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for child of dark prophecy

7/14/2013 c9 jlink
I can't wait for next chapter, I vote for: Konan, Koyuki kazahana, Fu and Anko
7/14/2013 c9 killercombo9000
cant wait till the next chapters up and ill vote for koyuki,tsunade,kurenai, and yugao
7/14/2013 c9 robomani
I vote to remove : Mei terumi, konan, tsunade and yugito
7/14/2013 c1 ninbigboy168
Well to tell you the truth the only ones i can choose is really tayuya and haku.
if ya think about it all the other women have alot to offer to naruto.
Mei shes a kage very strong and have an army for naruto. And even if she leave mist their going to be ninjas that will follower her and be loyal to her no matter what.
Konan now shes a maybe depends how they meet she could be a spy for naruto.
Koyuki shes a damio! He has an army political power as well as tech. Naruto can visit from time to time.
Anko if naruto dark he need someone who can be at his side at all time. I can see anko to be loyal to naruto and only strong and she get information that naruto would need
Fue i always liked her and she has the hate for human going on not only that she has the 7 tail will need alot of strong people for him to accomplish his goal.
Kurena i love this character. She can be more for hinata but still fall in love with naruto. She smart and can be the reasoning voice of the group.
Yugito well depends how you make her she could be a spy for naruto as can be like a conquebine.
Tayuau really cant to much with her unless shes a slave/ servent for naruto.
Tsunade dude shes a kage strong as hell a great medic and she can make hinata her a most to keep.
haku just like tayuya a slave/ servent

Well like i said all this women have something to offer to naruto so i guess i can only choose
3 haku
these are the only women i think would only be a good spy for naruto or a slave servent.
If anything u can take them away from the harem but have them loyal to naruto and naruto only
7/14/2013 c9 1insanelyproudpervert
fem kyubi, anko, konan, tayuya
7/14/2013 c9 15Leaf Ranger
I vote for Mei, Konan, Yugao, and...oohhhh, this is the tough one...I guess Koyuki. I relaly hope at least Anko and Tayuya stay in the harem.
7/14/2013 c9 The High Demon Lord
koyuki kazahana


fem. haku

7/14/2013 c9 sabery
well i vote for Kurenai and Tsunade
7/14/2013 c9 NaruCrazy
Everyone related to Konoha or from Konoha origins i.e. Anko, Yugao, Tsunade and either Kurenai
7/14/2013 c9 20book lover reader
I vote to remove Kurenai, Yugao, Tsunade, and Konan.
7/14/2013 c9 9Deathgeass
anko, yugito, tayuya,Tsunade, mei terumi
7/7/2013 c8 guest
im really loving the plot, i wonder if the uchiha massacre happened or if mikoto will be alive and be reunited with her son naruto after he sees the seal on her.

please update soon.
7/7/2013 c9 1MythicGR66
please update more
6/29/2013 c9 tori
please dont put Hinata in the haram please please please i hate Hinata
6/29/2013 c8 tori
i think Mikoto should know naruto is her son or at naruto as a sharingan
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