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12/11/2013 c29 Ranmachanisme
You are a master of cliff hangers. :) Raven is now 5 again? that will be a liability it their fight for existence. love the chapter and the depth of detail you have with the fight / journey Robin has taken to get to Raven. One can almost feel sorry for Slade. Hmmm it is interesting that Hild waited and waited until she could have her revenge on Rothgan. Thank you for writing this wonderfully entertaining story.
12/10/2013 c29 17Taechunsa
Decent chapter. It did a pretty decent job of tying up a couple of loses ends. Rothgan gets his in the end. Slade gets a bit of redemption/revenge.

So, Robin has found Ranma/Raven. Just in time for a beat down. I really hope that you keep in mind that this Raven was Ranma and tie that into the end. After all, Ranma was chosen for a reason to become Raven.

While the whole Teen Titans thing has been fun, I am looking forward to this story returning to its roots of a Ranma/OMG crossover. Ranma will have done his duty and now should be chomping at the bit to reconnect with his family and loved ones.

This has been a very good story. Keep up the good work.
12/9/2013 c28 1Cor Strike FX
Always happy to inspire new ideas!
12/8/2013 c2 Guest
why no rape
11/28/2013 c28 Guest
great story
For the question on what kind of crossover it should be, separate it in 2 parts, first part Ranma/OMG and second part Teen Titans/OMG
11/26/2013 c28 Janissa
Ohhh definitely Oh My Goddess/Teen Titans and Robin and Raven so need to get together when this war is over. crossing my fingers that they both live. This chapter was just as riveting and fun to read as the others, in other words spell binding and has you chewing your nails one minute and going awwww the next. Love how you have blend the various stories into one.
Have a Happy Thanksgiving
11/26/2013 c28 2Shannon Dee
Thank you for another good chapter.
11/26/2013 c28 3Shinzochi
well it is good that Mara should been getting treated as an equal more and i am looking forward to what is going to happen next in your story
11/26/2013 c28 2GeorgeTobor
NOT an Akane fan. In canon she is too quick to judge, too slow to trust.
But YOUR Akane may be different, there are some Ranma and Akane fics(not many) worth reading.
I(but it is your fic) just prefer almost anyone but Akane, even Nabiki can be redeemed easier I think.
And Ranma/OC is not done too much so that's why my suggestion of one of Bells kids.

And the new category? I say Oh My Goddess!/Teen Titans Animated.
Raven(ranma) is very different from normal Ranma.

Thanks for the update. :)

Oh! And Happy Holidays!
11/26/2013 c28 Guest
A good new chapter, it gets harder harder and to wait for new chapters.
11/24/2013 c27 1Cor Strike FX
Boy won't Chibi-Raven be surprised once Robin finds her!

On another note, I'm a little surprised that Raven's Determination doesn't look/sound more like Ranmachan than Raven ;) Or is that her Cockiness/Pride?
11/19/2013 c27 Rune Tobor
Considering her past I would say its quite likely Raven would end up with a girlfriend not a boyfriend.
And are any of Belldandys kids old enough for Raven? Raven/OC may be the way to go.

Thanks for the chapter.
11/18/2013 c27 Phil
I think this is one of your better chapter so for as your stories go.
I also use others Favorites to find good stories to read.
Hope your holidays are fun :)
11/18/2013 c27 2Shannon Dee
Thanks for another good chapter.
11/18/2013 c27 3Shinzochi
i am looking forward to seeing what happens next and i am glad that Raven is still alive in this story
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