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for child of dark prophecy

9/7/2012 c7 TheNotSoPedoBear
good luck!
8/30/2012 c6 Rickjames196
Wtf this fic is awesome, why does it have such little reviews? I know it's only a few chapters but jeez it should at least have 100 reviews... Damn ff need to learn how to advertize -.- Then again 34 reviews from 54 favs I guess it ain't doing so bad... But seriously ugh. Hope you continue this... Bet if it was narusasu it would have 1k ugh disgusting. Xd he killed the bitch who tried to drown Naruto. Hahaah she had sasgay. Homura is utakata I think or something like that XD. Hiashi was dumb, he could have caught him and torture him for info. Kushina is such an idjit... If they where really iwa they wouldn't have said master... Awww damn danzo didn't take Naruto. Root sucks. Yay tsunade is in the harem woot. What bout yuko? He should take everything from minato. I hope you update soon \ Change your name to iLoveBashin no G makes it ganstah p
8/15/2012 c6 festa1984
Your story and character development is getting better keep it up!
8/15/2012 c6 Cloud75JC
awesome story glad to see more chapters ... i still say dark/evil ...
8/15/2012 c6 vader634
good dont stop the story yet plz
8/12/2012 c6 TheNotSoPedoBear
cant wait for the next chapter :) update soon!
8/12/2012 c5 TheNotSoPedoBear
sniff sniff (wipe tear away) love your story just wanted to let you know that
8/8/2012 c1 G-man
This is a pretty good story. Although, I would recommend that you get a beta, and fix all the grammatical errors in your summary to get more readers. Bad grammar can make a story with a great plot seem horrible. This story has a lot of potential, but it has a few bugs that still need to be worked out. Keep writing and I'll keep reading!
8/7/2012 c6 Guest
I don;t know dude, this fic is a good one.
8/7/2012 c6 4SimFlyer
Awesome story, i cant wait to see how Naruto will turn out. Looking forward to it.
8/5/2012 c6 Dercarsh
err if you cant deside on making Kushina and Hinata Evil or Good Just flip a coin i myself have no opinoin i dont even have an account great so far and if you cant deside on the sides of the coin just do (Heads Evil Tails Good) Love the Evilness of Minato Err i have been playling Overlord too much
8/7/2012 c6 15Leaf Ranger
So all the girls you listed here are in the harem? because if so, then YEAH! Anko, Tayuya, and femKYuubi got in! XDDDDDD
8/7/2012 c5 The High Demon Lord
I would not mind seeing kushina turn evil
8/3/2012 c5 sabery
Hmm a very interesting story i look forward the read the next chapter. Yes definity you should make kushina evil because she was manipuleted to be a breding stock for konoha . kushina can help naruto to get revenge on the village and naruto to get revenge on her husband and father to him, For hinata because good or evil is the same i dont see what you can do with her. When Mitoko find about the son is alive definity want to destroy konoha and protect him. For harem i wish to now if Mitoko or Kushina is going to be to him.
8/2/2012 c6 hollownature
sorry i have a tendency to skip authors notes sometimes especially at the bottom of the chapter. i would say make hinata like she is in the manga and make Kushina somewhat cold and indifferant to everyone but her kid and perhaps somewhat elitist.
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