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for SHIELD Avengers

7/9/2014 c3 4SkullKat90210
Oh my god I've always wanted to write a story about this game its so much fun and the storylines are interesting please keep updating this story
4/13/2014 c3 42Story's Blade
Just want to tell you, this is a great story. I'm kind of lost with references to the comics, as there's no comic store within an hour's drive from where I live, but I enjoy it anyway. I was even thinking of doing my own fic based on Avenger's Alliance. Maybe tossing in a bit of Agents of SHIELD.
7/18/2012 c3 Guest
love this story
5/17/2012 c2 7Dusk Mind
Actually pretty good. The personalities are similar to the characters, and ovbiously, you have lots of encyclopedic knowledge about Marvel, so its extra points. Anyway, i think you should keep it up, the game is good (except for the f&%%ing Special Op for Mockingbird), and it deserves good quality fics, thought the public thing is kinda campy.

Anyway, keep it up.

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