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10/24/2013 c25 1Artekha
I understand your pain on the FLAG issue, It's a bit depressing isn't it? i usually only read off of the site for updates or shorter stories. long stories always added to my kindle, so this is rather depressing. Thanks for the chapter!
10/24/2013 c25 3skywiseskychan
I've actually historically just copy pasted and put into PDF for my Nook. But I'm interested in this FLAG thing you speak of. Perhaps you could tell me more.

As for this story then, gaaa just enough to tease us with more.
10/24/2013 c25 2Shannon Dee
Thank you for another good chapter.
9/30/2013 c24 BobV
This is my first review for your fic.
A have to say that i like it.I thought it will be one of these fic that Ranma comes back from the dead and start to kill everyone. Well, in the beginning was that, but you change it. I like the way you treated Akane and the twist plot in the chapter 14.
The only thing that bothered me a little, is that the after the chapter 14, it's has practically nothing to do with Ranma anymore. Even Ranma is absent in some way. Don't get me wrong please. I still like your fic and i will keep reading.
I am curious to know how you will end it and what will happen after that.
Keep going.
9/27/2013 c24 FireInLife
I was actually hoping that I would see more changes in the show having your Raven on the team instead of the actual Raven. I know that you went did work so that both personalities would match up somewhat, but it'd still be amusing, if even for an omake, for Ranma to have shown an appearance. Still, it's understandable that you'd do this instead of just retelling Teen Titans with a different Raven on the team. That'd get boring after a while :p

I'm happy to see that you're still updating this, and this is definitely going in my favorites. I really enjoyed everything you have written so far, and will make sure to check out your other stories _
9/27/2013 c15 FireInLife

It'll be cool to see how this ends up _
9/26/2013 c24 1Wrin
Already read this chapter on AO3, but don't remember my password for that site ATM, so: great chapter, and it was nice that you included how the JL was tied up. I don't remember ever seeing that in the episode, and it makes more sense this way.
9/26/2013 c24 1Cor Strike FX
One idea that I just thought of is that Raven's desire to protect her friends (and, in part, the rest of the world) reached a point that she broke whatever internal blocks she had, and became -more- powerful than the influence Trigon had over her, thus allowing her to banish Trigon.

Still no idea how the comics did it, though.
9/25/2013 c24 3Shinzochi
wow, well i m certainly looking forward to seeing how this plays out
9/24/2013 c24 Janissa
Can you spell Cliffhanger. :P . LOL
It was a good chapter, and certainly makes you want to read more.
9/24/2013 c24 Jerry Unipeg
GREAT CHAPTER! (*x4) Kami and Hild have it right.
9/24/2013 c24 3skywiseskychan

wait, I mean BOO!

It's not your fault of course, I understand excessively being busy, and am myself, its just too bad that made this chapter so short. I do like the explaination for why the world stands still though.
8/23/2013 c23 eoneed
I was hoping for a little more, plot I guess not a filler chapter but it was good non the less.

Waiting for more as always:)
8/22/2013 c23 cullynthdwarf
i will admit this story was interesting. but as a whole. EH. in my mind its easier to take them as two seperate stories that had a common beginning. but even still.

the first half of the Raven which is this very richly dark revenge plot is great its dark but not so dark you dont want to get to the end where the true darkness is. but then there is this DC drivel. while having trigon and all his madness is great as a ranma re-incarnate deals with his time as a servant of hell.

i dunno its a ok story at the end of it just REALLY did it have to include the DC drivel
8/22/2013 c23 1Cor Strike FX
Well, as far as I can remember of the comics (having not actually read them) Raven ending up putting the smackdown on Trigon herself...

As for the cartoon version of the arc (which followed the comics pretty well)...same thing, Raven regains her powers just as Trigon is about to finish off her friends and then she puts the smack down on Trigon, gaining the white cloak of her comic-counterpart's second life.
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