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8/1/2012 c41 NewfieLady
nice chapter - but those two really need to wise up already
8/1/2012 c41 Gillyfan
OMG you tease! I was waiting for them to finally tell one another how they feel, and now this! Argh, my poor shipper heart may break! Update soon please - loved this chapter, love this story, and I can't wait for more!
8/1/2012 c41 Diekzfailz
why are they both so stupid :(! They are suffering because they want to!...

Can't wait to see Anna meeting her little sister :D!
7/29/2012 c40 xfilesluvrn
Aww, poor Mulder! He finally gets close to his father, only to lose him. At least he has Anna and Scully (and soon Emily) to help him. I can't wait for Emily to enter the scene! Please update soon!
7/29/2012 c40 Ashley
You were right i had to get the tissues. Great chapter :)
7/29/2012 c40 NewfieLady
I love it, amazing story and love how they are a family
7/29/2012 c40 6jc4ever11
:O that totally took me by surprise! oh my god! another amazing chapter as always
7/29/2012 c40 Diekzfailz
aww this is so sad I was on the verge of tears and I really wanted him to meet the baby :(. I hope he can reconnect with Teena :/
7/29/2012 c40 Gillyfan
Oh so sad. Poor Mulder. But you have to continue ASAP - I can't wait for them to meet Emily!
7/29/2012 c40 10poeticandvaguelysweet
Okay, so I'll admit it. I cried. And then I read you cliff hanger and swore. But yay! Babies just have the beat timing, always.
7/27/2012 c39 xfilesluvrn
How sweet is that! Anna is so cute calling Mulder's dad "papa!" I can't wait for more!
7/27/2012 c39 poeticandvaguelysweet
I say this all the time.
But ANNA! She's so cute and with Mulder's dad and ..,urfiefejufevfj I just have no words. But. Dead.
7/24/2012 c39 Ashley
Such a sad but sweet chapter :)
7/24/2012 c39 sambam93
Omg! Anna is just so perfect and sweet! And ahhhh I just love this story! :)
7/24/2012 c39 Gillyfan
Anna is so adorable! Please update soon!
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