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for Truth

8/9/2012 c1 Anon Y. Mous
T_T so good... Sad and totally angsty, but really really good. Awesome actually. I'm totally speechless now sooo.. yeah, great work.
6/5/2012 c1 7A Writer's Right to Write
Personally, I liked the story. Sam got what she deserved.
5/6/2012 c1 22Kezziexx
OOOH! keep writing!
5/5/2012 c1 2xNarcotic
Hey, Amazing story! Please continue. Would like to see some sam and freddie or perhaps even gibby and sam!Cant wait for the next chapter!
5/3/2012 c1
I really needed this.

So unhappy with Carly & Freddie at the moment...

so wonderfully written my fanfic friend... very well done :)
5/3/2012 c1 aprilmay279
I didn't really care for it but want to read more but wasn't any
5/3/2012 c1 2BrainiacWeirdos
CLIFFY!Update pwease!

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