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5/29 c5 Lunar Jellyfish
5/29 c4 Lunar Jellyfish
Ruffnut right?! Just kidding ;)
4/22 c7 2Bent-coin
I know it's literally like 9 years later, but if you do decide to come back and update this fic then I'll be here to read it!
11/6/2021 c6 1Wolfsong6913
The Percy and Hiccup crossover had me dying. DYING, I tell you. If you keep being this funny, I'm going to have to leave you in my will for being my cause of death!
9/10/2021 c7 Guest
In "Hitchups" you said "Trust me, Camicazi is relevant". And then she never turned up again in that story nor in this "sequel" here. Did you completely forget about her and about that blasted contract? Hiccup could have easily demanded that the contract be annulled. An alliance wasn't that important any longer after all. But, no, nothing.
9/10/2021 c5 Guest
Did you consider that Hiccup will have to accompany Toothless on the mating flight? Did you consider the danger the rider will be in, then his dragon and the dragon's mate have a go at each other?
5/1/2021 c6 Guest
3/12/2021 c6 11Profilore
Coming back years later just to say that this chapter of Without a hitch is still one of my favorite bits of fanfiction ever 3
2/27/2021 c6 Ethan Rhodes
I would love a sequel with all the thing hiccup gets up to after hitchups in detail not just one shots like the PJ could be 1 story and maybe thro in avengers meetup xD cause i would love to see him meet thor and loki
1/5/2021 c7 CallMeUrmo
I think that you are the only writer that I even after all these years hope updates a story of theirs.
Your work that you did is amazing and I will keep a slight bit of hope with me that you update a story of yours.
12/26/2020 c1 5ArtreyCroght
Soooo... do we get the much awaited part two? Do we actually get to see Hiccup die? I just want him achieving peace in his life, is all.

Oh, and about Leid Epilogue... anything?

Plus, would you mind transferring all the numerous HTTYD shorts you have written over on your Tumblr? The likes of 'Circle of Life' and so many more. They are so good, but I'm afraid that I'll never be able to read them all via Tumblr- it's difficult. FFnet has that going for itit's really good for stories.

You gave us outstanding and remarkable stories, and you said you'd continue some more. We are waiting. Please post them, and consider the Tumblr to FFnet thing. I wanna read every last of your prompts!
6/10/2020 c5 7Sergeant Sargent II
rereading this years later, its still possibly my favorite example of a truly alien culture. i love it. also while hiccup plays only small part here, his complete willingness to help his brother out to impress a girl is perfect. i love their friendship.
4/17/2020 c1 FatRat SewerDweller
So, judging from the cigarettes and tarmac (both 20thCentury inventions), this chapter takes place in either WWI or WWII?
And Toothless is dead?! What happened?! Shot down by fighter planes?!
2/7/2020 c1 iisnerd
its amazing
12/6/2019 c7 Jackal
Well damn... i just finished reading hitchups and this and then i checked the date it was written... back when the percy jackson series was still being written... time moves so quickly and there is so much of life missed...
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