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for child of dark prophecy

7/25/2013 c9 4Dunestyler
nice one
pls keep it up this could become an epic story xD
... and may the world know piece... for a quiet and dead world is also a pieceful one ;)
7/23/2013 c9 Rickjames196
I think its tsukiyomi. But fuck do I know. Aww poor mikoto U.U Awww poor hina. Hhaha hina talked to him, so cute. Aww wtfuq I hope Naruto doesn't use her. If he not gonna be with her, dun lead her on. Oh she is one of the prime chars, hope that means she getting with him xD. PSh this was good, you dun need a beta. Sure there were some mistakes, but they were small. Hey, I always give reviews to every chapter of every story I read. So as long as you update you'll have reviews from me. Of course I got crappy memory and this fic takes 4ever to update, so I might forget about it till I find it in my backed up email U.U I gotta stop following every story I read...Awww man I hope this fuckers dun throw away tsunade Naruxtsu 4ever. If I had to choose from those names I'd say yugao anko kurenai and fu. I like anko and kurenai and yugao, but no one ever protected him, If I remember correctly. Now if I'm wrong and they protected him before, then I take those names back hahaa.
7/23/2013 c2 MeanBeanDean
It makes me sick that Kushina is ignorant of her situation. They say ignorant is bliss, but that guy obviously lead a short life. NO! Stupid mistakes and spelling Icha Icha wrong are two completely different things. Unacceptable! The fore father of lemons can't be disrespected like this (lol). You must change it before you are tortured by one thousand horny old men.
Do you know the difference between maid and made? Living your life is one thing, being a dumbass is another. No offense to you, but basic grammar and use of wording is literally child's play/work.
7/23/2013 c8 Rickjames196
Hahah he went kyuubi on mizuki. Awww iruka made him get out of his kyuubi cloak. Lulz iruka sure is ballsy, fuck he thinks will happens if he actually kills Naruto? He won't even make it to the village. Lulz iruka told him why he was nice to him. Well considering it's war I guess it's realistic that it would last a long time. But I guess it would feel like it's dragging on since it ain't real lulz. I stopped reading/watching Naruto ages ago. It shouldn't even be called Naruto anymore, it's all about sasgay. This fic is great, I wish you'd update more often U.U
7/23/2013 c9 1ob1292
Koyuki, Kurenai, Tayuya, and Haku are my votes to be removed from the Harem. When they go on the Wave mission it would be really nice to have one of team seven die permanently if you get rid of Kakashi you could have one of his future harem partners become his sensei or if you kill off Sasuke or Sakura it would make room for Yuko as an offical member of a team. Good Job
7/23/2013 c7 Rickjames196
Awesome, new chapters. Xd Naruto went kyu on some fuckers. Lulz jiraiya is so slow. Useless ass info. Gah I am so lost, I dun remember wtfuq is going on. Woohoo time skip. Awesome, he learned exploding clone.
7/23/2013 c1 MeanBeanDean
Kushina blind? If he's doing paper work I think she would notice. Doesn't the, "Geezer" have a name? No need to caps-lock anything unless it's the dialogue of a banshee. Wow I'm glad you didn't write the rape scene...
Oh and just for shits and giggles: You don't capitalize the names, you don't add the comma before a conjunction, and you have a load of incomplete sentences. Happy hunting!
7/22/2013 c9 hollownature
can i vote for 4 times? because that is the only person from that list i personnally want to see naruto with
7/21/2013 c9 NarutoRikudou16
tayuya fu
7/19/2013 c9 BL
My vote is as follows:
Koyuki K
7/21/2013 c9 Reaper74Kill
keep up the good work. Always like these kind of fics.
7/21/2013 c9 3ncpfan
It's like that, my friend: you'll have a lot more followers and favorites than you will reviewers - I think the reason for that is because a lot of times, people will like the story, but they won't necessarily review unless something about the chapter in particular stands out to them. I've found that to be true with my own writing.

But all in all, I am enjoying this story. I'm looking particularly forward to Naruto meeting Kushina and Mikoto. Will Naruto ever learn that Mikoto is his mother? Will Mikoto ever learn that Naruto is her son? Will they already be romantically involved by the time they do learn? Also, what about Kushina? Will she ever learn the truth about Naruto being Minato's son by rape? I'm sorry if I sound impatient, but I really want to see Naruto start his relationships with Kushina and Mikoto.

Looking forward to more.
7/21/2013 c9 biggbull2
im enjoying the story so far, i hope you keep writing as for what girls to remove i say tayuya, yugito, fu
7/21/2013 c9 Mystolon
Absolutely dreadful Horrible There are not enough words to describe the awfulness of this Chapter

You Decided to bring Sasuke back into the story which is absolutely nonsense and brings this story to a whole new level of convolution

Sasuke and Naruto are not twins yet Somehow mikito gave birth to them at the same time ?
7/21/2013 c9 rickjamesn64
Fu yugito koyuki tayuya
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