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for Meeting Robin

10/22/2016 c32 Guest
more please?
10/23/2016 c33 7V. L. Crawford
LOL! Oh come on Dick Guy Gardner is a dick *and I meant that in the mean term*.
10/23/2016 c33 Winter'sSuffocation
Omg I loved this robin is light shiz the most adorable thing ever! Guy got the honor of being called uncle and basically gave him a freebie as to joiningredients the league. Can't wait for ur next update! Ps love ur work
10/23/2016 c33 Megalavania
I'm so glad you updated but the format is really messed up
8/27/2016 c22 Frances Yozawitz
Happy New Year.
8/9/2016 c29 Guest
Gah! So beautifully written but... I just HATE the fact there are other Robin's! I don't mind the fact Dick moved on and I don't mind that Bruce has other kids (except Damian, I seriously don't like him). It's just the fact that they become Robin. Why not another hero, a new one? Because honestly, in my opinion, Richard is and always will be the best Robin. I mean, he is the original, and originals are always the best, am I right?
7/23/2016 c15 xxkelsey39
The magic that they use is the wordsame spelt backwards, or in Latin, if you get captions you can see this... just so u know
5/25/2016 c32 4FaolanLupa
I enjoyed pretty much all of these (the nightwing one still plucks my heart strings but it was good nonetheless). I am seriously glad you wrote these.
5/25/2016 c7 FaolanLupa
Im loving this so much. Usually I squeal happily when readig fluff, but this is a thousand times better than a cuddlig couple so far. I am so glad you wrote this
5/24/2016 c6 DaC00kieM0nster
J'onn's last comment is soo funny
4/4/2016 c32 1twistyslinky
You really gotta finish Bruce Wayne 3. These are really riveting stories!
1/12/2016 c32 Guest
Wow I love this story! It well written and everything, pulse it's about our favorite bird! Please keep up the good work, and update soon. Also if I may suggest, can you do another fan club meeting? I judged loved that chapter the most!
12/18/2015 c32 supergirl
Is this all?
12/2/2015 c9 Guest
You spelled bounus wrong!
It's bonus!
1 u
12/2/2015 c7 Raquel
Arthur is depicted like the orin from justice league (shallow and useless)
Ps. I meant to use Arthur at the start
PPs. Arthur curry is the name of aquaman
PPPs. Good job with this story!
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