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11/14/2014 c2 5Edgar H. Sutter
Hey, just wanted to know how exactly this'll connect with Star Wars exactly, what you might have for like, the general idea of the story, haven't seen much in the way of Star Wars stuff, unless vilgax and darth sidious are working together somehow. You could write a private message to me explaining all this if you want to help me understand what'll be happening soon in the story. (Also, doesn't Star Wars take place a long time ago, in a galaxy far far away? Even if we're taking out the long time ago, that still leaves them as a whole galaxy apart from that of earth, it'll take a while for any ship to get there. Wonder if azmuth and professor paradox know anything about Jedi, Sith, the force, and everything else in that world? I'd love to find out, and I'd like to see the story progress, but I feel like a good idea of what I might be in store for might help. Through the private message stuff...
9/23/2014 c2 1gokuchiefkarkat
I can't wait for the next chapter
9/9/2014 c1 1Gnomepants
Your crossover between ben 10 and star wars is perfect. its a great idea to crossover the two
9/22/2012 c1 13BeastRage the Hunter

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