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for Meeting Robin

5/20/2019 c3 ellastarsong
"Um... A Bat."
I am cracking up right now!
5/20/2019 c1 ellastarsong
Awwwww! Uncle Clark.
3/24/2019 c33 kaldmb
3/11/2019 c26 Guest
*snickers* Well that plan didn't last long.
3/11/2019 c22 Guest
I like the line: "You do gymnastics? That is great! So do I! Roy does some too, just really badly." *giggles*
They'll build such a lovely friendship from such a starting point... (Ship it or don't, they're still close friends first - prepubescent babies and all.)
3/11/2019 c21 Guest
SO MUCH IRONY. Poor Commish, he has no idea that his daughter will one day embrace the Capes and Cowls bandwagon...
3/11/2019 c20 Guest
The mouths and minds of babes... devious sneaky little minds.
3/11/2019 c19 Guest
Alfred putting his foot down is about the only thing Bats or Birds will listen to... I wouldn't be surprised if that was half of why Robin stayed in as ordered for training as long as he did or ever when banned from patrols...
3/11/2019 c16 Guest
Grandpa Alfie~! 3
3/11/2019 c12 Guest
Robin is kind of sort of the leader of their little trio, huh? Speedy is very much the semi-sensible/responsible Big Brother, KF is still learning, but Robin charges ahead into everything and gets followed into trouble so they can keep him alive (in theory). It's adorable. If Roy can actually run herd on the other two at all successfully he can claim some leadership, which would put the adults at ease since he's so much older. Poor Roy, stuck babysitting over-energetic baby brothers... XD
3/11/2019 c11 Guest
And thus is the initial reason the Arrowcave has really good nerf-style archery kits. I'm sure they get used otherwise on occasion, but mostly they were bought so when the baby bird is visiting he can play with his "brother" without anything sharp about. *giggles*
("Really good", because lesser quality wouldn't fly true when used, and as Archer's they'd be affronted by the cheap crappy ones common to toystores.)
3/11/2019 c9 Guest
3/11/2019 c8 Guest
Gah, they're all dorks. The world is being protected by grown-up dorks. Lovely. XD
3/11/2019 c7 Guest
There's a reason that Robin was the first kid-hero in the DCU, and this is one interpretation of how it's his fault the others end up with baby-hero minions someday. XD
3/11/2019 c6 Guest
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