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for child of dark prophecy

10/1/2013 c2 Strife666
interesting chapter.
10/1/2013 c1 Strife666
9/12/2013 c9 kid-kaos295
my votes are easy: yugito, fu, fem. haku, tayuya
9/11/2013 c9 1yuri43
please update soon...puff
9/6/2013 c9 4Justicar of Darkness
Konan, Koyuki, Tayuya and Yugao
Konan : from Akatsuki so will hunt Naruto
Yugao : ANBU, never helped Naruto more than ordered
Tayuya : foulmouth and loyal to the gay-emo-pedophile Orochimaru (Naruto might become an experiment and a toy for "fun")
Koyuki : Too high and mighty at first but if you can "melt" her, why not ?

Got a question thogh : Why not Yuko ?
Great story it's so rare to find a dark Naruto story that is not mostly about Naruto gaining a harm!
8/27/2013 c9 anarion87
nice story so far
8/24/2013 c9 1But it was me Dio


fem. haku

koyuki kazahana
8/23/2013 c9 1RINNESHARINGAN

Remove rest...if possible add Minato's daughter
8/9/2013 c9 Slazamnewgiddy
I vote for #5 Anko and #10 Tayuya to be removed. Also I really enjoy the nice plot you have going on. Every time I read I feel my rage boiling up against all the conspirators in the story. Keep up the updates!
7/31/2013 c9 Guest
Naruto is cunning and intelligent, yet, he is stupid enough to not know that a freaking stalker *gasp* stalk him, and is supposely in love with him ? Worse, he is stupid enough to even talk socialize her and add her to his plan for no reason ? Are you going to do that with Mikoto and Kushina too ?...
I don't complain about NaruHina, really, I complain because it is just stupid, and don't make any sense.
Futhermore, Naruto is angry at Kushina and want to attack her, yet, he restrain himself because it's dangerous to do so, and because 'he know it was not her fault'. Then, why Naruto hate her in the first place ? It don't make any sense !
Also, you should stop doing some things, like putting crappy joke, especially in the most serious moment, the whole Kakashi's book issues has nothing, nothing to do here, it was a serious moment between two antagonists planning thing. You should also stop writing thing in capital letter, it's very unpleasant to read.
Now, you can think that I flame, don't care,
7/30/2013 c9 Darkness Shadow
oh and i forgot to add who my votes are for: Tsunade, Fu, Anko, ( plz read my whole review as it may change my last vote, depending )
and Fem-Kyuubi ( I normaly like this paring but the Kyuubi's way of speech, in this story, leans more towords
male BUT If you can make Kyuubi more feminin in our eyes then my vote changes from Fem-kyuubi to Yugito )
7/30/2013 c9 Darkness Shadow
Nice Ch.
Question 1 - How/When will Naruto and Mikoto learn that they are mother and son?
Question 2 - What are Naruto's elemental affinities? ( im not sure if you already stated this but I cant find it if by any chance you did )
Question 3 - Can you plz give Naruto the heaven curse seal and then have Kyuubi
eliminate (spelling?) Orochi's influence but have Naruto gain Full control of his curse seal
( If you do give him the heaven curse seal can you plz not change it meaning it stays a heaven curse seal )
( ask for votes from viewrs if your not sure/cant decide to give him the curse seal or not)
( i think a curse seal on Naruto would work well for Naruto in this fic as the curse seal currupts its user meaning another reason
for Naruto to be dark and/or evil )
Last Question - When will Naruto drop his Dope/happy-go-lucky/i want to be hokage facade? ( i have a short limit to how much i can stand that facade/mask, plz make him drop it soon )
Thank you for reading / maybe answering, my review / my questions
7/28/2013 c9 6njsnbfds541
I would like kurenai, yugito, fu and tsunade our of the harem, never liked Kurenai actually, yugito and fu... just because I want Akatsuki close to canon...of course minus Konan, and Tsunade is too old and probably in ties with Jiraiya, that's my reason
7/26/2013 c9 1cruel vamp
Fem. Haku Anko Kurenai yugito
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