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for Which Is It Raven?

1/28/2014 c17 Invisible Dxrkness
AW I LOVE THIS STORY SOO much I couldn't stop reading it and now im sad that came to an end please update soon you will make my life! Thanks love! 3
1/21/2014 c17 Kaarlinaa
Omg it was too short -_- bit continue ! Idk what he showed her I thought they were just going to make out lol continue !
1/12/2014 c16 xXMelonsXx
It did a repeat! Again!
12/30/2013 c16 guadalupe
can you please please PLEASE make the updates sooner
12/29/2013 c16 SecretGirl7516
I am so sad that the next chapter is kinda far but I really like this chapter. Maybe there should be a chapter and bob does something to Rae and snake was there to see it or snake could do something to some girl and Rae sees it. Whatever you chose, please let there be some drama because drama is awesome!
12/29/2013 c14 hi
um just two things you should know about, one totally love your story!however i must ask Star said all her and robin have done is made out, but early in truth or dare Robin said they had sex, was he lying? also although i am i bit against snake (hehe bbrae) i would like to say,and you might mean for this to happen the locket is of a snake and a raven but snake thinks her name is Rachel so was the raven a sign he knows who she is and is using her or just a blip in the story? please continue post you have lovely writing
12/29/2013 c15 xXMelonsXx
What the hell?! Did the chapter repeat!?
12/29/2013 c16 4Kaarlinaa
So I have to wait longer for an update?! Okay okay fine. And yeah you should make a chapter about It. Make bb and Rae moments and everyone will notice and them snake hears about it and will get jealous and confront bb ! lol continue
12/15/2013 c15 Kaarlinaa
Yes you should continue tonight! Ugh I'm mad the we have to wait two weeks to get another update! Lol I love it. Continue.
12/14/2013 c15 2enchancedsense27
That was amazing I wad at the edge of my seat the entire time!
11/23/2013 c1 8Daphnelanaloud28
you should rename this story to Which Is It The Great Raven. because she is great.
11/23/2013 c6 Guest
When someone new speaks it needs to be a different paragraph or it just looks all messy.
11/23/2013 c14 4Kaarlinaa
i want to cry. :( lol, this was a short chapter. Now i have to wait longer for the other one. I'm not pleased lol. To be honest this was good chapter. But im not into the whole star robin so this was really boring. But its okay i got to see the bb and rae part. LOL but i hope you continue and i hope we don't get a lot of star, robin or cyborg p.o.v Yes i want to see snakes p.o.v. and yay ravens p.o.v is next.
but can you explain what is happening with bb and rae right now? ill appreciate it thanks (:
11/11/2013 c13 3SecretGirl7516
Thats too far away. I think Beast Boy's reaction to them dating is jealously and maddness and he and Snake will fight for Raven and Raven will get feelings for BB and dump Snake and Snake betrays her. Maybe the surprise is thier anaversery or something. IDK. All I know Is that I love this story. :)
11/9/2013 c13 4Kaarlinaa
OH LAAWD! THIS WAS SUPER! Can't wait till bb finds out that snake is raes boy lol. Yeah characters are in check. I don't like the idea of you bringing characters from the titans i think this people should stick. i mean yeah you can bring them but just not like involve them too much. i think the surprise is necklese with his name or something a snake that symbolizes him to make her his property idk lol. BUt i just dont like this Sasha girl lol is like another terra LMFAO. But gosh you had me dying when bb tryed something on raven i was like what not more lol! More bb and rae please lol! And snake and raven! CANT WAIT TILL NEXT UPDATE!
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