let countless assult attempts go with all the jocks. Trying to beat the snot out of her every damned morning. So they could "date" her. Which could just as easly mean rape. Akane while stubern and hot headed, turly didn't mean to be a part of killing Ranma. She was wrong place, wrong time. Perhaps she should have faced charges of some kind. But the same could be said for a Tachi is mental unstable or something a kin to it. Thanks to daddy and his abandament. Kodachi wasn't even there for all of it. Heck no one ever told her Ranma had a cursed form. I feel theres a lot of underling things that need to be adressed. There's a lack of rage. Which takes away form things. Still for what this is its pretty good.
5/9/2012 c7 Yuri hime Wildrose
Well well well, another wonderful chapter, I do wonder what Akane's punishment will be, maybe she will be forced to suffer the same thing that raven went through, it would be poetic justice in a sense. Also what will happen after Raven gets revenge, will the story stop, or will it he a new arc
5/9/2012 c7 32Poetheather1
Lovely fight, with having Mu Tse killing Xian Pu instead of Ranma. Very fitting. And Mu Tse just grabbing Xian Pu fits as well. Well done there.

Taking the kid... that was harsh. Fitting and made sense, but harsh. So, well done there. Gotta give you points for that one. Not only did Ranma spank his enemies he also spanked the whole tribe verbally. Sweet.

Looking forward to how Akane plays out, considering the crazy set up you laid out last chapter.
5/9/2012 c7 Sephirotho
I highly anticipate the next chapter and what you intend to do with Akane. The end of chapter 5 sounds to me like Akane has had serious nightmares ever since the murder. She's probably beating herself over the head with the fact that her stubborness and her refusal to butt out cost Ranma the fight and his life.

It will be interesting to see how you intend to deal with an Akane that's already punishing herself - unless her temper and selfdelusion will flare up again at the sight of Ranma, blaming it all on him and accusing him of running away and hiding, like Ryouga did.
5/9/2012 c7 7raw666
keep up the work
5/9/2012 c7 Jerry Unipeg
GREAT CAPTER! (*x4) It show that Raven is still have a heart inside of her.
5/8/2012 c4 3skywiseskychan
Well I can see where Hild, Frigg is coming from now, but it doesn't look that good, and really I'm not so sure that hell's training facilities in what someone's crime were are really all that perfectly geared towards realizing their own inequities. Take Ranma for instance. If her major crime was handing control of her life away to others and the lesson to teach that is being raped I'm not sure how she's supposed to learn the lesson. Of course she probably tried to fight it but failed. If she had won initially she wouldn't have learned anything and by failing all she learns would be that others could make decisions for her. This is actually highlighted a bit by the 'choice' to become a fury, further inhibiting her ability to make choices in her life.

So while I do like your hell in concept, it seems in practice to not be working out quite right, certainly it needs a lot more auditing and specialized punishments to ensure lessons are learned rather than problems reinforced. Otherwise these people are not getting better or leaving, or if they do are probably not the best residents of heaven we could want.
5/8/2012 c2 skywiseskychan
I've also always loved the hypocrisy of some of the interpretations of Lucifer and his 'fall'. Okay, an angel, no free will, gets jealous of humanity and so … exhibits free will by turning on god? Oh come on now, seriously, that’s what their JOB is. No Free Will, At least in some versions of the story.
5/8/2012 c1 skywiseskychan
Well, that certainly was brutal, and graphic. I wonder if the change in behaviors is going to be mentioned or explained later. I did like how you described the fight, in limited little bursts, but with Ranma's skill clearly obvious in taking down Shampoo.
5/8/2012 c6 Jerry Unipeg
GREAT CHAPTER! (*x4) I wondering, with a child, will Raven will kill Mousse first and come back for Shampoo after the child grow up?
5/8/2012 c6 1Vld
So, we know Ranma is not above vengeaance now. The question is... will a demonic Ranma hold a child responsible for his parents' mistakes? I hope i'm right in saying the babe has nothing to fear, but... hell can do a lot to someone. And i know Ranma spared Nodoka and her unborn sibling, but... as she said, Nodoka didn't have a direct part in his death.

Shampoo and Mousse on the other hand...

And no, i haven't read the Crow comic series.
5/8/2012 c5 1Neihaera
... Would Ryoga have deliberately killed Ranma?

Remember the whole "Koi Fishing Rod" incident? Ranma's right there, her grave's dug, and she KNOWS he's planning to finish her off, and she bows to give him a clean shot ... and he can't do it. And this is a fairly early point in their renewed relationship, when he's still running on angst and bad memories. What happened the day Shampoo took the gloves off was pure bad luck and bad timing.

What got him on Hild's (and Ranma/Raven's) shiete-list was his failure to acknowledge this, and his continued failure to acknowledge he has his own problems to deal with, throwing all the blame, for everything gone wrong in his life, on everyone and anyone else.
5/8/2012 c6 32Poetheather1
I like the fact that the Amazons have a deal with the Seekers of Justice. That is just prefect and actually fits with everything that has been written about them. And the way that Cologne deals with Ranma... was also spot on. Lovely. I can tell she is going to have words with those two before they are killed by Ranma in what is sure to be an Epic battle with the whole village watching.

The bit with the little girl wanting to see was adorable, especially with Ranma waving back. It was nice to see Ranma's humanity coming back in her dealing's with other people. That was one of the things I liked in Brandon Lee's performance (which I know you barely remember) was how human he was at times and how inhuman he was to his enemies.

Why do I see Belldandy and company involved when it comes to dealing with Akane? Of that group involved she would be the one most traumatized and unable to cope. Hell, it might have been severe enough to get her to give up martial arts and get into therapy for anger management, maybe even become a Buddhist nun or nun in training. Watching Genma lift Ranma's head would not have gone over well with her.
5/8/2012 c6 3one.who.reads
I think you aren't putting enough content in each chapter. Instead of like 2k per chapter, it should be more like 8-10k.
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