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for Which Is It Raven?

6/2/2012 c4 kynapatricia
it was awwwwesome tay tay; but you accidentally but clothes instead of close in starfires pov
6/1/2012 c4 5Dancing Eyes
This is really good! I like the base story of them going to school!

It would be easier to read of you spaced your paragraphs normally so we know who's talking. It's all running together, and I had to reread a few times to figure out who was talking, so if you just space things out that'd be great!

So excited for when you update please do it soon! You should have Robin get mobbed by girls when he gets to high school to make starfire jealous, and maybe all the guys could be interested in Raven, maybe get some jealousy from BB...

Please update soon!
5/10/2012 c3 kynapatricia
. taylorrr its so goood! tho, your spelt 'hyperventilating' wrong, and i think 'awkwardness' haha but i loveddd it so farrr! :D
5/8/2012 c2 eye of the red wolf
you should sooo continue this. It's really interesting so far.

~eye of the red wolf~
5/5/2012 c2 4raeofshimmeringsunshine
I would like for you to continue the story. After all, the summary was extremely suspenseful, and so far, the story is as well...

It would be nice to know what happens next!
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