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for the Rukawa we never knew

8/30/2007 c19 scalpels
hey, i love your work! it's cool! i thin a friendship story type is more suitable for rukawa tham yaoi..ehehe! keep up the good work! :D
12/18/2004 c19 5Miss Hachigatsu Kuroi
its really great!

you've pointed a different image of rukawa in a convincing way!

way to go!

and you managed to show one thing that i'd like to happened in the series, that is rukawa and sakuragi being friends,

nice job!
9/7/2002 c19 fang
Hey Jean,

guess who? haha, never ceased to stop reading ur chapters kay? finally reviewed too! It's a really original plot and the best thing is that it's NON-YAOI! Yeah! Like your short paragraphs, gd for easy reading... sakuragi finally befriends rukawa! ichiban!sasa bochio wasay! Keep on writing, man!

smiles, fang
9/4/2002 c1 Puey Ling
oh no.. i'm so sorrry jeano pokie, for reviewing after you have finished your story. Even Minglei reviewed in july and i'm like, 2 months late. really sorry.

Anyway, your English is really good and you express urself well. Not every one can write story, u know. I'll probably make a mess of everything.

Btw, din see you online that often now(isit because you have ended your fan-fic) but that's a thing cos you shud be studying real hard at this time of the year(haha actually i'm supposed to do that too).

Keep up your good work(write more fan-fics!) and thanks for being a cheerful junior for the past 2 years. Will always remember you as the ultimate mentos-chewing JEAN POK!
8/30/2002 c19 21Lanie M
It's like that when you finish a fic, innit? It's like something's been lost from your life.. hehe.. ^.^"

Sugoi fic! *thumbs up* I always like to see Rukawa happy ^_~

Keep it up! Looking forward to seeing more of your work!
8/30/2002 c19 4sLL
LoL, kawaii!

Really cute style of writing and cute story...

Keep up the great work! ^.^

8/24/2002 c18 21Lanie M
I actually read this fic on Storm in a Teacup.. but what's the difference? ^_~ Thought I would review it because this fic is really sugoi! ^.^ *thumbs up* Especially the way you brought *modern technology* into it.. hahah ^.~ Can't imagine Rukawa and Sakuragi using MSN o.O Anyway.. keep it up, ganbatte yo! ^_^ [When I first read it, I thought it was gonna turn into a yaoi fic.. but you managed to keep it not so - nice work ^_~]
8/17/2002 c15 ur Beta
One credit deserves another... ^^;;

"Can't wait for Chapter 16!"
8/17/2002 c14 ur Beta
You're really becoming better *and* better at this. Congratulations! And I'm extending a similar hand to you a hand in chapter 15, as well.

Keep it up! It gets intensely dramatic and interesting every time!
8/15/2002 c15 Dinette look what school did to me
sorry jean...haven't reviewed for 242423 years...busy being drowned by school.

Any way. Yes, there is a change in writing style. Hah! Now go and surprise your lit. teacher!

Oh, you made Hanamichi *cry*! Awww... And he's got a new friend too! Yay!
8/10/2002 c16 ooficious
harlowz...ur fic realli nice=D r u from rgs? co izzit? r u sec 1? wad class? haha u email mi my email iz ...i from 111=)
8/9/2002 c15 4iron kitty
This was really nice... please keep going! ^_^
8/7/2002 c14 6Lady Ice Dragon
Aaaahhhh! rukawa teaches the kawaii Zaru! ^_^ hee hee! next chappie!
8/4/2002 c13 ur Beta
"The Guntai had kindly cleaned and dusted my humble abode." - I think you can express this one better. :)

"His act, my act." - Wow. I find that there *is* something in this statement. Don't know what, but it made me smile.

Good luck in your homework juggling! (Don't drop any bowling pins,ok? ^^;;)
8/4/2002 c12 ur Beta
Jeano, it doesn't sound yaoi to me. I feel good and happy for Rukawa. Finally, he's unwrapping. :)
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